Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I got skills...

Remember the dumpster diving free dresser? It was solid ash-color wood. And then.. Finally got it lookin cute! And now Meghan doesn't have to have clothes all over her floor because there was no more room.

International Fest 2010

Ha! Isn't this picture hilarious. It's like the deity of the llama giving a speech with radiating lights coming from his aura... Anyways :)

We invited Nanny and Pa to go with us downtown on Saturday to the International Fest - we had never been and like to "explore Houston". Granted, we invited Lance - no show - but Meghan kept asking about him... Guilt, guilt.
We whipped out the double stroller. Coop was not enthralled, but he looked around and took it all in. Behaved very well and didn't get out of the stroller the whole time - too afraid to make him cranky.
It seems the whole premise of I-Fest was sitting around and listening to all kinds of music. We weren't such the fans of the African tribal chants but Zydeco seemed pretty fun. The group we ended up listening to was "Zydepunks". Note the above - Shelly okay just off in her own world dancing by herself :) Kent took Meg up to the front row to watch the accordians and fiddle players.
Loving the Houston downtown scene. Lots of booths to buy crafts (?)... and loud Reggae music. A little more time to dwell, but, alas, no time for those Jamaican souvenirs :)
The double stroller makes me a real mom.
Since we got suckered into buying tickets for my $4 lemonade, good thing we had enough for the petting zoo. Meg was a little hesitant but warmed up as usual. Still not as perky as the last time we went to the zoo and kind of hesitant with the llama; better with the smaller animals.

The favorite by far was the bunny. Probably the most approachable and familiar.

Did I mention that after touching all these animals, before we got to the hand sanitizer, those hands were in the mouth? No salmonella yet though!
Crazy Carribbean stilt guys - don't know any more detail than that.
Aw the cute couple.
Greg pretending to be enthused by the belly dancers who should have had on more clothing... Fun parents would have let their kids dance along but mine wasn't too into it.

Yeah, dumped that 4$ strawberry lemonade down Meg's shirt. She thought it was pretty yummy though.
Fun downtown random sculpture... tax money? Let's hope not.

Finally out of that stinky car seat - on to Mission Burrito!

My Memma, My Pop

After meeting in Brenham, Mom and Dad came down for several days. And, of course, had projects including fixing my headlight (Dad) and hanging up pictures (Mom) - which Meghan points to and calls "Memma's".
Rainy day meant playing outside. Not to be hindered by the rain- we just use the umbrella on the bike.
Good opportunity to use that umbrella.

Lots of cuddles.

And Pop even worked on his bottle skills.

Meg loves seeing Memma and Pop. I do think that seeing them in between talking online helps keep it all fresh. She frequently wants to talk to them on the computer or the phone. And my parents sure do eat it up.

We love you, Memma and Pop!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cute Kids and Cuddles

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eggs

The egg hunt at Nate and Aubrey's bday party happened when Mommy was shopping. We also had one at school on Thursday so no neglect to be had. Not to mention Easter gifts from Nanny, Great Nanny, Memma, and Mommy (and the men I'm sure)... so we weren't lacking in bunnies either.
Tobey likes to help with Eater candy... and goldfish.
Opening our Easter presents from the bunny
Coop and his new bunny

Meghan and her pretty little dress. Missing the pretty little white sandals which were bought just for the occassion. Note the red crocs Memma and Pop had just brought her. Wore our pink ones to church. Yes, only I would do that... :)

We would not remove our sunglasses... and don't let the cuteness fool you. After this she wanted to get on her "cycle" in her dress... throwing an outright fit when not allowed to do so. At least I can hope. Maybe next time...