Friday, August 22, 2008

Need a break!

Mommy had to tell someone she had HIV today and cried - although the patient didn't...
Then had the man who wanted me to tell him why he was weak... but didn't want to have his blood drawn. Because he was weak and needed it.
Then the lady who won't be compliant with her meds and insulin cause she didn't need it.

These patients are wearing me out!
Did ask my doc today if patients are better in private practice with money and education - he laughed and said no. Reminded me that docs don't even take care of themselves... while I ate a McFlurry to ease the pain of my morning. :)

Do people think they're going to live long if they keep living like they are? How many people would love to have the health you have currently while you throw yours away?

Did I mention I almost backed over children at the McD's getting that stupid McFlurry?

And the man (G) called and demanded a new phone... "We tried to call you to tell you we couldn't send you the battery... Did you call the dead phone?... Uh, yeah." Next week will be better! :) Weekend will be great!

More than half a year old! (Seven months)

Seven months seems so long... More than half a year! Still the sweetest happiest baby ever. Sometimes stranger anxiety - most part like everyone. Makes your parents happy though that you calm down so easily when you come back to us. You really do love us!
Sitting up like a big girl. All of a sudden last week, you figured out how to crawl and pull yourself up to sit when you want - contort your body to do so, but don't seem to mind. And now, you're a pro at sitting to play. And excited still to eat books sadly.
I love my Daddy! Smiling when she sees us. Reaching for us. And changing our mind - hold me Mommy, now Daddy, ummm back to Mommy. You stayed with us in church on Sunday to not contaminate the healthy little babies. Actually, you behaved pretty well other than the squirminess. And enjoyed the man behind you who kept making faces at you. Mommy and Daddy love to hold you in church so everyone gets to see how adorable you are - very distracting from the lesson, however.
Sweet sick little girl - our first ear infection. Bad cough and congestion... showers and baths to clear you out (which you really enjoyed)... water in the ear... inner and outer ear infection. Went to Mommy's work to get some medicine. Fun to have a cuddly calm baby when sick. Not fun to cough until you puke all over Mommy - several times in one late night feeding. Daddy got lucky. And we put on our Texans jersey (although you look like a little boy) as we mourned the beginning of football season.
Mommy sure misses you - was gone two nights this week and felt like didn't see you at all. Daddy doesn't have Mommy guilt... that's why it's called Mommy guilt, right? You didn't seem to hold it against me. Need to learn to allow for alone time. Hard to do, sweet girl!
How can you resisit a baby who now crawls up to you, into your lap, pulls on your shirt to sit up, and cuddles? Just this evening, this skill transitioned into the ability to pull up to standing at the couch to look at you. Still love those puppies. Tobey still sneaks into your room in the morning and tries to wake you up.
You are getting to be a pretty good eater. And when you are in the middle of eating and your Daddy stops paying attention, you grunt to get his attention. Although you grunt a lot and squeal a lot of the rest of the time. And sing back to us. Dadada came out tonight - although not really talking about Daddy. You were whispering it to me like it was a secret.
Sweet girl! You are interested in everything. Have started crawling all over the house, inspecting everything. You really like checking out the car seat from this new angle, crawling over to your puppies, and are really good at getting stuck - haven't figured out reverse yet.
This is the baby who was playing contently on the floor in the living room while Mommy and Daddy ate dinner at the coffee table. Next thing Mommy and Daddy know, there is a little head looking at them from down below... from the level of the shelf in the table. Got your self up on it...
Played there for a while...
Reached down to get toys to play with...
And then tossed yourself onto the floor... No crying with the thud!
Sleeping through the night for the most part! Yeah! Good luck though since 'tis the season for Daddy to yell at the TV... one of the seasons anyways!

Big Girl Bathing Beauty Booty

In the big girl tub these days since we are sitting up so well. And really enjoy the rubber ducky - which has become a chew toy. Love splashing! So dedicated to bathing... sooo tired but still having fun --- after rubbing our eyes of course!

Pam and Nina

Bday Bash Bashed

Even though the fun hot air balloon surprise didn't happen cause it was going to rain (which it didn't), we still had fun celebrating Daddy and getting together! Thirty isn't bad when it's a cause to get together, right?
We learned to lick beaters - and Mommy learned not to give to baby that which she will not be allowed to play with for awhile... I will throw a fit!

Pa finally got to play with Meghan! (Greg doesn't like to be told how much he looks like his dad :) )
Good ole Tray
Nate loves his cousin --- brings her toys and gives her hugs
Checkin each other out again
Uncle Jared with cousin Aubrey
Jared with all the cousins

Monday, August 11, 2008

6.5 Months

More than half a year! And what a half year! The best kind, baby girl! All smiles this one.
Daddy took these pictures. He said he threw her down on the blanket to do something, and when he came back, she had righted herself and was playing with toys. Doesn't she look proud? One of her favorite toys is her little piano - freaks Maggie out though it does. And balls... don't know how many times I have taken Maggie's (yes, the dog's) ball out her mouth. Eyes lit up and giggled first time we rolled her ball back and forth - until Tobey popped it of course. Gonna have to figure out the ball dilemma in this house.
My mom tells me we're in trouble. Meghan definitely likes to do things herself. In Colorado, she learned about water bottles. Now, anytime anything goes toward our mouths - cups, straws - she wants to be a big girl and do it herself. She gets soaked and looks up at you very proud of herself. Working on sippy cups (with plugs removed of course since we're not very patient) with each time we eat food. Oh yeah, she kinda said APPLE the other day. Daddy was feeding her and repeating it- she definitely said (tried) to repeat it. No doubt about our hearing with this one! And we like to sing along with Daddy sings songs. Constant barage of noise. And constant raspberries. Good way to entertain ourselves. Very good at entertaining herself for long amounts of time.
Good thing about Colorado is getting to wear all the warm clothing that we can't wear in Houston. Check out the cute thermals - pudgy babies mean buttons don't match and old man pudge sticks out.
We like to touch faces - very good at snatching off glasses in mere seconds, when you don't even realize she's near your face. Also, like to stand up. Reaching - new in last several weeks. Bouncing. Constant bouncing in our activity center. Good sign that we are happy!
Mobility - she spent a lot of time in Colorado wedged under the chair. Getting into places! Tonight actually just started moving arms and legs like she has this figured out. Watch out!
Sick and sleeping on Daddy. She first started getting snotty and coughing in Colorado - still with us. Dr Mommy got out her otoscope and diagnosed a outer ear infection just today - took her to my clinic and we're giving our first prescription. That's what happens when you put snotty babies in frequent warm showers (and baths Daddy)... water in ears = infection. Still manages to be a happy baby though, of course. Roles are already set - very cuddly and clingy with Mommy. But when Daddy comes along, we're okay and all we want to do is play!
Greg still swears she gives kisses. Actually said she leaned in, grabbed Maggie, and gave her a kiss yesterday. Loving the puppies. Tobey laid on her the other day trying to get to me and she thought it was hilarious.
First airplane ride to Colorado - did you know they actually have "with baby seats" - meaning you're in the very back. Fine with us. She did good for the most part. A little restless but can you blame her?
Mistake: letting the baby play with her food only encourages her to want to do so every time. Food getting better. Still messy. Carrots = naked. Only option. We've progressed to some little finger foods. Which, of course, end up getting stuck to our hands and clothes and not many go in the mouth. Working on coordination, though! Of course, now that we're coughing and snotty, the question is: is one of the foods we're eating making us have allergies?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Memma and Pop Love Big Girl!

As I'm sure you have all figured out, the daughter and son-in-law were not required in Colorado - it was really the baby who was desired.  You know your kid is talked about (and loved) too much when everyone in the park knows your baby's name before you introduce yourself.  Dad had Meghan out of the car before we were fully in park when we pulled up originally.

Meghan was introduced to Pop's steering wheel and truck bed... Trying to get her to become a truck girl I'm sure.  Nice hat, baby!
Creede for the day.  Memma insists on wearing the baby carrier... lots.
This is the first grandchild purchase - go Dad!  Meghan was very excited with her new toy - hours of entertainment.
Baby girl so tired in the back seat of the truck... Lots of "late" nights - crazy 8 PM nightowls.
Meeting and greeting at the fish fry - my parents are not social... but become so in Colorado for some reason... This is her "my first fishing hat" hat.  Dad (and Mom) would steal the kid and go for show and tell.  All their friends held her at sometime I'm sure - even if I wasn't around.
Such a tired little socialite.
Can't go without touching his big girl!
I guess you could say since I have so few cute baby pics of me with my grandparents, my personal mission is that Meghan has the opposite - although I do go a little overboard.  May you be this loved your whole life, sweet girl - and that everyone else gets your sweet love in return!  Don't become grumpy like your mommy!  :)