Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Pumpkin Queen

 This year, we tried to carve a pumpkin again. In the past, it was Mommy's idea, the kids were interested for 5 minutes, and then Mommy had to keep carving until the project was completed.  This year, as typical, anything that happens at school is fact - so if they do it at school it's a good idea at home too.  They were better this year at helping.  Even though Coop still bailed at the end - both still thought it to be gross.

Yes, that is my child with a knife.
 And then there's Miss Katelynn; ready to just be super cute and oblivious.
 Complete with eyelashes ala Meghan and all things girly
Did I mention that this was the time of the year when Greg kept playing "Nightmare Before Christmas" over and over in the car.  The kids even tolerated the movie once - but Meghan's still singing songs. Good thing it carries over into the Christmas holiday season as well.

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