Thursday, September 27, 2007

Test Day!

I'm officially signed up to take my certification exam on January 3rd! Scary... That gives me 3.5 months to become brilliant-er! :) I realized most little mommas are okay with having the baby a little early but not this one - go late, go on time... Just don't come early... I bet I'll be the only one 37 weeks pregnant taking the test.
Pray for us! Once this is all over Greg may have a couple of weeks of a non-studying wife before our lives are turned upside down. I won't know what to do with myself for that time - it's all I do! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So those of you who know Maggie, know about the ball obsession... We got her a semi-cat like ball with a bell in it so she can find it and chase it better - since you all feel she's a pitiful little mistreated blind dog.

So Greg's favorite game, and a the only way to get her to leave you alone, is to hide the stupid thing. Several nights ago, Greg was brushing his teeth and looked over startled after seeing her out of the corner of his eye. She had somehow managed to jump onto the corner of the bathtub in the 6 inch space between the jacuzzi faucet and shower wall so get closer to her ball - which was hidden in the wall mounted, door closed, medicine cabinet... on the other side of the room. UG!

And then today while I was on the phone forever with the cable company, I listened to her whine at the ball which she had found on top of the bookcase in the living room. When Greg got home, she had jumped on the top of the basket on the floor next to the bookcase to get closer... Did I mention that the other night she got herself into the shelf in the TV stand to get it? Always an adventure! And she has thrown the ball on me the whole time I've been sitting here!
This was the last obnoxious fascination. Her ball is between the pet taxi and the file cabinet. So everytime it was missing, she would jump onto the file cabinet and look for it. At least she's moved on...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Non che male!

Greg just quoted my only Italian phrase I use regularly so I thought it was fitting... It means "not too bad"...
Applies to my treasure trove of all my baby stuff already! I had my first "shower" at home this weekend. Mom of course has been saving all kinds of money --- I'm good at that too! And buying little outfits. And my aunts bought some too.... And the jackpot from my cousin who had a baby several years ago and loaded me up. Crib and mattress, baby jumper-entertainment thingy, monitor, and boxes of clothes!
I've been trying to sort them and get all organized tonight. No one told me that baby sizing really has no rhyme or reason. Why does at 2T shirt look smaller than the 9 month. And if it has feeties does that automatically mean they are only PJs and tacky to wear out during the day? What is the difference between a onesie and PJs? Halloween costumes and PJs... I'm thinking my kid is going to be unique, and we'll just wear them all interchangeably! Be unique! Like that cute little girl on teh McDonald's commercial with her feather boa? It's good to be different, right?
Thanks for all the goodies! Sure hope she is a girl or I'll feel bad calling him one and he'll grow up confused since he started his life dressed only in pink... No more pink! But if it's given, I guess I have to take it... Ya'll can just apologize to your sissy grandson/nephew if needed :)

First Belly Pics

Kristin actually emailed me and demanded belly pics! Nice to be so loved I guess... :)

So just now really getting a belly. These are pictures taken at my parents after the wedding. And then I looked down later that night and I swear it had doubled in size! Of course, it all depends on what I'm wearing, but my belly doesn't even seem that big right now. I think she knew a picture was coming and wanted to look good.

The latest development is that for the past week or so I can actually feel the wiggle worm moving around with my hand on my belly. Greg has gotten to feel her a couple of times and went to work to tell everyone... I'm sure my classmates think I'm weird when I sit there in class pushing on my belly, but I know it will only get worse so they'll just have to get used to it.

Until then, I just have to get used to people's eyes going to my belly when they see me to check on the progress... Kinda funny actually!

Corie's Wedding

We travelled to Wichita Falls for, sadly, the first time since Christmas for my childhood friend's wedding. A quick weekend and we weren't even there for a full 48 hours... better than nothing though! The good thing about weddings, other than the obvious, is all the other people who come home who you probably wouldn't have gotten to see are at the wedding.
Celia and her husband, Brent, met us for lunch, and journeyed to the church to peek an early look at Miss Corie looking beautiful on her big day. After at the reception, we mingled with Angela, Kristina, Laura, Lauren, and more. Of course, I did feel that the baby was the topic of the day. I even had requests passed to me from my mom that I go over so they can "see my bump"... Where's the decency I say? :)
It was good to see everyone and hope it doesn't take as long to get together next time... Although babies are good excuses to visit!
And kudos to Greg for being such a good hubby and socializing with my friends!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Moon Us!

Halfway through pregnancy, and we got to see our little one again yesterday. This time she had goods to show - or not show. The tech said they wer 90% certain of the girl-ness. Which means, in my negative mind, a 10% chance that we buy girl stuff, wash it and cut off tags, and then have to leave it in the closet when a little boy comes. :) But for now, we'll choose to trust. You would think as a medical person, I would have a little more confidence.

So even though Greg insisted we were having a boy, he says he couldn't be happier. I believe he was already worrying about her future wedding. Trying to focus that worry to the now to plan for nursery colors not wedding colors. On all the other categories checked during the one hour ultrasound, all was normal and measurements were good for our expected size. Amazing though that even with all the normal tests we keep getting back, this worry-wart keeps finding things to worry about. We saw little hands and feet and brain and aorta and heart and bones and tummy and all was perfect.
In the pic you can see her hand hanging out in front of her face. Had to keep going back cause she wouldn't move the darn thing. It was the same in the first picture - told Greg it looked like we had an arm growing out of her face... Let's hope she's just shy :) Although she did keep waving it at us!