Monday, July 27, 2009

An Earful :)

How's your ear, Lance? Need more help?
Maybe you just need to talk on the phone some more
Or play with puppies
Or remember my attack dog
Or this cute little face
Or climb some stairs you know you aren't supposed to climb
Or change some diapers - look PopPop. Pa knows how to change diapers :)
And here's your mouth
And a kiss!

Quack Quack Quack

Back to see the ducks at Nanny and Pa's.. Last time you went with Lance and Tracy (typical, Nanny didn't want to participate...) but this time we had to capture it on film!
No fear of the ducks... Need a little more actually. You are way too okay with putting your hand in the duck's mouth. Will be easier once you grasp the idea of throwing instead of dropping.
Got a little scared just a couple of times. And Mommy of course got most scared when Daddy decided to tempt the ducks to attack by letting Tobey attack them.

A pep talk if you will...
Maggie just ran around blindly of course. Had already fallen in the pool a couple of times at the house so probably didn't want to go in willingly.

If only you liked to swim, Buddy.
Supervisory role...
Stud muffin! aka... trouble maker who got beaten later...

Sweaty head - when you got back last time you brought Nanny your PJs and demanded a bath.. No wonder with this wet head. It was a little warm outside.
Would be really nice if we had a pig farm or cows to go visit as well cause it sure reinforces your animals... Ducks seem to be your favorite by far currently. At least the ones you see the most including rubber ones, toothbrush decoration, books.

First Day at the Beach

As ugly and unexciting Galveston beach is I now know why people go - because their kids enjoy it and aren't as picky as we are. And it's free. Sam got a last minute desire to go to Galveston, and Meghan had never stepped foot in the ocean - so why not now?
First several steps were hesitant but very excited very easily. Went into the waves with Daddy and kept saying "more more". Likes to stand in the shallow water and let the waves hit her. Sit in the water with Daddy and Mommy. Wave at the other little kids.
Beautiful backdrop :)

Nate's an old pro at this sand thing...
Aubrey was not a big fan of the water at first but warmed up... Of course, lathering in sunscreen can back anyone ticked. Or she was just picking up on her daddy's vibe of excitement.
Meghan had never been around sand as far as I know (unless it's another secret skill from daycare), but she acted like an old pro. Although other people's sand piles are always more appealing.
Sam and Tray
Covered in sand... no problem. Eating with dirt? No problem. I'll just pick it up off the sand like it's a table and eat it.
Aubrey eating a snack
This is to make all of you feel better about your bodies... Sam feel free to replace with another picture of me just to prove I was there...
Seems Daddy went swimming with the dolphins - everyone around him knew but him... just saw a lot of splashing.
Sam, Aubs, and the bump
The girls had fun - Meghan ran around high stepping it... this is similar to her high kick to get into a bathtub - think she might have gotten a little confused.

And no sunburns here! With this family that's amazing! And no, I didn't make my child's eye swell shut this time :)
PS: Amazing pictures right? ;) The first blog with the new camera - which I got in trouble for taking to the beach... probably not the brightest I know...

Friday, July 24, 2009

God Help Us....

I would invite all of you into my world... then we can hear you criticize trying to give healthcare to everyone.
Do you remember my patient who got his leg hacked off cause he was diabetic and had a bad toe? Stump left open to heal on its own? Yeah, never got him in to see ortho, and it's been healing on its own... surprisingly doing okay. People with insurance would have moved heaven and earth to do everything to save that toe for vanity's sake.
My patient named Juan who had an aortic aneurysm rupture so severely he was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down... gradually getting back better the sensation in his leg. Fixed the aneurysm in Houston due to emergency basis. Did I mention he still has one more than needs to be fixed but can't yet because he needs to heal for a year first? He can't get in to cardiology because his wife makes too much to support their family of 5 making 10.50$ an hour as a medical aide... owes a million dollars in hospital bills. We're pulling strings to try to get him seen... And oh yeah all you "he's illegal" assumers - he's a black man.
Ever had to face a patient who accused you of "never having bad teeth" because you could afford to go to the dentist. As they complained to you that when you don't have money they just pull them out.
My patient with pancreatic cancer who I got in to MD Anderson through emergency medicare.
My other patient with pancreatic cancer who died unable to get treatment.
All my patients with hepatitis C who can't get the treatment they need cause they have no money... so they end up back in the hospital repeatedly when they get critical. Their spouses who did nothing wrong but sleep with their husbands, have hep C, and now have to wait for their turn.
Go to the ER - you have a fractured bone, follow up at our clinic, "I need to go to ortho", "I'm sorry we have no where to send you"... have you ever had to heal on your own without proper casting?
Our patient at the clinic who had uterine prolapse so bad that her cervix hangs out of her at all times... can't afford a hysterectomy? You think about that one...
My patient who watched his best friend get shot down in front of him while he himself was gunned down requiring emergency surgery... one year later still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder that I have to congratulate him for being able to step foot into the grocery store or out onto his front porch. Our state resources won't see him because he's not severe enough.
How many times have I told people "If the pain gets worse, you need to go to the emergency room" --- "they won't see me... what else should I do?" --- shrug?
My patient today who is homeless - aka lost job - severe onset abdominal pain requiring surgery unable to follow up with the specialist cause she doesn't have money... I invite you all to a homeless shelter - you'll change your minds a lot quicker about what "homeless" really looks like. You ever tried to tell a patient she needs to be careful lifting after surgery when she replies she has to cart her belongings around between shelter and has no choice?
Or a patient who walks 25 blocks to your clinic from the Salvation Army after having external fixation pins placed in her arm after a fracture because she couldn't afford the pain medicine and needs you to write it for her? And have no where to go during the day until the SA reopens in the evening? You ever had pins sticking out of your arm and not had pain medicine? Ever not been able to afford the 5$ bottle of tylenol? Ever had to face your doctor, tell them you don't even have money for supper and ask them if you have the medicine at the clinic? Ever been discharged out of the hospital with pneumonia (or worse) and had to go several days without antibiotics because you couldn't afford them?
Ever got a piece of metal in your eye during work and not been able to afford to go to the opthamologist to get it out?
Did I tell you I almost got sucked into a vaginal exam on a 10 year old whose mom's boyfriend molested her? The world is an awesome place.

Granted, then there are some patients who are just lazy and fat... manage to get on disability and want to milk it... "unable to work".... manage to have money for stupid stuff - good thing all of us are wise with our spending habits and prioritize our health.
Kinda like do you not give money to the man begging just in case he's a faker or do you give him the benefit of the doubt just in case...

I can't fix this mess... don't know what can... but just ask you all to remember is that all it takes is one lost job, one medical emergency to make you bankrupt, one day without health insurance... and this could be you. Don't judge from your college educated, insured, employed, nice homes. Remember those who are too sick to work but "make too much money" to get their illness cured. Those whose homes are lying to the side of the causeway and now homeless because they didn't have insurance on their houseboat. Those who perhaps weren't educated enough to take their illness seriously, or "too busy", or "too depressed"... and now it's too late to fix it - so we spend the big bucks making them comfortable. Those who left their country to try to make a better life for themselves, are happy doing the cheap jobs we all depend on and won't do ourselves, don't qualify for insurance, get judged for "not knowing the language"... to sit back and suffer while all the lazy bums around them qualify for free crap? Or to have to apologize for your coworkers who don't treat them as well as English speaking patients, have no tolerance or patience for translating, and brush off their symptoms?

Did you hear they are taking health classes out of schools for financial reasons? Asked my patient yesterday how many times a week she had PE at school and she told me 3... good thing everyone is teaching their kids good health habits on their own. One of my coworkers had a 12 year old today with a BMI of 80. Look that up people - I'm obese at my BMI of 31. And good thing my patients get such good sex ed at home that some of them wait until they are 14 to start having sex.

All I'm saying is take a look around you. Stop taking what you have for granted. Be grateful but at the same time realize something has to change. At least some are willing to talk about it.
Good thing Jesus was just like us - rich, white, educated, hung out with all the cool kids, didn't hang out with any trouble makers, always in the right place at the right time... Oh, wait... I think he preached against those people, right? "Whatever you do for the LEAST of these..."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


28 today... This year just seems so much closer to 30. Never will be as old as Greg though. Although the further over 30 he gets, the older it makes me feel as well.
Next year I will be in a new house, the mother of two... That officially makes me old I think. And when your husband buys you new pillows for the bed, you have to accept that you are an adult. Either that or very boring. Especially when he gives it to you the day before intentionally so you don't think he forgot - that means he knows me way too well. Cookie cake is all I need. Not to forget the camera I already bought myself :) . Thus no pics lately - haven't had time to figure out how to upload yet. Not to mention worried about maxing out my laptop again. Time perhaps... motivation and energy - no.
A beautiful healthy baby girl, a great husband who seems to do most of the work... willingly... and so much more. What else can a kid, oh wait... ADULT... ask for? :)

Like the idea of the cookie more than the actual cookie itself...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Tonight, I was trying to read to you before going to bed. You said "night night"... promptly got out of my lap, gathered up your books, figured out to slide them through the bars of you crib (got all of them you had gotten out earlier of course), tried to push your blankie back through the bars, and then wanted to get in. I laid you down, explained to you why you couldn't have your milk even though you said "mine", and pulled the door shut.
Before that, you had colored in the shower and then found it fun to clean it off with the bathrag. Gonna keep you thinking it's fun.
Pulled out the potty seat insert and lifted your leg up to get in. Only to act afraid of the heights when given the opp to get up. Then insisted on putting in some toilet paper.
Got a balloon at Chik-Fil-A which Daddy kept from you in the car because you batted it into him. When he gave it back, you held on and wouldn't let it fly away again... only to get bored with it at home after playing for a little bit.Went rummaging in the drawers in the bathroom only to find a hotel bathroom rag still wrapped up - which you got out and used to clean off your parents. Daddy's head, Mommy's feet.
And yes, child, your daddy is in his boxers in every picture you will have as a child I'm pretty sure.