Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Destin Beach

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pooling our Resources

One day on our Destin trip we went to the neighborhood pool. Typical of Coop, he fussed until he fell asleep... floating along. Not a big fan of the sun hat. Pretty cool little flot though.
Meg liked blowing on the noodle until remembering it wasn't ours... yuck! :)
The babies sure liked the pool better. Lexi seems to have been happier in the pool than Coop though.
And then there is Nanny's pool... Did I mention I've been in the pool more this summer than the last 5 or so summers?! Amazing what kids do to your pool participation.
These girls with their super cool float tubes are way too over confident of their skills. Pretty great, and we feel pretty safe with them wearing them... hate for them to forget their limitations though when they aren't wearing them :) Like to jump in! Should be pretty good practice for learning to swim though...

Uncle Lance-y always makes pool time interesting....
Pa and Aubs
Coop didn't have a hat... had the hardest time getting that sunscreen out of his hair! We've managed to go sunburnless for the most part all summer so that's success. A little rosy cheeks at the beach but that's it!

Then we finally got our keys to the neighborhood pool. Pretty kid oriented and fun for them. If only our kids parents would be more social and go talk to people. :) I figure our use won't be that often as there's no time during the week, and we're often at Nanny's pool anyways...
Cool little shallow area easy for Coop to participate.
But so tired...

Book Buddies

One of the main entertainments in Destin was reading time. All the adults (except your Daddy amazingly) had their books out, and there were always books all over the house from you girls reading to each other. I loved listening to Aubrey read "goodnight, moon"; you both deemed Alexander's horrible.... as "mickey mouse" because of the one page with a tiny Mickey in the bed. So glad you girls love to read!
Uncle Jared was a willing book reader... and Aunt Tracy and everyone!

One of the favorite things to do at Nanny's is to raid the book stash - but usually they all just get piled into the wagon and pulled around. The latest now is reading them. I watched you girls crawl into Nanny's bed, get under the covers, and then switch books when you were done.