Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nine and a half months?

Can it really be that you are that old? And fixing to have your first Christmas? First bday seems closer and closer all the time. Mommy got a little sappy in Target the other day when she was looking for PJs for Christmas for you... out of the newborn section. Had to go to the big girl section... No more footies? I know it can't be true so I'll just have to track some down.
You are very content just to entertain yourself for a long time. Everything you encounter is an opportunity for exploration... whether you should be in it or not. And as for the stairs at Nanny's house, can't hardly walk and you know you want to go up them.
You have gotten a little more clingy. You really need to try to be clingy with Daddy... you cry when I leave the room even if Daddy is with you. Crawl after us and look for us sobbing the whole time. Still okay with being left at daycare without problems. And being passed around to strangers is no problem either - happy with everyone.
You have six teeth - four top, two bottom. And eating anything. You seem to do okay with eating baby food at daycare, but you are most happy at home if you get to feed yourself finger foods. Really like cheese! But who can blame ya? Still not too excited about drinking your formula out of a sippy cup... we need to work on that. And still taking a bottle right before bed - we need to work on that. And getting you a night time routine. Mommy has guilt about not brushing your teeth! Hard to do that if you're sucking on that bottle until you fall asleep. But you are sleeping through the night!
So happy... when Daddy went to Katy for the new pool party you just hung out in your play pen outside watching. How many babies would do that? Still haven't gotten in it - a little cold. But we will be ready come spring time... or earlier in the spa!
Lots of sounds. Just this week the "tickle tickle" came back for no reason. You frustration when you can't explain to us sure makes me wish I had been dedicated to that sign language idea. Mama and dada --- still not super sure it's specific. Seems to come out when we leave the room though. Have definite sounds though. I just haven't figured them out all the way yet. You talk all the time to yourself - at daycare they tell me they enjoy it.
One of the owners of daycare told me the other day you have amazing hearing - she says you sing back to her in pitch and she's super impressed. I hadn't noticed that specifically, but you do repeat two syllables back if I am showing you something. Daddy tells me the two of you sing anytime you're in the car - real songs and Daddy's made up songs. Which explains to Mommy why you fuss in the car unless I'm singing/talking to you. And you really like kid CDs - especially though if they have kids singing. You prefer those.
Yes, you are playing with the dog collars - I told you nothing is off limits. You love to play with the doors and cabinets and drawers in the bathroom. Open and close. Until you smack your finger in them. And getting really curious at getting things out of them... Daddy still hasn't put the child-protecting thingys on yet.
And still love that ball of Maggie's. Really like when Mommy helps you throw it to her... You giggle!
For bath time, you have upgraded to a full bath without the blowup. Like it a lot more with the rubber mat. A little less wobbly. Still have trouble not standing up, but you know when you're in trouble. Most of the time, you sit back down. Seem to do better with Mommy than Daddy. Getting better though. Sometimes still defiant, but for the most part, very obedient and good.
They tell me at daycare, you don't share very well! You are getting better at reading. Like looking at the books. Some still go in the mouth but not as many. And you like voices. When a funny voice comes out of Mommy or Daddy, you turn around and look at us. This makes Mommy so happy cause she wants to read with you --- with you a willing participant.
This is the way you always look sweet girl - snotty. Even on Zyrtec. Snotty nose. Cough. Now you have an eye infection. You impress the people I work with because you are still so happy even when sick. I have a feeling though you will be less agreeable with your next well child visit. Sure don't like being held down or changed or getting dressed. Daddy said we should have a game show where they dress you as you crawl and roll away. Hopefully, this will get easier soon.
This is you happy baby... Happy. And so easy going. You love your daddy, and he loves to make you giggle. Said the other day he could hear that every day for the rest of his life and never get tired of it. Very ticklish - and love the attention. You clap these days when you're excited. Bounce up and down and clap.
You are such a blessing sweet girl... We love being your parents! And everyone who knows you loves you and talks about how happy you are!
Addendum: Make that 7 teeth - this is why we were drooling last week!

Walker Walking

Meghan has been practicing... getting much better. She's starting to take a couple of steps at a time, hesitantly, before plopping down.... Won't be long now! Hard to get that on camera when it involves going between mommy and daddy with some help. I'll work on it though.


Happy with Tray - she made me naked!
This was the only time Meghan was happy in her zebra costume - as a centaur. Don't blame her though, sure it was hot. Mommy wouldn't know as she wasn't allowed (per Daddy) to go to the Baggett pool party. He took her away to keep the never-ending cough from getting her. It's been a sick last couple of weeks in this house!
And leave it to a man to realize that her feet and hands were supposed to go in the costume holes :)
Meg and Aubrey - the cat

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Bday, Pop!

This worked out easier in my mind. Wasn't taking into account her mobility.
Happy birthday! Wish we were there for a bday lunch with ya!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tagged, huh?

So one of my dear friend decided to tag me... so I'll go along since I usually don't.
7 random things about me... REALLY random.

1) When I call in sick/missed class (as I did 3 days this week), I feel obligated to be a bum and act like I feel worse than I really do. I really didn't feel good this week but felt a lot worse at night, hack hack hack. So when I felt good, I almost felt guilty about it. Always been a rule stickler so I guess I feel like I'm lying... when I'm really not. And then worry about going back to work; like if I don't still look somewhat sick, they'll think I was really faking. So I was out at the end of the week and had the whole weekend to get better... but don't want to get too much better.
2) I really get tired of peeing... seriously. Do you ever revolt against your body cause you feel you pee too frequently and just don't wanna go through the hassle again? Wearing elastic maternity pants were great! No zipping involved!
3) I have a semi-fear of public restrooms. Like the ones with a row of stalls. If I'm the only one in there... and have to check to make sure I'm really the only one in there. Look under stalls, want all the doors open, listen for noises, glance up frequently in the mirror. Too many movies where people get stabbed in the head/attacked in the mall bathroom or something.
4) I'm working on cleaning better... and cooking.. and laundry. One of my ex-roomies introduced me to FLYLADY (look it up) so now I have emails coming to me making me feel guilty for not doing the job of the day. Not doing great, but baby steps, right? One of the main points, which I try to remind myself of frequently, is the "P-word"... perfectionism. That the fear of not doing things perfectly keeps us from doing them at all...
this counts as 5) right... The perfectionism thing. Like not scrapbooking as much cause I'm too critical of myself cause I know what "good" looks like. Needing new camera after new because I need to be able to take perfect pictures. Criticizing every meal I make. Never happy with my home decor. Not wanting to speak Spanish outloud cause it's not perfect.... Get the picture? I'm really working on it though. Like my "garden" - either super happy with it or ignore it cause it's disappointing.... but I'm stubborn so I don't give up.... an endless cycle!
6) School supplies make me happy. Markers. Sharpies. Post-its. Nothing more exciting than bins of school supplies in the aisle at Target in August!
7) Greg says I'm an organizing freak. This points back to 5... I complain about how we need another bin, and he says, "Yeah, just what we need. More organizing." Not a lot of room in this little house for 3 people. Gotta make the most of it all! Should have bought stock in sterilite before I started stocking up :) .
here's an extra
8) Some have called me grumpy... sounds like it from the majority of my 7. Funny though cause others, honestly those who barely know me, say how optimistic I am.... Funny huh? Greg says I'm a lot better than I was in college. As long as I don't impart it to happy little Meghan that's all that matters!

I tag... Allyson, Kara, JoDee, Becky, and Leah. :)