Thursday, November 29, 2007

To H or not to H...

The Megan vs Meghan debate rages...
Not really because I just haven't brought it up with Greg cause I didn't figure he would give any more than me. So last night, I actually got him to doodle it a bit to see it on paper - the first time!
So any voters? It's a big decision... what if she runs for president some day and loses the votes from those of the anti-silent H coalition? What if she hates us for making her name difficult to spell? What if she wishes it were more interesting? Of course, the last name would probably be more of an issue than the first.
Man, I am lame! :) You all know I'm gonna win!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Belly!

Almost there (31 5/7).... and then Tobey's life will change dramatically poor thing!
Less than 2 months to go --- argh!

Family Shower

After Thanksgiving meal in OKC on Friday, we had the big family shower and got way too much stuff from Greg's family. Most of the big stuff we needed, lots of toys, and of course, more pink! And the men were all so excited about getting to be there. I got my oh so cute and not-so-subtley hinted at baby bag. Thanks, family! We're almost all set for the little one.
And don't I have the cutest little baby daddy ever? :) People will be lining up to see this kid! She is already a spoiled brat - so unlike the parents of course. Anyone else find it funny that my dad said Mom would be the one that spoiled her? Bah! :)

And then there's this entertainment. Granted I mocked playing with fake guitars but I admit it was maybe a little fun. Greg and Melinda rocked - second to my natural skills of course. Good way to distract from studying here :)

If there's anything cuter than a naked little kid, it's one in big boy PJs... even if it looks like he's learned at this early age that Aunt Bob is really annoying when she gets that camera out. You'll learn Nate! And he'll make such a good big cousin - likes the little kids and the babies already.

Brotherly Love

Greg and I went to WF for Thanksgiving day and had lunch with Mom's side of the familiy at my aunt's house. And of course, I have no pics cause I wasn't on the ball with that one. Good stuffing, Janell! :) Went about and saw my grandma and Aunt Paula afterwards so checked most off the list. Paul and Lacey came over for supper - with the puppy of course. Paul and me; Paul and Lacey (below)
My brother was super excited (note sarcasm) about being on my blog so here you go bubba! I do love you! :) And he's so excited about being an uncle too... I just know it.
And I got a really spoiled brat graduation gift so I can send videos to grandparents et al... Thanks Mom, Dad, Kent, Shelly, and Greggo

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deep Realizations...

Old pic for good times sake - Greg's grad school graduation. I guess that would be 2002?

Things I won't take for granted post-baby...

1) Rolling over in bed and knowing that all of your body will willingly follow without inducing ripping pain

2) Bending over at the coffee table, into the washing machine...

3) Daily poops!

4) Dangling your feet while sitting and not getting a swollen surprise when you stand up

5) Sleeping - just kidding... didn't do that well beforehand

6) Peeing and feeling your time was worth it - when it takes longer to sit down than pee... ug! Never occurred to me that when pregnant people pee all the time, they pee out soo much less each time (aka dribble, done!)

7) Appropriate anesthetic at the dentist - lidocaine with epi is not preggo approved

8) Easily getting in and out of the car; my quick trips days are over!

9) Laying on my back and belly without feeling I'm harming someone

10) Alone time with hubby!

Things I'll miss

1) Getting to wear fat pants daily - without feeling sloppy

2) Only being able to shop at several stores- sure makes the process easier

3) Excuses not to do things - "can't walk might fall and be alone", "can't ____, I'm pregnant" (Used this one for dancing :) ), "have to take a nap", "have zits cause I'm pregnant"

4) Getting dressed and no longer noticing size of hips cause too distracted by the belly

5) Not feeling self-conscious of the belly cause the fat has miraculously been replaced by this hard-as-a-rock bowling ball --- think the fat cells figured out how to migrate through my blood to my butt

6) Justifying milkshakes by saying you need the calcium

7) Sleep :)

8) Not fitting into clothes and feeling that it isn't your fault

9) People telling you how cute you are - and not thinking they're really telling you how horrible you look the rest of the time

10) Studying/sitting and seeing your whole belly shift out of the corner of you eyes and getting kicked when you try to use the belly as a book prop

Really I'm not whining... I've had it so easy. Good thing I don't believe in karma (or try not to). Otherwise, the next baby will have me puking my guts up for nine months and on bed rest for the rest of the time... I would recommend this to anyone. Really is tons of coolness. Like this bond with others moms now knowing we've all gone through it. And then sad when you realize all the cool stuff you think you're discovering has also been experienced by gazillions of women. 6th grade science project to the max!

In just a couple of days (the 25th) we'll be only 2 months from the official due date! Scary! Stresses me out thinking of all I need to do before then! I'm just a punk kid! ;)

Happy thankgiving to everyone! If you don't wanna be on the blog, don't let me take your pic :)

Crazy Week of Socializing!

So, for two people whose main pleasure in life is sitting at home not being seen by others, we had a crazy week last week...
Wednesday, Greg had a Rockets game with his dad.
Thursday we had already planned to go to the symphony - our first time for Houston - and saw a pianist (Greg pretends he didn't fall asleep... and blamed me for "making him go" to all the ladies at work).
Friday we just had to go with Sam (Greg's sis) who didn't want to go see RENT alone. Greg owed me after Avenue Q. I guiltily love the musical and hadn't seen in since my freshman year so thought it was about time. Sam liked it but knew she would; Greg said he wouldn't like it and was determined to prove himself, right. He wouldn't confess it if it was his new favorite. Definitely brought out a different type of audience - not the symphony going crowd... No more comments on that lest I offend :)
Then on Saturday I had signed Greg and I up to go volunteer at the Salvation Army - and whethere he admits it or not - we had fun! Sacked up gifts by age group for them to take to kids who otherwise wouldn't be getting any... If you're looking for something to drag someone to, it was a good opportunity! And we got to wear snazzy red aprons. Those of you from Greg's childhood would appreciate how that would remind them of his role as the candlemaker back in elementary :)
Then Saturday night, after bonding time with Shelly and Nate (who loves me sooo much :) ), we headed to the galleria area for one of my PA friends' weddings. My first Catholic experience - so fancy! We were underdressed! No telling what all the cute little old ladies in their beaded gowns and purses thought of my summer bag/purse. But we had fun so that's what's important! Congrats to Michelle! So cute... her new hubby said he was so excited to be married... How many guys would say that? Hopefully, they all feel it! :)
And as for us... drove to downtown like 5 nights in a row... Oh yeah, Sunday I was the backup Texans fan and went to the game with Greg... We are now ready to sit and look at the baby and not feel guilty about never leaving cause we did our tour of duty!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm so Vain!

So knowing me, you probably wouldn't think that right? Vanity is for people who care enough to put on makeup, dry their hair, wear real clothes, and actually look like the 26 year old they are. But alas, as I suffer through post-op day 2 of root canal completion, I'm still worried about the tooth. I thought it got over it initially when the dentist told me I wouldn't have a silver tooth unless I wanted one like downtown H-town people might. I didn't even need a crown so it's just like a deep filling. Original tooth in tact and all. But then it starts occuring to me that it might still turn gray? Anyone know the answer to this? I looked online and all they talk about are crowns and not what actually happens when they take out the nerves and leave the tooth.
How ridiculous is all this?!!!
Did I mention that several weeks ago I was actually sitting on the couch - pretty sure Greg saw and laughed - and I started crying about this stupid tooth and how I would forever look different. God help us all if anything traumatic actually happened! If I had to have a leg amputated or was burned in a fire or something - ya'll might just have to Kevorikian me right there... Although, I must admit the pregnancy attention hasn't been that horrible but people think pregnant people are cute - not "oh the poor burned woman"...
Sad story about my lack of people skills.... The woman behind me in the HEB the other day didn't have arms - looked like she was born that way. She was pushing the cart with her belly, putting her foot in the basket to take her stuff out. So here I am with a conundrum - you know the awkward line between where you don't want to treat them differently so don't stare but don't wanna be different so don't avert. Does she want help? Does she not want the attention and wants to be independent? I wanted to help but didn't know how... And then the woman behind me started helping her and then I felt about an inch tall! I admire the woman... granted she has never known differently but if I lost my arms say tomorrow or something I think I would become a total hermit and you would 1) not have my blog cause no fingers and 2) would be so embarassed I would never leave my house!
Anyways, back to the tooth, one of the lessons I learned on rotations (silly I know) was how important appearance isn't. All my Mexico and border travels - these people are happy! They may have two teeth in their mouth but they smile and laugh and show off those two teeth. They may be wearing holey, stained shirts, one of two outfits they actually own, but that doesn't keep them from being proud of those two shirts... They aren't so caught up in the "what will people think" mentality - cause in the end, it doesn't matter! One of the many lessons us snobby white people have so much to learn from our neighbors down south and just down the street...
Suzi Orman (groan away) was on Oprah and one of her spending principles was not to buy it if it isn't "honest" - so I've been trying to do that. If it is being bought for the sheer pleasure of impressing someone or trying to make them like you, you shouldn't buy it. Be honest with yourself and who you are - the others don't matter. We'll see how long that lasts when I want everyone to tell me how cute my little girl is! :)

PS: This is what happens when Bobbie is supposed to be learning about the liver today - procrastination! So I'll go ahead and study, pass that test, and become a PA... So people can tell me how brilliant I am and further boost my stupid ego... UG!
PPS: Does eating chocolate chips and not caring about my butt growth kinda negate any vanity or just promote my laziness instead?! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

29 weeks!

I really didn't think I was getting that big but obviously...
Good photo job to my little photog Kristin :)
We spent the wedding weekend at Kristin and Wade's house in Mesquite where we had bonus buddies - Amber and James! Never boring with James... or Amber :) Sadly, I've been such a neglectful roomie that it's been at least two years since I'd even been in the same town as Kristin :( . But I'm a reformed PA student who will have time for a life now - at least until January until the new little roomie arrives to make things a little more difficult.

They say repeat moms can tell about their baby's personality while preggo so I've been trying to see if I can tell anything. When I got home, I decided I think she's shy. She would move around like crazy (for mom) until the minute Amber or Kristin tried to feel and she just would lay there. And that she's a home-body - started moving more than all weekend on the drive home and once we got here... She's really doomed for this by her parents anyways :) And it's really comical because she does get more active when I eat but definitely more when I eat junk food - like McDonald's from last night... Greg says maybe she's just as ketchup crazed as I am and that's what makes her happy.

Wedding Weekend

Jeannie, Tien, Leah, Meghan, Isabel, Haley, moi, Christine, and Josh

This weekend we travelled to the DFW area for Haley's wedding (one of my PA buddies). So we got to see them off and get back together with some friends I hadn't seen since school was out a month ago. What a cute couple and nice to be able to say you know it'll work out and they'll be happy - I approve! :) We had a good time, and I can now officially say I've "danced" with my husband - it only took 9 years of a relationship.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Ha! you probably thought I took the big test...
But nope, just my glucose tolerance test at the OB :) I was a little worried - still waiting for something to go wrong - but not this one either! Especially since most of my life Mom has kept trying to diagnose me with diabetes. Bah!
Also started a root canal yesterday - all in all a fun day! But not too bad and get it finished next week. Any bets on how many milkshakes I treat myself to until then?
Speaking of that daunting test... pray for my study focus because it has left!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

(Second) Celebration

Greg's cousin Melinda and I decided we needed to throw ourselves a "we're done!" party - she finished physicial therapy school on the same day as my PA. We went to Gringo's and had Mexican food with the Houston Baggetts. Granted, we aren't completely finished as we both have certification tests and the whole scary job thing. But it counted dang it! Then Melinda left on a celebration cruise - like so many of my classmates travelling the world - and preggo here just gets to have a kid... ug! :)
Melinda and I - excited I promise! :)

"the kids" - cousins + spouses and kids

Nate was super-proud of Aunt Bob!