Wednesday, December 26, 2012

That's My Nanny (and Pa)!

Weekend trip to see the grandparents September 2012

 Katelynn five months... headbands are cute... sometimes... Other times, choking hazard...

 Cooper tends to be naked in a lot of picture I'm noticing... but who is he to complain if all the grown ups don't enforce?

And then there's this little miss who would rather just watch TV.

Some Great Visitors

 In the middle of September, Greg's grandparents came down for a visit... why, not? They're retired - and they read this so get the hint and come more often :)  . First, we met them at the parent's house and then the next day at Barry's down closer to us. Coop first though needed to read the paper with Kramer...
 But Great Pa was focused primarily on snuggles #1 then paper #2.

 And then there's this one who loves that stinkin' microphone!

 Cousin Aubs remembering what babies are like in time for her little sister!
 Who is that handsome fellow in Nanny's picture?
Caught cha - Greg's family has a lot of men who pretend to be tough but secretly love all these little kids...
 Another example of tough guy Barry - or as Meghan sometimes refers to him "Uncle Pa".
 Who just happened to pull out our first Jenga experience!

 And Pamela came to say hi! And another example of the grandpa who continues to cuddle - even with his eldest grandson (34 years later!).

 Uncle Barry is a sucker for this child - including some awesome pyando (piano) playing.
 Great Nanny and Katelynn

Pop's Secret Mission

 I'm pretending Memma and Pop came down to visit in September to see the kids... but when Pop says "I'm going to go look at cars in the morning" that's what he really means! Kids vs Miada...

The Three Musketeers

 I used to be able to take pictures of just one kid... now it seems they go everywhere together... and as Katie gets older, she's starting to depend more on Cooper.  He will sit down and play with her without prompting.  Take her toys. And somehow both big kids have learned "baby talk" - to an annoying aspect but still cute.

Pics from September 2012

Little Mr. Three

As far as being a big boy, we finally got you into underwear all but at night.  Still some accidents but mostly doing very well.  And very proud to declare that you are a big boy - not a baby! Your new teacher tells us how well you are doing - better listener than the big boys even.  Always on "green". As for church, a different matter.  You are very dependent on your sister - very willing to go to class at night as you will be with Meghan.  Not so in the morning though; try as you may to talk yourself into it and declare that you are going.  You would rather sit with us in church without toy or entertainment quietly than go to class. The best of this was when Daddy promised you a cookie if you would stay in class.  When he picked you up, you were standing right next to the door and hadn't moved the whole class - not for snacks, crafts, playing - only to say "Do I still get my cookie?".
You still wake up way too early in the mornings... like to leave your room at night.  Like to go in Meghan's room and wake her up early in the morning. You do love your sisters.  Very much a Momma's boy - starting to go on special trips with me. Loving cuddles. Your mom is a sucker and makes it hard to put you to bed at night - one more kiss, one more hug, one more drink.  Have I mentioned you are a camel? Water water all the time.  As I told Daddy - when two little camels get married what else would we have but a little camel? :)
This little man is becoming ever more a little boy.  Granted, still likes to play dress up but more and more into dinosaurs... since being in the big boy class at school with Meghan, the other big boys are having an influence as far and learning about super heroes.  It is nice to have an interest other than princesses! Now, that does not mean that when Meghan plays with her play makeup, you don't want to play along.  You want to put on "li-stick" (chapstick) and ask if "my li-stick still on?" just like your sister.  Daddy is very proud.
Still very queasy in the car.  We carry Ole' Pukey as your daddy likes to call the bucket - you've gotten better at letting us know when you need it and holding it.  Took some time to teach you not to hold in vertically and dump it all back out in your lap.  So sweet with little tears rolling down your face :( . Two Cooper car sickness episodes in one day in September up in Katy. One after donuts before church. Meg's comment "something smells good in here"... smelled like glaze. Number two happened headed home after naptime in Katy. "I'm done.... Are there pickles in there?" (fried pickles from lunch) He was very interested in studying the content of his puke bucket. Nice to find the humor in such not funny episodes! :) So gross but such a part of the fun of traveling with your - even if just to church.
You are such a sweet boy - a fact that Pop repeats to us every time he's around you. Thankfully, the ugly stage has mostly passed.  Happy, mostly obedient - unless required to help clean up, like to help in the kitchen to cook and set the table.  Big into Daddy's "ipad" (one word) and amazingly good at figuring out the puzzles, Mah Jong, train game... starting to forge your own path away from Meghan. But still singing songs like her - the trait Daddy is teaching so well - but trying to become the little boy who stacks his blocks across the room, yells "watch this", jumps off the stool, charges toward the blocks with your toy broom to knock down said blocks... only to set them up again!  And so fun to watch as you do this...