Monday, January 28, 2013

Backyard Campout

 In September, our small group decided we would spend a weekend together camping out in the backyard together - Saturday lunch through Sunday morning.  Each family brought a tent - or two - and way too much junk to eat, way too many glow sticks, and lots of kids who wouldn't really get nap time.  Fun was had by all - and a good time to have a five month old to have to sleep inside and go to bed early! :)
 Swing time with Conner, fort time with little Hollyn, and all the big kids running around - including in the yard next door (after an offer to take down a portion of the fence for more crazy room).  After making our team signs, the families divided up to start in the games.  Once we could get the men outside from the football game inside.
 Team Baggett ready for the three leg race - and not really understanding
 Becca and her daddy watching the big kids
 Daddies had to carry all their kids
 Water balloon toss...
 Izzy, Becca, Seth - Tere and Tom playing as a family
 Brain and Conner... Mark dousing Kaid (and laughing about it)
 Meghan's favorite Devyn playing with Katelynn

Elizabeth leading the kids in chubby bunny.. sticky!

 Siblings Kaid and Devyn, Seth and Izzy...
 Greg wearing the sash to cover his eyes - the kids were directed to call to their daddy so he could try to find them - only to have two children very excited to call to their daddy all the while running to him so he could find them.  Mommy missed out on lots of the fun as I was on call for the clinic - wasting time calling patients back; patients who wanted to be ugly when they were the ones keeping ME from the fun!
 We did need more sugar - cake anyone? Sandwiches for lunch, hot dogs for supper, chips, sodas... some nutrition with the fruit and yogurt.

 Meghan spent the night in Devyn's tent while Greg and Coop had a boy tent.  Lots of cute kids waking up the next morning in their pajamas to have eggs and bacon.
Fun times for all - still talking about it and wanting to do it again. Such a fun group and the kids love being together.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ready for Church

From October 2012