Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crazy Week of Socializing!

So, for two people whose main pleasure in life is sitting at home not being seen by others, we had a crazy week last week...
Wednesday, Greg had a Rockets game with his dad.
Thursday we had already planned to go to the symphony - our first time for Houston - and saw a pianist (Greg pretends he didn't fall asleep... and blamed me for "making him go" to all the ladies at work).
Friday we just had to go with Sam (Greg's sis) who didn't want to go see RENT alone. Greg owed me after Avenue Q. I guiltily love the musical and hadn't seen in since my freshman year so thought it was about time. Sam liked it but knew she would; Greg said he wouldn't like it and was determined to prove himself, right. He wouldn't confess it if it was his new favorite. Definitely brought out a different type of audience - not the symphony going crowd... No more comments on that lest I offend :)
Then on Saturday I had signed Greg and I up to go volunteer at the Salvation Army - and whethere he admits it or not - we had fun! Sacked up gifts by age group for them to take to kids who otherwise wouldn't be getting any... If you're looking for something to drag someone to, it was a good opportunity! And we got to wear snazzy red aprons. Those of you from Greg's childhood would appreciate how that would remind them of his role as the candlemaker back in elementary :)
Then Saturday night, after bonding time with Shelly and Nate (who loves me sooo much :) ), we headed to the galleria area for one of my PA friends' weddings. My first Catholic experience - so fancy! We were underdressed! No telling what all the cute little old ladies in their beaded gowns and purses thought of my summer bag/purse. But we had fun so that's what's important! Congrats to Michelle! So cute... her new hubby said he was so excited to be married... How many guys would say that? Hopefully, they all feel it! :)
And as for us... drove to downtown like 5 nights in a row... Oh yeah, Sunday I was the backup Texans fan and went to the game with Greg... We are now ready to sit and look at the baby and not feel guilty about never leaving cause we did our tour of duty!

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