Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Positive pregnancy test on a 12 year old girl today... Enough said. Sent a referral to the counselor at work, and they called wanting to know the psychiatric diagnosis. I said, "Twelve and pregnant isn't enough?". And her mom was calm? Seriously, people. Talk to your kids! I asked mom if she had talked through everything with her daughter about being pregnant - no, because she's still so young. Me: If she's old enough to get pregnant, she's old enough to know everything.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Your Fourteenth Month

Seems like you're a different kid this month - as Daddy put it "well, at least we had a good fifteen months." I guess let's start with the bad and get it over with. Where did these temper tantrums come from? At least you haven't had one out in public yet. Seems like they are restricted to getting home right after daycare and diaper changes of course. The ones while Mommy is making dinner are by far the most lengthy and intense. You want to be held, then you want down, you want a cup, then you throw it to the floor. Then you are bucking around on the floor screaming, inconsolable. Wouldn't it be nice to have that sign language so you could tell us what you want! Mommy and Daddy have yet to figure out how to respond to these... you did go to time out in the corner the other night. Need to implement that more often I think - if only you wouldn't crack your head open on the tile floor during your fit.
Liking the parks more and more often. This is the one by Nanny's house. Daddy is usually the one that runs around and plays with you. He's a little more silly. This was your first swing in a long time, and you were a big fan. And slides. Heights have nothing on you. You like swinging bridges and jumping.

The morning before Easter you cracked us up. You had gone into Nanny's backyard and not been excited about coming back inside. We looked over, and you had pulled out of your diaper bag your hat and shoes, put the hat on your head (something I had never seen you do before), and was walking to Nanny and I carrying your crocs - which are by far your favorite shoes ever! All of this in your pajamas to go outside and play with the puppies.
Speaking of George, when we were in Katy for Easter, you started howling/baying like George. Daddy said last week you were playing with your dog puppet in the backseat, had it fully on your hand, and were making your new puppy noise like George. Did anyone tell you it was a puppy puppet? I don't think so. And you also started barking when your puppies barked with Memma and Pop were here.
Bathtime is fun until you get bored. You crawl out and in yourself - or try to. Like to duck your head to the water and put your face in. Daddy has been working with you on blowing bubbles in the water. You really enjoyed doing that in Nanny's hot tub.
You still go to the same drawer in the bathroom - favorites are pulling out the bag of dental picks and the nasal saline. Nevermind that you have some toys in there.
Daddy pouts because you seem to prefer me. Cry when I leave in the morning. Follow me around with your hands in the arm while crying.
Eating has become more entertaining. You started using your spoon just this week - you scoop up food off your tray and aim it in your mouth. Or try. Lots of food falling off. Sometimes you pick up the food and put it on the spoon. Preference order: meat, fruit, carb... not so much the veggies. Cup preference too - the ones they give you at daycare which we have too. Just tonight you decided you can drink your cup one handed, holding at the rim with the lid. Mostly switched over to the cup showly - still bottle before going night-night.

Itsy bitsy spider. You learned it at daycare. We were driving home the other night, and Mommy didn't think you were paying attention to your CD... until your song came on and you started making your hand signs.
This is one of the fits. You like your animals. And your blankie. You hand it off to us when you get out of your bed. Drag it around. And want it when you're throwing your fit.
You put yourself to bed at night these days. You just lay down and wait to be tucked in with your blankie. Doesn't work as well with nap time.

You had lunch with Barry and Gaye - naked because of the mess you made during the meal. Lots of fun walking around with Barry playing with the puppy.
This is gross I know... but we thought it was hilarious that you had green poop on St. Patrick's second to the unnatural amount of green dye used in your green food for the day. All natural dye I'm sure.
Loving your rocking chair. Crawl into it, put your toys in it and then crawl in with it, and try to rock yourself. Outside is your ultimate favorite place to be.
Last two nights you have gotten your blankie after throwing your diaper changing fit, gone to the puppy bed, layed down, and had your bottle. It is one of your favorite places to roll around - wierd as that is. Your other is on Mommy and Daddy's bed and so proud of yourself cause you know which button to push to turn on the radio. Getting better at your organization skills - when the radio falls/gets pulled off, you try your hardest to put it back up. Knocked off the books? Try your hardest to put them back up.
We'll get through this phase together, baby girl. Some would say it might be you picking up on the pregnancy vibes and reacting? But as you notice, there are way more "big girl" moments than "ugly girl". We just hold on to those cuddles when we can get them and pray for the wisdom to deal with those ugly times as best we can. Love you, sweet girl!
And did we tell you about your baby brother?!

Boy Oh Boy!

It's official... no doubt about it.
When I picked up on the little wiener before the tech mentioned it... so let's go shopping!
And Greg says "I was excited about having a girl. But now that I know I'm having a boy, I'm really excited!" And now we don't have to call him generic names... you officially have a pronoun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Dress

Easer Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday to Nate (4) and Aubrey (1) - birthdays both near Easter so celebrated on Easter Eve at their house. Also combined for an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Nate didn't stop moving long enough to eat cake. More like a walk by icing swipe off any piece of cake available. Aubrey had her first bite of cake. Meghan, whose mother had given her ice cream for a while, acted like it was nothing new.

Meghan had been practicing carrying around her basket and playing with Easter eggs. The attention span lasted only about 10 minutes (maybe?) with some distractions and confusions by golf balls. Dumped out an egg with toddler cereal in it on the ground which she had to stop and eat - in addition to the dirt :) .
Sam and Aubrey - would be easier if you could walk already, Aubs!

Enjoying playing on the slide and swing together. Meghan crawled up into the swing by herself and played. As typical, insisted on trying to crawl up the slide instead of using the steps. Most content to stand at the top and shake the slide.

Nate was not too interested in opening gifts after finding the first he wanted to play with. Clothes? Throw them on the floor. The next time, we'll rank the presents in terms of interest to keep him looking for the good one. Aubrey did a little better. Meghan wanted what everyone else had to play had.
A little musical interlude - first piano experience

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Downtown Park

I spent several days in downtown doing a CME (continuing medical education). There was a lot of down time for schmoozing and junk - and we all know Bobbie is not into that, right? Better to go hang out across the street at Discovery Green and read a book.
It was my first time and would have been a lot more fun with the fam.... isn't everything? :)