Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Greats

Brief day of baby bonding - Great Nanny and Pa hadn't seen Meghan since she was one month old. And we'll see them next month for the holidays. They had a couple of days to play with the baby. Did I mention that Greg called me when I was still at our our house and told me Meg had started walking? Yeah... funny. Especially when I believed it and told other people.

Artsy with the old Fartsy-Ones :)

Title rhymed, no offense.
Memma and Pop came down two weekends ago - we went to the art fair downtown... Dad wanted to drive down and see the Ike destruction. I guess we could say that was NOT the highlight of the trip - but definitely eye opening. I managed to not get many pictures at all surprisingly enough. Baby girl was sick - but still managed to be happy... even after vomiting all over Memma :) .

Liking to relax and prop up - like to do this in the highchair as well.
Down in the big city... for the art fest. Chilling with Daddy while the big girls went shopping.

Why sit with Daddy when I can slide off and bite my stroller... cause that's what normal babies do, right?

And Daddy is wearing his jersey cause he has a game to head off to!
Playing with Pop - diving into my super fancy toy/laundry basket of goodies
Getting better at the walking with the scooty thing

Playing with Pop - we sure love his hats.

Buddy with his toy
Shoe loving

Hacking away at home...

Not hacking on the computer... hacking my lungs up next to me on the couch. Thought I could make it at work yesterday since I had been pretty well controlled. First patient, HIV. Stepped out for one major hacking fit -- major --- and decided instead of risk killing him, would just fill out the scripts he needed and have the nurse hand them back to him. Next patient, relatively healthy, but after my third return back in the room, he asked me to make sure I wash my hand before touching him ;).... so then I went home. People don't need to get sick from me, right? "You want a flu shot?" === get away from me before I give it to you :)

Finished "Three Cups of Tea"... sorry, Mom. Three Cups of Tea :) by Greg Mortenson. Mom thought so well of it that she actually mailed it to me when she was finished, telling me to put it at the top of my list. I've been working through it. Definitely makes me wish I had paid more attention to the Afghanistan/Pakistan war junk. Apolitical. That's me. But I can do this type of politics. The kind where you fix the root of the problem. This man builds schools for girls in Pakistan/Afghanitan. Risking his life for that which he believes in. You really need to read it. Too bad couldn't read it before the election on Tuesday.
Book really needs to be read by those who keep hounding Obama cause his middle name is Hussein and acting like that means anything. Seriously. Driving me crazy. (And no I am not touting any political beliefs - told you, don't side with anyone.) This book needs to be read by people who ignorantly believe that Muslim = crazy extremist. I've known several and for the most part, I would say they are a heck of a lot more devout and respectable than many of the Christians I know. But anyways... read it!

And as for my own mission field I like to call "the clinic" --- seriously gotta work on our healthcare system. As the head of the health district keeps reminding us, there is more financial and emotional support for the animal shelter than for healthcare for those without insurance. And now that UTMB is kaputz (SP?)... we have nowhere to send our patients - even more than before. So if you are a doctor (and don't think any of you are :) ) or some major politician who has influence (once again... I need new people)... work on it... And shame on you! Some of you have heard this story... but I'm still mad. Two weeks ago I had a patient come in with uncontrolled diabetes who had developed gangrene and had to have an amputation of his foot in Harris County (that's Houston - I live in Galveston County)... Seriously, they chopped off the end of his leg and sent him on his way. Usually you cover up the end of the leg with skin. A flap. Normally done in the ER, right? No! This was like Civil War, cared-for-by-Scarlet O'Hara-type wound! Hacked off with an open stump left. They sent him out cause he didn't live in Harris County. Didn't line him up with an orthopod to follow up with. Didn't set up a payment plan to let him follow up at an outside clinic. Honestly, didn't really seem to care about what happened to him at all. Just set him out to find his own doctor who would take him on... now weeks later with a raging infection to try to sort out this junk! Ug... I was, and am, livid in addition to all the others I work with. This is what it's coming down to. And you might be thinking, ok but he was an illegal immigrant like your other patients (and once again, shame on you for thinking that).... you would be wrong. Employed but uninsured mechanic, US born and raised.... UG!

One of my roomies, you know who you are, asked me why and if I liked my job. I guess I complain a lot. Not intentionally complaining about the patients - although there are some I would like to throw against the wall... Mostly complaining abou the screwed up system that isn't gonna get fixed. Little old ladies who need medicine who have never had anyone intentionally try to save them money on their meds. Little Spanish speaking diabetics (illegal perhaps) who never had anyone actually explain to them, in their own language, that they need to quit eating 7 tortillas a day. To be able to be a friendly face to the 40 year old woman who did something she regrets and wants someone to not judge her, to just test her to see if she got a STD... That's me! This is why I do it... As I said, my mission field. No one will move with me back to Mexico so I go to my own little Mexico just down the street.
Thanks for the job offer Kristin and Cathy - but I love my job! :)

PS: Doesn't Sandra Lee (food channel) make you want to gag? UG (last one I promise!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Girls' Weekend in Abilene

Baby Meghan went to ACU for chapel during girls' weekend in October in Abilene.... All the girls (roomies + 1) and hubbies and babies got together for a weekend of fun. And brief visits with Lance and Tray.
Bath buddies... each got our own toys and worked on not pushing the little one down in the water. Meg's first big bathtub experience without a blowup bathtub inside the big one. Meghan got out, and Branson kept playing with her cup saying "Meggie? Meggie?". He learned who she was right away... and didn't adjust too well to being followed around all the time. He crawled around for a little while when she first got there - reverted if you will - and then spent the rest of the time, when not playing together, running away from her.

with Kara
who is that hairy man ? Meg is always entranced by Wade... dunno.
I think the feeling is mutual though.Riding in the bucket was entertainment for quite awhile - pushed and pulled by Melissa and Amber. Branson said "out" = as in "Meghan get off me"
Happy baby - likes spinning and danger! ;)

Branson has his own ball pit!

Adi and Aunt Kara
Adi and Kristin
Adi and Me
Amber and Adi

Adi and Meggie
This was the first meeting - none of my little family had met Adilyn... She's already 4 months old and nothing yet! Not too much interaction with these two yet.. next time they get together they will be able to play together. Two happy, easy going babies. With super cute smiles.
Chillin' in the sunglasses
Scott and Kara
Wade and Kristin
The men
Adi and her daddy
JoDee and Craig
Meghan and her mommy and daddy
Mamie and Branson

Daddy and Meggie (Jod I need the original of these pics please :) )
Thanks for letting us live with you K&S.. and thanks to all the mommies (1st generation) who helped watch the babies for some "grown up" time. Love you guys! My other family!