Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coop's Fourteenth

Sweet boy... you are growing so much and developing that little personality so much. You're off and walking, sometimes trying to run. You've been crawling up the stairs for a month or so, doing it quite speedily when you feel the need. You seem to know that you aren't supposed to be doing it unsupervised as you crawl up and grin at us like "look at me". Still working on trying to figure out how to get down. You have started dancing - don't know where you learned it. You have your stacking rings that play music and know which button to push to play music - you bounce sometimes and other times run in place very quickly. These instances are limited though - you more prefer to be your stoic self.
You are just now starting to play with Meghan - usually more associated with following her around to see what she's doing. Mostly content to play on your own, prefer playing upstairs, and love being in your room. Love crawling into the cabinet and pulling the door behind you (love pulling all doors shut and opening them); also with putting your stuff in the cabinet and slamming it behind you. Your little brain sits there and works - you are so proud of yourself when you can prop your broom up on the wall. It's part of the game - being proud of yourself.
You love eating. Sometimes you still get baby food at daycare sometimes - ironic though because at home you have to be very much in the mood to ever eat food off a spoon - mostly only applesauce, cottage cheese, and yogurt. Love finger food - and mostly love eating big pieces. You want the whole banana to hold and bite off instead of the pieces. Want the sandwich and not the small bites. Apple slices and not just chunks. Still a little finicky - mood depends on the day. And where you are. Very preferential for you milk - you guided Daddy downstairs the other day, went to the fridge, poked your pudgy little finger in the crack in the fridge, and said "ma". Did we mention the quantity of food you eat? I hae to tell your Dad to quit feeding you because you really would continue indefinitely if you're in the mood. You finish your food and then point to the other stuff on the table and make your noises to let us know you want it. When you get really into it, you full body rock hard in your chair back and forth - forcefully enough that it should hurt!
When Memma and Pop were here at Halloween you were a miserable child - only for us to figure out you were working on your first molar! You have lots of teeth. Love having your teeth brushed with the finger brush. Sit there and even request it in your little way - you poke at the drawer and make noises. Sometimes fuss when the fun stops. Guess we are genetically inclined to have advanced teeth in these kids!
You do have your fussy times. Depends on who is with you. Very clingy in strange situations. Usually do okay when Daddy drops you off at school but fussy with me. Your daycare lady (Ana) who had you since infancy was gone from daycare for about 4 months due to an injury - I believe you sweet boy are the reason she came back. She was so excited. The ladies at church love you. One of them told me "Sometimes one of them gets your heart - and he has mine".... I love that others love you!
You absolutely love to be outside. Fuss when you don't get to go outside when the puppies get put out. Finally figured out that shoes are good things, and you tend to like to have them put on - sit very still. Just now you want to get in the car - fight with Meg about who gets to be in it. Crawl into the outside chairs like a big boy. Love to push around the toys. More and more interest in the puppies - bring them balls, lay on them, working on petting and not pulling hair. Maggie not as tolerant as Tobey - but for the most part okay.
You love your Big Sis - just now starting to play together. Love when we sing in the car - you sit back there and make your own noises like you are trying to participate. You have also learned early to get frustrated with her, not want to share, sometimes even push her, chase her, giggle after her... And she does adore you. "Big Sis" is her name for herself. My prayer that that continues forever!
At night you are just now interested in books, getting excited when we walk toward your rocking chair. Mostly prefer the same book Meg did with the big pictures. You respond mostly to the phone ("he-do") and dog and milk. You talk to it, pull your face close to it, and mostly just want to play with the books - want to switch books every 15 seconds but always wat to go back to the big one. You want to sit in my lap and read books when Meg is reading. Don't really want to cooperate, but you know you want to be there.
You are an independent one. You just take off away from us. No concern about where we are as long as you get to go where you want.
You love bathtime. You understand a lot - you don't communicate a lot verbally, but you sure can get your point across. Most is with "Ma" or "Mo"... still "he-do" of course because you still love phones more than anything else. No concerns about you hearing us because you respond back to us, imitate our noises at times... just more sophisticated I'm sure :) . You've been at this stage for awhile though.
You have thinned down quite a bit since you've been up and going. Still quite the little pudge but less so than before.
You sleep pretty well. Go to bed about 8 and usually wake up about 7. I would love to have a baby who wants to rock, falls asleep, and then transfers peacefully to the crib. We've given up on that. You are going to scream regardless. Usually you flop back and forth when we try to rock you, very discontent; prefering instead to slide to the floor. Then you usually wake up about 30 minutes later and cry for a while. Then good until the morning, waking up to talk to yourself.
Yes, you probably need a haircut - but what if you never have those cute little curls again?

Love those pudge little feet sweet boy! Smooch!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkin to carve - not on Halloween weekend but before.... This was before Cooper was willingly wearing shoes - so he did run around barefoot. But it didn't keep him from going. And tasting... and not at all afraid to run off and go explore by himself.

Meghan wanted to find her ugly pumpkin...

Our pumpkin was carved after the church festival... I had great plans of making it a learning experience and Meg digging in. That didn't happen. "Messy" --- and Mommy ended up doing it. (Pics not posted due to partial nudity - on the kid's part that is :) ).

Fall Festival

Saturday morning of Halloween weekend we headed up to Katy. After the girls went shopping that morning at a craft show, we headed over to their church for the fall festival - like we did last year. Note the pompoms - the lesson here: don't give your child anything to carry in her hands because you will end up carrying it instead. Our little Texans family.

Trunk or treating

Nanny decided it would be a good idea to let the kids go up - not seeing the sign about age restriction until they were in the mess. Note the delay in the line going up as the two year old tried to climb up.
Aubrey was a little more eager to go down than Meghan - but neither of them needed much coaching.
And it didn't keep them from doing it three times in all...

And then off to the other inflated adventure.
Jared and baby Lexi
Off to go inside and play... aka waiting in line. Meg didn't realy get the bowling thing - more like toss the ball after walking really close to the pins.
And you have to stick out your tongue to focus. Starts early doesn't it?
My shy child decided to hop right into the chair and very patiently wait for her heart. "What's your name?" "I'm Meghan, big sis..." Granted, the lady didn't really understand what she said - I love that "big sis" is how she identifies herself :)

Didn't really get to eat much (any?) candy but loved playing with it.
Super hero Nathan had a pumpkin face.
I did exist!