Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Family Belongs in a Zoo!


For Coop's third birthday, we went to the Houston zoo - figured out that our last outing as a smaller family group had been when Meg was a baby - 4+ years ago.  It was snow day so the animals all had ice to play with - don't really understand but made it different I guess.  We made quite the zoo ourselves with two massive strollers, 5 kids, 1 baby in a carrier, 8 big kids, and 2 grandparents. It was nice having so many helpers!
This is Lexi's usual face for me; she runs when she sees me and cries when I speak to her.  
So this is a good picture!

Climbing at the children's area

Petting the animals

Including a surprise animal - lots of questions for the zookeeper the poor guy.  

And doesn't this little man just look like he's up to trouble!

Loving the new gorilla exhibit - extra bonus when it's hot and they all come hang out in the shade so close to us.

Baby girl was pretty bored! But good for cuddles.

 Playing the bongos

Pa wearing Nate's snazzy hat.. and Coop picked out his alligator shirt for the zoo especially.
Lance and his little buddies!
Loving the besties...

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Samantha said...

Lexi talks about this zoo trip all the time. Guess we should go more often. Btw thanks for giving me all this reading material while up throughout the night! :)