Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mas Tricks?

Halloween was on a Monday this year so we rushed over to our small group house after work with costumes in tow. A rushed supper with rushed dressing... with Cooper wanting to be out of his costume right after putting it on. Note: don't buy costumes that aren't easily worn or you will 1) end up carrying accessories or 2) end up carrying the child.
After the first house where Cooper realized the point of the costume, he was ready for "mas" after each doorbell ringing. After each house, Coop walked down the sidewalk and asked his daddy for "mas" to head to the next house. We moms headed out with the kids while the dads stayed at the house with the little babies and handed out candy. Except for Greg who went along on kid duty - good thing since he carried Cooper quite a bit.
Meghan, the shy child, right, was witnessed several times "Hi, I'm Meghan and this is my brother Cooper" - cute kid. Safe? Possibly not but very outgoing of you. She was "Jinglebell" - afterall, there is a song for jingle bell and not Tinker Bell. Memma sent us a new princess costume just in time for Halloween - which isn't that big a deal when you dress up on a daily basis already.
We ran into other small groups in the neighborhood, lost several children at times, decided we needed glow in the dark identifiers next year, and nominated the men to take the children - although we know that won't work as they would lose kids and not realize they were missing! One house from church had gone all out, left the front door unlocked, and set out quite a spread of different Halloween treats. We should have stayed there all night - at least there wouldn't have been the mosquito problem!
Cooper still walks up and pets his dinosaur costume - but we haven't put it on again yet. Big enough for dress up fun later on though.
Sadly, minimal candy was consumed in this process. Mean Mommy took it away and hid it in the closet!