Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cruise Vacation

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fifteenth Month

  • Your vocab is exploding. Working on parts of the body. When we sent you off to Memma and Pop's, you knew your nose and would pat your head. She taught you your belly. Just today you know your mouth, tongue, and feet. Ball. Very eager to talk about and look for balls.
  • You definitely know a lot more words than can say. Time to eat, let's go to your room, are they here yet (turn around and look out the window).
  • Still not so happy about going to bed. Don't know how they do it at daycare.
  • Pointing. Jabbing really at books. Pointed all over the zoo. Don't know if you were saying "key" (as in monkey) or "see". But definitely persistent.
  • You have gotten bitten several times recently at school still.
  • We've been working on making you a little more interested in the potty. We put you on the big girl seat sometimes. Getting a little more tolerant. The problem is getting you to stop wanting to go up on it. Cracking me up with your recent realization that you need to wipe. The first time you were sitting on your little stool next to the toilet paper when you reached up, took some off, and wiped. Guess you've seen Mommy do it and figured it out. Tonight, you were walking around with a little bit of TP and putting it down the top of your diaper, trying to wipe. We'll get there, baby.
  • The other night at church, Mommy went and picked you up at the end so you could listen to the music. We stood at the back so we didn't have to walk in front of people. The lady in front of us had her arms up, and you put your arms in the air and started swaying. Memma said you enjoyed the music in WF at church too.
  • Loving your animals. Today I was talking about your Curious George stuffed animal - your thought I was talking about George the dog and started your puppy howl noise.
  • Spent the week away from Mommy and Daddy for a week when they went on their first vacation without you. You had a good week and met us at the cruise dock - ran to Daddy not Mommy (and he was very excited about that).
  • Waving bye bye and blowing kisses. Shaking head no much more than noding.
  • You love your shoes - still prefer the crocs and sometimes walk about with nothing on but your diaper and crocs. This week it's been all about your socks. You've loved trying to put them on for awhile, but just lately, you want to gather them all up in your arms and carry them around. Stop and put them somewhere on the floor for you to work on putting them on. And you know socks and shoes and feet - your words.
  • Like small spaces. Pull the tupperware out to crawl in the cabinet. Pull out the wipes to crawl in the changing table. This morning you crawled in, I said bye-bye, you blew me a kiss, and pulled the door shut. I went back in, and you had come out to get your hat, put in on, and crawled back in.
  • Crawl on and over everything. I looked down earlier, and you had climbed up on the top step of the step stool - standing up of course. Very proud of crawling on Mommy and Daddy's bed to push that radio button.
  • You gather things. Lately you like placing them on your chair or whatever station you have made yourself lately. This morning it was pens you had pulled out of the nightstand, lip balm, and, guitily, the video camera. One of your favorite places to place everything is in your rocker - and then try to figure out how to hold them and crawl into the chair at the same time. And try to rock back and forth, moving forward and back. Cracked me up the other morning when you were gathering in the bathroom. Daddy came and got you, you turned back around into the doorway, and deposited your treasures in the doorway.
  • Fits are still not that frequent, but you threw a booger in the car earlier coming home from Lowe's. Screaming full out until shaking all over, inconsolable. Pop wanted to know where sweet girl went.
  • Eating pretty good. Like to dip it. Started holding the sippy cup with one hand, way too busy to put down the food in the other hand if you can help it.
  • Doors will be closed if you are near.
  • Love playing in the car. Sometimes hard to get you to come out (willingly). Too busy playing with buttons and latches... all latches.
  • Love, love, love being outside. Have a little wasp issue currently. Would be perfectly happy to be left in the garage. Figuring out how to make your bike turn. Started pushing it out of the garage - not to be trusted any longer. You know what it means "hold on" and "put your feet up". Pop said you love the little red wagon and would hold on. Figuring it out!
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