Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Cold Katy Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Greg's family on Christmas Eve Eve. Sam and Jared and the kids came over, Tray and Lance were there, and, of course, the parents. And then our poor puppies thought they were going along to fun.... only to realize they were getting left again!
A snacky supper - which Mommy missed some of cause of the baby feeding... But then upstairs to hit the stuff. About time too cause Nate was wired and ready for some presents. It was definitely pretty exciting for Coop too :) .
It was pretty much just a mad dash to open pics. The best line "Sam, are those all your presents?" Sam, "I don't really know!" It was funny in memory anyways.
Once Pa got out the pocket knife, he became the go-to guy for the kids for package opening. Meg insisted that Pa would be the one to open her plastic thingys.
Aubs got a music box, demonic kitty doll, and Elmo - her and Meg both which meant they kept thinking each other had their toy.
Nate got a helicopter...
See demonic kitty. Glad it didn't accidentally come to Meghan. Y&R anyone? Aubs was super excited and jumping up and down so I guess it was a success. Note to Nanny: no demonic animals in our future please?
Drooly kid... Got way too many toys despite requests and reassurances that such wouldn't happen. That's okay with Meghan though because she pretty much claimed them for herself. I'll try to steal some so Coop gets some stuff in the future that wasn't a hand-me-down.
The stroller was a big hit. Good thing Santa brought one too. Both the girls plopped down in it and thought it was for them. Elmo got pushed around. Aubrey got pushed by Meghan when Aubs was playing with the stroller. Still working on that sharing thing.
Little people castle. That girl set right too it. Waiting for the house to get out all those pieces! Pretty cute though.

And here are the Baggetts who think it's fun to run into the hot tub when it's almost freezing outside. And who also think it's a good idea to put the baby inthe hot tub or her nighttime bath. She had fun, though. But did anyone mention she was naked?
This is what ends up on your camera when left unattended... Nanny, that is a coke on your couch. We'll pretend it's empty. And you know how much I was hoping no dancing Elmos would end up in my home? At least this one teaches the alphabet. No dancing.
Warming in front of the fire. Meg knows "hot" and seems to stay away from it. Felt pretty good though since I always freeze in that house. Looking forward to the fireplace in the new house!
Pa was on baby duty. A little wierd but if you're willing to watch him, go right ahead!
Thank for all the gifts! And watching the dogs... and our cars... and giving us a place to sleep... and being the Christmas refuge. And helping us move... oh wait, did you just volunteer?! :)