Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oklahoma Thanksgiving

After going to WF for the day, we drove on up to OKC the next day to meet up with the whole Baggett clan. We managed to get to the grandparents house before everyone else so they got to spend quality time with the kids... This was the first meeting with Cooper.
Meghan talked about Nate and Aubrey the whole way up and was very excited to see them! Although they live not far away, we don't get to see them too often.
Great Great Aunt Peg... right?
Melinda's second meeting....
Four little monkeys jumping on the bench... While the adults stood by and enjoyed their squeals of laughter... Not wise!
Great Aunt Kathy and Coop
Coloring with the cousins
Lots of Baggetts!
Meg likes Tyler's neck skin... and remembered it from their last visit... Pretty funny if you ask us! Good thing Tyler seems to like her so much!
Baggett men - three generations... Pa, Uncle Mark, Jason, and Matt
Aunt Sam and Coop
Our first tragedy during intense play with the other kids... Tripping and falling onto the Barbie box and leaving a hole in this cute little head. It's really difficult to get a kid to hold ice to her head when she would rather eat it! Still talking about her booboo.
Cousin Katie soothing upset Aubrey... Good job!
Looking at the newest addition
Great Pa wouldn't put the kid down! Very persistent at soothing his fusses...

Aubrey hanging with her Daddy
Josh hanging out with Faith... and feigning interest in her baby and movie...
A good time was had by all. The nice thing about a busy weekend... the trip home involves a lot of sleeping!

House Building - In Rewind...

We are supposed to have the new house ready by the end of the year/New Year's. At this point really all we have left to do is pour the driveway, touch up painting, drop countertops, tile, and carpet... and landscaping. All pretty impressive considering they didn't start building it until October, huh?
Looking from the living room into the kitchen and the island. The cabinets are in but not the countertops. And looking back out into the living room, down the hall to the dining room and the front door.

Walking through with Mom and Dad...
Our awesomely huge back porch - the whole reason for the house! And note my bay window... a must have!

Greg and Meg checking out the pipe placement.

The mud.... still surrounding the house.
Won't be long! And we are accepting donations of any type of furniture :).... washer, dryer, fridge, sofas, tables, storage, storage, storage... kid bed...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

work in progress...

January addendum: life was crazy around this time. Trying to move, keeping up with the kids... Adjusting in general. I do remember this pic though... holding Bubba, poking and playing with his belly watching it spring back up...
taking off his socks and unable to put them on...
Then declaring yourself "done" and trying to move out from under him... and then Maggie the dog jumping on Bubbas face, unable to see him with the blindness... he's pretty tolerant all things considering. And how can you blame a blind dog?
This is what happens when Memma puts Meghan to bed. She is allowed to wear her dress-shoes with the pajamas. Note: these have never been worn for a real dressy purpose. Mostly we just like to play in them. They clack on the tile :) .

Oh the pouting. Coop's been sleeping in our bed way more than Meg ever did.
Is is mean to think how cute they are when pouting?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


So thanks for the patience... Monday (?) I tried to upload more pics from my camera to be met with a really slow computer so stopped... lest I max out my computer again. And no, Wade, still never transferred the videos over - intimidated perhaps. So you ask... why haven't you at least finished uploading the ones on your computer?
Late the week before or so?, Mom and Dad were met at our house by a fridge/freezer that was off. Managed to save some stuff and put it in the deep freeze. Slushy breast milk. Very frustrated. Saved the hard stuff but still not convinced I'm gonna use it. Decided that since I was off on Wednesday, we should go ahead and move to the apartment since the fridge there was reliable....
Started throwing stuff together, Greg takes loads over during the weekend. Tuesday afternoon I'm off for the month (mooching out this "maternity leave" stuff) so Mom and I pack up the kitchen. Wednesday we move and are in by noon... unpack the rest of the day. Eat one last sup with the parents and they are gone! Work on unpacking somemore Thursday afternoon until daycare calls to report that Meg is having diarrhea so I have to go get her. Granted, normal poop at home although bright red butt-ed.
Still frustrated with the freezer here... but decide it's good enough... Multiple work orders have been placed without response. Go by grocery store on Friday night cause Meg's out of milk. Note: by afternoon on Saturday, the child has drunk more than a 1/3 of a gallon... Sat night go for a full exploration trip to Krogers - pleasantly surprised. Multiple circles looking for frozen fruit to finally find the 5 or 6 options shoved next to the ice cream. HEB for that definitely...
Sat night and Sunday keep complaining about the freezer - sometimes colder than other times. Sun afternoon (after uneventful church trip...) finally had it with the freezer, throw afit pretty much, and demand that we go get the unplugged freezer from the old house (thank you greg for your patience)... guy finally comes while we are at small group --- new thermostat for the freezer.
So here we are. At least we got the internet up and running. Realized we have to get a new router - comcast provides for free it seems. And can we say... the comcast DVR setup stinks... I digress... If this is the least I have to complain about, I guess it will be okay...
But the breastmilk thing is very frustrating!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Church Festival

Going to the church fall festival was the afternoon's entertainment before the big "night o' fun".

And a good time to try out those costumes and candy getting skills.
Meghan: "Mommy picked out my candy for me and she's way not too fun... picked out stupid stuff like toys and smarties... give the the chocolate woman!"
Who knew that petting ponies would be part of the fun. 1/5/10 Note as when written: Man this feels like so long ago? Who is that little girl? Growing up WAAAYYY too fast!
I loved the "look at the cute little Texan-fairy-ballerina-girl" comments... It's okay to be eclectic and even better when you wear sunglasses. Obviously Aubrey had the same idea so it must be okay!
We saw a fire engine and lots of other kids. Next year will be old enough to play some games inside. And get there in time for free hot dogs!
Worn out!