Friday, March 27, 2009

The Pox et al

Two days home with Daddy. Rash on ankles and spreading up - chicken pox back at daycare. You had your shots so maybe this is gonna be it. Fever. Lymphadenopathy. Drooling.... The makings of bad rashes until Mommy noticed more teeth - aren't you a little young for canines? And not the best of timing since we were supposed to be meeting Memma and Pop in Round Top for some shopping this weekend. They are coming next week - so try to heal! At least we get to stay home and play with you happy most of the time.... not a super cranky fussy sick kid... just contagious.

Dancing to American Idol - knee bending... Don't know where that came from... But it's music - and you shall dance.
Playing outside and practicing sweeping up dirt. Walking off down the sidewalk entranced by the hose next door. Perfectly content to walk off and leave your parents. Falling down multiple times but it's okay. This time you're gonna walk off and wave at Mommy so she follows... she seems to have understood.
Laughing hysterically when Daddy found the stickers you took off your tricycle and stuck on Daddy's leg.
Discovering how fun bags of chips are... and now you want to put your hand in every bag of food. Makes two times now you have grabbed a bag of chips (clipped shut) from the pantry and brought in into the living room. Makes it very difficult to eat without you wanting it.
Learning that it's fun to drink out of Mommy's cup - so you fuss everytime there is a cup around and don't get to drink out of it.
Cute new little scrunched eye brows when you aren't happy. Daddy wouldn't let you play with the Hershey kiss on the table last night, but you kept coming back to stare and it... working on your self control... and glared at Daddy multiple times when he wouldn't let you have it.
Seems you like to drink milk out of cups at daycare - the ladies and youwere keeping it a secret from Mommy and Daddy...
Eating dog food every time you get a chance to sneak some in the garage.
Dipping things in the dog's water bowl when you can.
Rushing to the fridge when it is open so to step inside... or scrounge for nasty old ice at the bottom of the freezer to eat, put on the floor, melt, and slip in.
Going to bed easier at night - like to be tucked in with your blanket.

You are so messy! If only you could learn to clean up all the toys which are all over the house! You make like so much more entertaining, kid!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Loving Your Daddy

13 Months

Sweet girl...
and super happy most of the time. You entertain yourself endlessly - way too many toys. And talking to yourself (and your toys)... still most of the time nonsensical. Daddy and dog are still the most reliable ones. Mommy was changing your diaper the other morning and guess who popped his head in. You looked over at him and said "Daddy!"... It was super cute. I guess Mommy is a little jealous that you don't address her specifically.
Still like your animals. Saw a horse and wolf on TV today and was very interested. Love your animal book and want to know what they all are - and the noises. Even though Mommy had her doubts about the book, you like Goodnight Moon. I think cause it has so many objects to see. I was trying to point them out to you the other night, and you actually moved my hand out of the way so you could see it.
Aunt Tracy shared her drumstick with you and you were a big fan. You also liked Mommy's popsicle. Can't really stick out your tongue and lick just yet - but smear it all over your lips and lick them off.
Still loving bathtime... except now life has gotten a bit more challenging as you have figured out how to open shampoo and soap containers. Look down at you hanging out in the shower and, more than one time, you've had the cap lifted trying to squirt soap into your mouth or onto your own body. You brought me my toothpaste into the kitchen this morning, and the lid was off. Almost a mess there! I'll just blindly pretend for now that you didn't actually unscrew it because that in itself would be asking for trouble.
For some reason, you were holding the ball in your mouth... And your stubbornness means that these days you stand up in the bath and refuse to sit down. We used to just take you out. Now, you just sit down when you see the towel coming.
Did anyone mention that this super adorable girl, who got bitten several times back in the day at daycare, bit some sweet innocent baby the other day?
You have some routines figured out. The other morning we started running water in the shower and you started trying to pull off your shirt. We can tell you which room we're going to, and you turn off that direction. Last night you were very frustrated as you were trying to put your pants on.... you would really like to be able to dress yourself. We would probably all be much happier - you want to do everything yourself!
Diaper time has become more difficult as you not try put your hand down in the area we are cleaning. This morning you pulled the diaper out from under you and smeared poop on your torso. Did we mention still throwing all out fits during diaper change? And you know what the diaper means and start running off the other direction. Getting you to sit/lay still for getting dressed just does not happen. Chasing you around the room is more like it. And for some reason, you like to run off and sit naked on your big stuffed bear in the corner.
You like Mommy's swiffer sweeper and pushing it around.
Becoming quite the eater. They say at daycare that you feed yourself off a spoon a lot of the time - you won't allow allow anyone else to feed you. Fewer bottles. Eat most things. Sometimes feed the dogs when we aren't looking.

Still digging through the pantry. Your recent favorite are the packages of gum - which I'm just waiting for you figure out how to open. Last night, Mommy found in the bedroom, among the necklaces you pulled out to play with, some Tupperware from the kitchen and the jar of cookie sprinkles. Somehow, things end up in the strangest places around here!
Fun time at the pool and your first skinned knees. Fall down and right back up again - no crying. You made Mommy nervous but never ventured too close to the water. Too close to George? Yes. He doesn't like you as much as you think he does.
The favorite of the moment is kissing - you now make kissing noises and blow kisses. You entertainment at the pool was leaning over and giving kisses to Daddy in the spa... then walking away and coming right back for more kisses. You also seem to know that we think it's adorable. Which means that if you're being ornery (which has been the theme of this weekend), you think it's okay to pull hair or glasses if it is preceeded by a kiss. Also tilt your head to the side sometimes to be cute.
Still love your book with family pictures. You had it the other night driving home from daycare, and I heard kissy noises. You were giving kisses to the picture of Daddy in the book. It was super cute. You hate getting in your car seat for the most part. You buck and throw yourself all over the place. Had us stumped for a little while as you would scream until you got your arms out of the harness... we have it figured out though now.
Mommy tries to fix your hair - still working on it. This day at daycare they had it pulled back super cute.... Said you just patiently sit there and let them do it.
You've been doing lots of craft projects at school. They said you were really good with the bingo markers. We bought you some fancy little crayon things - but you're too busy eating the crayon tips off.
Loving all things soft and squishy in the floor. The dog bed is one of your favorites. You've lately started putting your baby blanket on the floor and laying on it like a pillow.
You are such a treasure sweet little girl. You love everyone - go to everyone. Smile and giggle most of the time. Get into everything! Very curious. Very stubborn. Mommy is mourning the end of her time with you alone - but know that you will love having a little brother or sister to play with - and teach how to get into all the trouble you have already figured out! And, hopefully, no biting!

It's Official!

As if most ya'll didn't know anyways... this was taken about 5 weeks ago. We're officially to 13 weeks so I figure it's safe. You all needed an explanation anyways as to why there are no posts - Mommy is so exhausted these days she goes to bed before anyone else in the family.
Last check up was Friday and all looked good. Scheduled date of launch :) is September 18th I believe.
Congratulations! ;)
PS: To those of you thinking "I have to find this out online?!!"... you know I find it awkward telling people, and, let's face it, just isn't as "new and exciting" the second time around. Not enough time to stop and think about it, really.
And I think it's cool that baby #2 is 13 1/2 weeks old and Meghan is 13 1/2 months old. When are the numbers going to align again?

Kissin' Cousins

You hadn't gotten to play with cousin Aubrey in a while so we had an afternoon of fun together. She chased you around the kitchen island, you shared some toys (until you decided they were yours and you wanted them back)... lots of giggles. Lots of checking each other out.

This visit Nate decided that staying at home to play with his daddy's new pickup was more exciting than coming over to see you. Although he does really like you. He had just played with you the weekend before so I guess it was okay. He gave you hugs and kisses... you tackled him at one point, and he thought that was hilarious.