Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I try to treasure these little shoes scattered all over he house. The beloved "clackies".

This afternoon Daddy took Meg and Coop to the pediatricians office. Mommy got home to find supper waiting in the crock pot, Coop asleep upstairs, and Meghan playing outside in the front yard with Daddy.
I was immediately informed that Meg had a booboo on her leg from the shot and was quickly wisked "to potty" so I could see the "tiger" bandaid - aka dare devil. Then we had to go help make supper, help with the guacamole... Singing all the way through supper. Cooper fussing all the way through supper - for some reason very selective on the food willing to eat. Yuck to all meat foods; just the yogurt and the fruit. Milk poured all over the tray. Meg requesting help with her burrito falling apart...
Meg deciding her leg is really hurting her. When asked if ice cream would make her leg better (a promise she had already reminded her Daddy would make her leg feel better), she said she needed "cuddles". To the couch with the ice cream to cuddle with Momma. Of course, wanting to watch Little Mermaid - thankfully no :) ... Stubborn little child insisting on "helping" feed Momma ice cream - flicking some on the couch. Down to the last bite to be informed "all better now". But needng to "sleep on you" and have "more cuddles". Did we mention "Phineas and Ferb" came on and Meg declared it "Daddy's show"... as it should be for all 32 year olds on the Disney channel :)
Then to the bathtub, mostly to rid the skin of the bandaid Meg was crying about hurting (as she tried repetitively to pull of) needing instead to have a "pwincess" and "sleeping beauty" bandaid. Run the bath, Bubba bouncing while waiting, Meg wanting "more" water.... fussy. Coop 5 shots; Meg one. The one was whining. "Bubba two bandaids, I have one"... working on our math of course. Still talking about the bandaids. "God will make your booboo better..." "Jesus make it better?" - so proud that she puts Jesus and God together... didn't know we had made that connection yet.
Ready to get out of the bath but need to "lay back" to get our hair washed, wanting Mommy's head under her head for hair washing - guess it would be too deep otherwise? "Bubba first" - amazing how quickly we want to get out for bandaid but not if we could otherwise stay in for the excitement of pulling the stopper. But now we have realized we need ice for our booboo... Out of the tub... Two naked babies. Coop tryin to start running in a funny little teetering way. "Look at my big belly!" pushing out the Meg belly... off to the living room to show Daddy the big belly.
But then we need ice for the leg... and have to sit on the couch to hold it... until it falls on the floor and Tobey eats it... But now we have to get another one so Mommy "hold it... cause Tobey get it"... until it falls and all drama ensues to get it before Tobey... Until we have the convincingly cooler Little Mermaid bandaid (how do these "pwincess"es take over all little girls??). Did I mention all of this with a still naked Meghan? :)
All this time one mostly naked little one year old walking/tottering running around with his broom entertaining himself...
Until Meg noices that there is singing occurring on Glee on TV. Stopping and listening until we get to a song by Daddy's favorite band "You are the only only exception"... Daddy laying on the couch, Meg propped up sitting on the couch who has decided to start singing along with Daddy to this song she doesnt' know. "OOOO" howling with high pitches, singing "you are sunshine, you are my sunshine" - so adorable we are giggling at her.
Now off to bed - Meg of course requesting Mommy "carry her" until Daddy offers a horsy ride - as you two do up the stairs, holding on to Daddy's back while Mommy watches nervously, following shortly after Coop refuses to drink any further milk. To upstairs to find Meg and Daddy brushing Meg's teeth - her "mmmm" to her fake electric toothbrush, making sure to "turn it off" before putting it up; balancing precariously on the edge of the sink trying to spit out her "swish" - to be ignored and say "trying to spit" to Daddy, spit pouring out of her mouth :) . "White baby on the couch" - surprise! Mommy brought her upstairs...
Off to bed, skipping her books due to the hour but prayer time with Daddy; Mommy trying to put the fussy Cooper to rocking in the chair... Way to squirmy down to the floor, running around not at all tired. In comes Daddy to wach, decide to let him play a litle while - did take a late nap afterall... Find the pushy thing, hit it with one or two hands rapidly when passes it. Putting little toys he finds in the cabinet, slamming the door as much as possible, sometimes on Maggies head. Back to flip the rattle on the pushy thing. Oh there's Daddy, I'm gonna crawl on him just cause I can. Fall back again between his leg. Find the Rockets noise making toy; so proud when figuring out how to make the most noise. Go wave it all over and show Daddy. Puppies barking at the noise - amazingly Meg sleeping through this. Coops tries to prop up and sit on Daddy. Back to between his legs. Pulling the books out and trying to open them up. Mommy and Daddy just looking on lovingly at how adorable their little pudgy baby is, the onesie stretched way to tight, belly leading the way; little curls at the back of the neck. Sitting next to Daddy - if only Maggie would get out of the way - trying to operate the book; need to scoot coser, readjust, need to scoot closer, point to the book to show Daddy something. Daddy's trying to stand up! Hard to scoot closer... Bedtime Bubba... Time to cry himself to sleep.

And thus ends the routine... most nights aren't as fun as this and full of delighting at our children! We'll see how tonight goes. Meg won't stay in bed and sneaks in to sleep in the floor...

I've been thinking about all the scriptures about God delighting in use, us delighting in him... Does he just sit back and watch us and giggle at how cute we are? Deep....

Monday, September 20, 2010

One Year Old Cooper

Hi, Big Boy. And that you are! Everyone likes to pick on your belly, Bubba, but you are (were) right at the 75% percentile for both height and weight... so just cute!
You are our little walker. All over the place. Nothing holding you back! You have even figured our how to maneuver yourself out of being stuck... For awhile there, you had the ability to crawl onto the top step facing forward, not having yet figured out how to get down. Until Momma showed you one time and then, you could do it. Thankfully have yet to master climbing to step #2! And you love to be chased. And love to take off down the hall upstairs when we are trying to change you. Usually get distracted by the TV remotes though and stop :) .
You are such a good eater. Most things you cram right down. Preferring to feed yourself the most. Gotten into a habit of suddenly deciding you don't like something after eating half the jar. Tired of it. Otherwise distracted. Working on your finger foods - and you tend to show lots of excitement for them. You know what that Cheerios box and cheese bag look like. I try not to think of the finger food you are getting at school. Miss Mayra told me the other day "He really likes the cheesy crackers" - wanted to say "Well, yeah!" :) And then Memma introduced you to Cheetoes! You have really adjusted quite well to a sippy cup. Started with stealing Meghan's that she leaves everyone. You get excited about these as well. Still some bottles, but much better within just two weeks!
This is by far your favorite toy. The little broom your Momma rescued from the dumpster that fateful day. You carry it all over the house. Favorite new use - putting it in the clean Tupperware drawer to stir everything. Very proud of yourself tonight when you found you could prop it up on the dishwasher so it wouldn't fall down. If only that Sissy would quit trying to take it away from you!
You love to be outside. And make us very nervous as you toddle around on the concrete. But not very content to sit still either. Your poor little feet are so torn up, skin peeling off. We have tried to put shoes on you two times. Both times ended with screaming and crying until they were removed. Everything does go in your mouth so we do have to be careful.
You just now decided to love bathtime. Stand there bouncing up and down saying "ba ba" until you get to be put in. NOT doing so well at staying on your bottom. And now fussing when it's time to get out. You love cords. Mostly remotes - somehow all things little boys seem like they should like. Can't ever find the remotes because you have moved them somewhere. For awhile there, most of the phones in the house were hidden somewhere and dead - we couldn't find them. Also begun to be very good at throwing fits when the precious toys are taken away. Falling down on the floor in a ball and crying.
Making a mess with your sissy is something you like to do as well. Very good at playing just the two of you in Meghan's room. We moved the kitchen out into the family room so you two could play out there. Have we told you sometimes you tend to just feel completely overwhelmed. Collapse in a ball in the middle of the floor, head to the carpet, butt in the air. Have seen you do it several times too in strange environments when people are watching you. Shy kid #2! Sometimes you play shy too with people you even know.... for no reason. Maybe you know your Nanny thinks it's cute!
This day, I believe, Meghan saw you wearing your overalls and wanted to wear hers as well!
And watching Meghan when she is entertaining herself - hiding in the closet in this instance. And playing with the potty when she is doing her stuff. Germs everywhere.
The pappasan made for a pretty good play toy when the top was off. You are Meg would get in it and push it all over the floor.
You are everywhere we are. Getting in to way too much. Observing way too much. Have watched to see where the under the cabinet disposal switches are. How to open the cabinets. Somehow, you, little one year old, were managing to push around a full laundry basket. You like watching me load the washing machine. Playing with the blinds on the back door. Have figured out how to crawl out of our laps, off the sofa, and to the floor.
Falling asleep is getting easier. Most nights not you just lay down and go to sleep. If you do cry, it doesn't last very long. Some nights, you are just exhausted and fall asleep in the car because you have refused to take a nap at school. Thankfully, that doesn't happen very often.
Happy boy! You love to clap. "Ba" is one of your words. "Da" sometimes seems to be for Daddy but also your standard comment like "whatcha doin'?" Your very first distinctive word came at about 11 months with "eh-do" - holding everything up to your phone to talk. Doing it when someone else's phone rings. May be why you like the remotes so much too - you do it with them as well. You seem to like songs - I've caught you several times trying to sing along in the car. Would seem fitting as how much we sing in the car! Speaking of, you are sitting in the big boy front facing seat!

You do love your sissy! And she very proudly says "Not your Bubba. My Bubba".

You thought this was a fun trick one afternoon. That was stopped pretty quickly. Notice that Daddy has your Texans jersey on - in honor of the game, of course!
It sure is fun to change your diaper these days. Usually ends up with screaming and one of us changing you around - eventually giving in to put it on you while standing.
The end :) We love you so much little man. You are perfect, love everyone (unless being too shy), love that smile, your sissy, and we love how your eyes light up when you see us!

Cooper's First Bday

Cooper's first birthday fell on Labor Day, and we had a family party at our house. Can't believe you are already one, big boy!
Meghan helped decorate the cake and the sprinkles! Willing to take samples during the process. Saliva all over everything... but such a good helper.
Found a good place for the kids to hide out - watching Meghan's favorite super-prise! The distraction didn't last very long though.
Pop and Memma came down for the week to help celebrate. It had been since May when they had last seen this big boy!
Nanny and Pa, Sam, Jared, Aubrey, Alexis, Nathan, Pam, Uncle Barry, and Aunt Gaye rounded out the bunch.
The boys hung out on the back porch to cook hamburgers - and hide! Lots of hiders today :)

Daddy helped Cooper "open" his presents. Of course, the other kids were much more excited. The seemingly most favorite present - the cheapest little plastic ball! Any balls are much appreciate. Then again, you have to be willing to move past the Tupperware and household items to appreciate real kid toys.

Sprinkles - you have to have chocolate cake to smear all over baby faces.
Cooper was very willing to try to grab the cake... see the sequence...
and the grab...
And the frustration begins! Note the baby holding the matches.
Meghan was very willing to start a rousing round of Happy Birthday - in sharp contrast to the fear on her eyes when she was sung to last year. Lots of little helpers.


High five!
Bye bye, Memma!
Looking at Bubba's new book. Very busy Meghan. Very very messy Bubba headed for a bathtub.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Florida Fun