Saturday, June 27, 2009

Always the Crazy Times...

Three weeks ago...
Greg "I'm ready to move"
Bobbie "I thought we were past that..."
G "No, I just stopped talking about it cause it was freaking you out."

House cleared out, "staged", on the market, sign out front, and first walk through today.

Two days from now...
Finalize all the design center options on the new house which will be ready Decemberish...

And does anyone remember what happens in September?

But I sure do like my clean house and a husband who helps keep it so. Hopefully, he decides it's worth the effort not to have junk all over everywhere.

A Great Visit

The Great Baggett Grandparents came down to visit after their European cruise. Hope they didn't take it personally that Meg would rather have played with the empty water jugs than them. We're going through a stranger phase. Not to mention, she seems to be afraid of older people.
Pa finally wooed her outside - temporarily.

And we always like Pammy with all her fun jewelry and letter her drink out of the fancy glass... without her permission.
One of the stories :)

In an attempt to get Meghan to try to go to the grandparents, her silly mommy tried to get her to walk across the table to her daddy. Although once she realized she was still the center of attention, it was a lot more fun to stand in the middle and rotate in little circles to look at everyone. Thankfully, she seems to have forgotten about this and hasn't tried it again yet.
We just don't seem to get up to Oklahoma these days - heck of a drive! Doesn't mean we don't wish we were there with you guys, though!

Spoiled Brat...

Memma and Pop Pop stayed around several days after the cruise... as if their week with her wasn't enough. As they said, "We can handle one.... We aren't up for two..." Let's see how long that statement lasts.

Arms up!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo... How about you you you?

Memma and Pop kept Meghan while we were on our cruise and brought her down to us. We took the opportunity to go to the Houston Zoo - afterall, we've been working on our animals... well, noises anyways.
Meg's favorite part was the petting zoo. She didn't really linger very long at any of the goats. A quick rub and here I go. Regardless of the fact that she was several years younger than the other kids. And didn't really pay any attention to the off limits animals which were resting - just climbed under the rope while her parents weren't looking.
And Daddy made me think I'm supposed to sit on the animals!

We got quite a downpour at one point in our day which means fun time to have a snack and play a little in the water.
It's obvious who was on kid duty, right?
Ever the shy hesitant child who clings to Mommy and Daddy all the time...
The stroller was a good idea, but it sure makes seeing hard when I was to be up and looking.