Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Cuddler

You are a clingy little boy - fussier today than usual. Not so much fussy actually, but just wanting to be held constantly. Okay, guess that's fussy. It just isn't usual for you to want to nurse ALL day... Daddy says he's "cutting you off", but I think I'll keep cuddling when I can - you won't want to forever... And, let's face it, you just look way too sad when you pout :( .
PS: This is when you say "Bob, your manual exposures on your SLR are awesome! :) "

Bubba Love

You wanted to hold your brother the minute you got home tonight - in the middle of the driveway... And then came inside and "biper" meant you wanted your brother to get a new diaper... And then you tried to pick him up off the couch and declared him "heavy" - a word we didn't know you knew until you used it.

We do love how much you love your brother, Meg. And to think we were concerned about him ruining your world. Granted, you still go through days where you feel very neglected and want Mommy much more than normal... mostly when she's otherwise occupied. But you love your "bubba" and can't be trusted alone because you love him too much and want to crawl on him on the couch!

You have started to get frustrated in the car after school because you want to touch and play with your brother sitting next to you... and don't want to be buckled in. It will be interesting to see what happens at daycare once you figure out that your brother is in the room right next to you - with the open doorway... wonder if you know his cry and will announce it to your teachers?

A Good Foundation

This was our house earlier this week... Greg said that as of today we have a foundation. They say that by the end of next week we will be framed! Hard to do all that midst all the rain - they said on the news yesterday we had 4.5 inches...
When we were there last weekend, we made friends with neighbors. They actually come up and talk to you in this neighborhood... talked to more people than we have in the last year here. Lots of kids it seems near Meghan's age so hopefully we'll have lots of little buddies to play with.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meg at 20 Mos

You are at such a fun age, sweet girl. Everyday is a new word and a new discovery.
You are always such a friendly little girl. Had lots of fun reading with Kristin. "Noah" is one of your favorite books - you can match, identify, and entertain yourself for a long time. You pointed to him praying the other day and held up your little hands in prayer - too cute. When you see something that's in another part of the book, you search through (most of the time knowing exactly where it is) until you can point to it. This was the first time that you are actually interested more in reading actual books. There was a while there when you were actually bringing Green Eggs and Ham to us... to sit through the whole book. That would never have happened before.
You are a bossy little girl at time. Very willing to tell the puppies to "move" or "go" - here you were telling them to get in their dog house. We definitely need to make sure how we talk to the dogs cause you repeat it (and everything). Did we mention we do'nt need to cut your fingernails - you trim them just like Daddy. Mommy tried to pull of a torn nail the other day; you put it in your mouth and declared it "better". The other great habit you seem to have picked up mostly from Mommy - not hesitant at all to make your nose better either. Except we don't eat our treasures - the other day in the back seat you ate your booger and declared it "good". Cracked me up!
"Mik-cup" is still your best friend - seriously you could subsist on milk alone if allowed. At daycare it seems you are willing to eat everything.. Mommy makes the same (aka oatmeal) which you declare "yucky". Also really quick to declare "messy" or "good" or "done" or "all gone". You still refuse to call a star a star - even though you can identify quite a few shapes and do your shape ball. Stars aren't "upaba" anymore though... just "upa"s.
I'm about tired of "show" - which means you want us to turn on Little Einsteins. Your favorite show by far. I think we watched 3 episodes the other day until I declared it to be enough. I never thought I would be trying to get my child to want to watch Barney - but it did happen the other day, and, I admit, it was nice to watch something different for once. Some interest in other shows but nothing like your "show". You also have a Elmo potty video which you request as well. You bring us the remote and request it. The other day I wouldn't turn it on and had the remote - so you dug through the drawers until you found the remote that matched it and brought it to me as well... clever! You will also put them up when we tell you to - if you are in the mood that is of course.
This is your new favorite pair of PJs. You like the "buckles" - aka snaps. This night you wanted to wear your dressy shoes. They have told us at daycare that while all the other little girls play with girly stuff at school you want to play with boys with balls and tackling.
Memma has always laughed at the way you get up... go from a very wide stance from sitting to standing... You are getting to that challenging age and get in trouble quite often depending mostly on how much sleep you have had. We worked on discipling you last night for probably at least 30 minutes just over cleaning up your letter magnets in the kitchen floor... after taking away your blanket, milk cup, baby... spanking.. sitting in the corner... You seem to know that it's hard for Mommy to discipline when she is nursing. And you can always get out of it by declaring "potty" - cause we rush you over in case something happens...
You love your construction hat. Very serious on your coloring. Not crakors anymore but colors. Your favorite color varies from week to week it seems. You have moved past "lello". White is still the first color you pull out of your colors and declare it to be while. Everything is red this week. And you want Mommy and Daddy to draw "kirkles" - circles. And sometimes Daddy, puppy, faces... I think you know "two" - lately seems you have been pointing to things that have two and saying it?
You seem to color with your right hand - although Daddy keeps putting it in your left hand hoping to change you. You want to "write", and your latest is requesting "A" - learning your letters at daycare. They do teach you a lot - you knew "octa" (octopus) last night, and we definitely didn't teach you that. Animals are your favorites... One of hte only movies you are allowed to watch at daycare is Finding Nemo - your teacher said the other day you were telling her everything that was fixing to happen - haven't been watching it here at home... very observant! You have definitely watched too much sports and now when something on TV is a sport - you throw your arms in the air (touchdown) and say something - sounds like "awthome" (awesome) to me but Daddy thinks it's touchdown...
Took a little while to figure out - but when you declare "row row" these days that isn't a request for your book only. Also means you want to play in the laundry basket and rock back and forth rowing. Not really the best at putting it back up though...
Rock rock. Your new game is wanting to pull the rocker up to the coffee table to color. I watched you the other night pull it up, try to get in, unable to fit, push it back, get in, too far from the table, get out, push it to the table, try to get in... This lasted for a very long time. Definitely means that you need your own little table in the new house. Makes you feel like a big girl I'm sure.
It amazes us how much you pick up on. You know what belongs to Mommy and what is Daddy's - you brought me my wallet the other day, declared it mine... and I don't know when you would have ever seen me use it. Daddy was wearing Mommy's sunglasses in from the car the other day, and you pointed at him and told him they were Mommy's. Our cups, phones... toys... The remotes seem to be Daddy's... the breast pump is Mommy's :) .
Searching for treasures in Daddy's pockets. You are Daddy's little helper - help him carry in the recycling bucket, take out the trash... you would really love to be big enough to help carry in the baby carrier and put your arm out like you can lift it. You also like to help "cook" and let us know when something is "hot" - you stay away from hot stuff pretty well.
New people? I'm going to lay on the ground and roll around cause they are looking at me and think I'm cute.
Our latest fun - seems to have turned into a game though... haven't actually used it in a week or so. Diapers are now "yucky" and you are less willing to put them on at times. Want to take your baby and blanket to potty. Want to practice dumping in the toilet after putting some TP in your potty... regardless of any success.

One of our peepee successess... You are very interested in where your baby and Cooper's peepee comes out... point to your dolls bottom and declare it "yucky". Tonight, pointed to your brother and asked "da de la peepee" - this is your French. "Da de la pop" comes out a lot - granted, Pop (and Memma) is now related to every big truck, the computer, the dogs barking, knocking on the front door... they come up a lot it seems.
Poured out your charms on cousin Karah who sweeped you upstairs to go watch movies and play. Your first car trip in a long time - and you did very surprisingly well. Now that your car seat is next to the window, you are forever entertaining yourself. Your new obsessions ("see it"?) include flags, semi trucks, and bridges. I guess it was the first time you caught onto the idea of bridges. It was hilarious the first time I caught on to what was going on. I looked over, and you were squinting and holding your eye closed. Then we went under a bridge and the biggest smile crossed your face. Declared it dark or light or something to that effect. From then on out, you pointed out every single bridge before we came to it, getting prepared, and then the biggest smile crossed your face when we went under them.
Pockets... carseat entertainment... sitting next to bubba...
You talk the entire time to yourself - most of the time we know what you are talking about. We left daycare the other day, and you declared "mow" - seems you know from watching Daddy... be it someone edging or mowing... and then you declared tall grass to be "mow" - guess you know they need to mow. Water is still your fave to point out. Last night you showed us the "moon". Still love your sunglasses - if you don't have them and the sun shines in your eyes, you squeal and cover your eyes with both your hands. Don't worry though, you now have a pair for each car.
Meggie (as you refer to yourself), please quit growing up. Our time is flying with you! Mommy wants to soak you up and freeze time - the stubborn part can continue aging (or regress?) but the cute part can stay. Your little brother is a daily reminder of how far you have come - and I can't seem to even remember back that far with you... How is it gonna be in ten years? Too much of a blur as it is.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Six Weeks Later...

Pretty boy you are getting so big! Mommy put you in the sling yesterday for the first time in about a week or so, and I kept trying to get you to slide down in further because it just seemed like you wouldn't sink far enough down into it. And then I realized that was because you ARE that big. Holding your head up a little better. It's kinda funny cause you hold up your head, but after awhile it's like your muscles get tired and you start almost vibrating - you want to hold it up but so tired... We try to put you on your belly, but unless you are on your belly on someone, you don't really want anything to do with it.
And to think... I could be going back to work, but thankfully, I have a little more than a week left. We have decided that I'm gonna work a little fewer hours for November and then completely full time in December. Unless I decide I like it too much... in which case the clinic might not be too happy.
You've migrated to the sink tub baths, and your big sis likes to help. You don't seem to mind them too much...

This is for you mom :)
When Daddy put this outfit on you, he ran into the living room to get my camera cause he thought you looked way too cute. Unfortunately, you've already managed to outgrow it! You are definitely longer than your sister and seem to be outgrowing your newborn outfits much younger than she did. You like your little giraffe which plays music - seems to sooth you (temporarily of course). Still only slightly entertained by rattles - although, like Meg, you like to stare up at fans.
You scared Daddy and had your first couch slide off... don't really if it's a combo of falling into the crack or you wiggling or kicking your little legs... But we have to be more cautious!
Daycare is going to be a rough adjustment for you, Bubba. You are quite clingy and would be completely happy just nursing and hanging out next to a breast all day long. Your swing is more tolerable, and sometimes you will stay in it for awhile depending on your mood and the time of day. Daddy has already declared he's "cutting you off" - as in "you need to learn to not be held all the time" --- Momma still is more of a softy though. Daddy isn't sleeping with you on the couch anymore. It took a couple of nights of waking every 2 hours in your basinette for Mommy to figure out that you sleep so much better in your swing at night. Last night, you slept until 3:30! Usually, we are averaging waking up 2 or 3 AMish and then about the time Daddy leaves.
New step in our journey is pumping and bottle feeding. It started this week, and you seem to be doing much better with it than Mommy. Daddy gave you a bottle, and you took it like you have been doing it forever! The lesson here: don't wait until 3 months into it screaming happens - like with Meghan...Here is your bedroom... put it in your book for later. You are still noisy - don't know if less-so or if we have just adjusted to it. Last church, you stayed in your carrier the whole time, and as we were leaving, the woman in front of us stopped us and said your little noises had been a blessing through her worship experience. Now, we wouldn't have put it that far, but your little noises are endearing. Especially when you are sleeping and do this little sleep-laugh thing. Mommy is still waiting on the smiling to start up. You do tiny little grins in your sleep, but you won't just outright smile. Makes it difficult for Mom to capture on camera.
You made friends with Mark, Kathy, and Karah several weekends ago when we went to Dallas for Angela's wedding. We stayed with PA friend Haley, and you melted her heart :) - at least I think so! You were a pretty happy baby for most of the trip - your first road trip (and cold weather), and you slept most of the time except for snack breaks. You seemed like you were getting kind of tired of the whole thing on the way back about an hour outside of Houston. Mommy was able to sit with you two in the back seat to make sure Meghan wouldn't throw things on you.
You are definitely alert more... not really evidenced by the pictures though.

You are growing too fast, little man! So sweet and so loved!