Thursday, November 29, 2007

To H or not to H...

The Megan vs Meghan debate rages...
Not really because I just haven't brought it up with Greg cause I didn't figure he would give any more than me. So last night, I actually got him to doodle it a bit to see it on paper - the first time!
So any voters? It's a big decision... what if she runs for president some day and loses the votes from those of the anti-silent H coalition? What if she hates us for making her name difficult to spell? What if she wishes it were more interesting? Of course, the last name would probably be more of an issue than the first.
Man, I am lame! :) You all know I'm gonna win!!!


Alli said...

I like the "H."


Then there are spellings:
Megen, Megyn, Meggan, Meggin, Meagan and Meaghan

Did you know it is Welsh for "pearl." Very cool! :)

You could name her Pearl!!!

Kristin (Harrell) Castillo said...

Dearest Bobbie,

Hi!! I have to say I lean a little towards Greg on this one... I think I prefer Megan over Meghan, but Meghan is very pretty.

HOWEVER - Cooper would be the CUTEST girl's name ever!!! :)

(-Kristin "Harrell" Castillo)

Anonymous said...

The "H" means that she'll never be able to find an off-the-shelf pencil with her name on it.

She'll curse you forever.

This is coming from a Janell(e).

Leah said...

Hmmmm, I think I like the H.