Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Celebrating the Fourth...

The Fourth of July warranted a weekend trip to Katy for swimming and homemade ice cream...

You might have notice a trend of the above face... that "heese", same little smile everytime. Did we mention he likes to get every last drop out? Messes are no concern with this little man. And just so you know, I plan on retiring this too small 12 month swim shirt at the end of the season... not a good look chubs :)

Big boys with messes... Coop loves Uncle "Ance". On the next visit, Coop had no desire to say bye to Nanny or Pa but sought out Lance.
Trying on Nate's awesome goggles. Swimming skills getting better. In July, made Nanny nervous when wanting to practice swimming. Last trip in one week ago (while Mommy was gone, of course) took off across the pool without floaties to the encouragement of Pa and Daddy. Uncle Lance watched underwater wearing the above goggles and noted that our little mermaid had her eyes open underwater. Oh, and while we swim, we do have to sing "a-a-ah..." like the Little Mermaid.

Aunt Tracy home from college - yea!
Cuddles with cousins and book time. Notice, Meg with the cell phone :)

Water Works

Like last year, great plans to enjoy our community pool... at this point, made it one whole time.. But that one time was awesome :) For the whole 1.5 hours it lasted back in July.
Enjoyed the kid pool and soaking. Coop caught right on.
And loved the slightly melted chocolate chip cookies... and the ever present water bottle, of course.

So while Daddy stayed with Coop, Meg and Mommy went to practice swimming. With the arm floaties and then without. Doing better at swimming short distances. Until Mommy moves farther away, and she sputters above the water declaring "I'm ready to go home!". Coming up choking didn't concern the lifeguard though... Wondered how many judged me a bad mother. Meg doesn't seem to doggie paddle. More like go under the surface of the water and dog paddle without breathing. Very brave girl!

A Walk at the Park

Not far from our house is a nature park. I thought this meant go sit next to the lake and watch the ducks. Seems this means, walk a really far way and look through the duck blind... and then haul your tired children, looking for animals, while carting their lunch down the mile hike... all the while wishing they had on sunscreen.
An outing nevertheless...
And good thing Mommy brought her water bottle
Lunch at the only table on the covered pavilion
Big boy wanted to sit by himself... berries are always a hit with this bunch
Sweaty stinky children... Adventure!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

While We Were Gone...

While we were in Europe, my parents watched the kids for two weeks. While we were gone, Mom and Dad had to say goodbye to the puppy of my childhood, Prissy aka Miss Priss. This picture was taken at Round Top this last spring... We're still in mourning...
They had lots of adventures hiding from the heat in the wading pool, going to the farm, playing with Aunt Bobbie... and eating lots and lots of McDonalds and "Taco Casa" - which Meghan would continue to request at Mexican food restaurants.
Cooper learned how to request ice and walk around melting it all over the floor. Meghan learned to call people "pee pots" - which would just continue at school calling people "peepees" and "poops". Meghan rocked some puzzles with Aunt Bobbie. Meghan would come home and say she wanted to call Harla and Hailey to tell them something on her phone. Went and looked at ducks at the museum - that was when they had water in the pond.
Seems they missed us a little bit - but seems more likely that they entertained and were entertained the whole time. Getting to spend time with people who don't get much time with them otherwise. And most importantly, Mom now realizes why I get so little housework done. Mom and Dad said it might become a yearly tradition.
And in usual tradition, the effort to get a group photo doesn't go well with all involved.
And Memma fixed our favorite little orange dress to make it fit for now - most important since it's the one she will even lie about to get to wear it... very much the favorite.
When we got back, the kids jumped and rolicked around us for an hour or so... giddy and excited to see us. Nice to be missed... somewhat...
Thanks Memma and Pop - we know they had tons of fun and glad you survived! :)