Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lots of Lovely Lights

 Living here for eight years (almost) and the first trip to go see the lights at the park in Dickinson.  Good new yearly tradition.  Next time, take a stroller! That skinny little baby makes one tired.

Pics from December 2012

The Baking Bandit

 Making cookies to take to our teachers and work friends.  And Mommy's first attempt at gingerbread men - will need some work before attempted again.. but so yummy!

 In order to protect from Coop's snotty nose and frequency with wiping it, he was given his selection of cookies to infect and keep for himself.  Kept trying to get at his nose even while wearing his mask.
 Baby was a good helper too... willing to chew on whatever themed object she is offered.  And yes, you know these cookies had LOTS of sprinkles! Our favorite part.

Cute Little Elf

 If there's anything cuter than a baby in footed pajamas, it's a happy baby in stripey footed pajamas!

Pictures from December 2012

Giving Thanks

Heading to WF for Thanksgiving, we left late after work Wednesday and drove into Wichita, getting stuck in traffic on the highway at 10 PM - who does road repair late the night before Thanksgiving?  We gathered together for lunch with Paul and Lacey and Nin.

Baby's first Thanksgiving; she hadn't been home in four months and had grown quite a bit.
Greg was slightly distracted by the Texans noon game on TV - he was a good sport though.

Saying hi to her great-grandmother.
Playing across the street at the park.  The weather was nice and the kids needed some running!  Good thing Daddy was ready to escape as well :) Helps when he's a kid himself.

Christmas crafts with Memma.
Kisses with sneaky Daddy
Thanksgiving rerun on Friday night with Aunt Harla, Hailey, Aunt Bobbie, and Uncle Lloyd
Always room to rerun desserts

Kisses for the spoiled little baby

Baby was working on her first teeth (bottom) over Thanksgiving so a slight fever wasn't to be worried about - until it was taken on Saturday and it was almost 104.  She gave good cuddles for a couple days at least - after several hours waiting at the walk in clinic to be told everything was a "virus" as expected.  Or just teething... and thankfully, no one got sick from her on Thanksgiving!
And then another rerun on Saturday night at Aunt Harla's house where we had some special visitors as well with Hal and Tracey's family.
Pop was very willing to help with sick baby cuddling.  We drove home a little early Sunday morning to avoid the traffic.  Quick trip but a trip home is always a good trip no matter how short!