Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue Eyes

The official eye color seems to be blue and staying blue.  Two for three on this one.
And the drool... hopefully that doesn't stay :)

Taking a Break

Love this expression of unscripted cuddles! 


August in Houston means swimming before it gets too cool... and working on those jumps! Then again, my crazy in-laws seem to think swimsuits outside really has no weather limit - even if just headed to the spa. "See my big jump?"  That Cooper has to be watched as he takes off and jumps unsupervised.

 Baby hasn't been able to get in the pool yet - they don't even make swimsuits this small!

Meg working on swimming.  Still requires help getting motivated and not a little scared... getting better.  Far from keeping up with Nate though!
This Mommy is usually on baby duty - rare that we all get to be in the pool together.
Silly Nanny..

Working the mohawk at the pool

Pics from August 2012

Sister Smiles

 Meghan has decided that she is an old pro with this big sister thing.  She wants to hold the baby - although granted less than when she was "new - and wants to hold her facing her for better cuddles.  Have to be watched though because she also thinks she's so much bigger than her little sister flopping her all over the place to reposition her. Wants to pick up clothes, sing to her, keep her entertained..  such a good helper.  And already a short term baby sitter if I'm busy doing something!

From August 2012

Little Sister

 Coop has embraced his role of big brother. We sing about Katelynn, want to check on her in the morning and when away... love her so much.  This afternoon involved one little girl able now to entertain herself for a while playing next to big brother - yes, on his big sister's castle toy - keeping each other company. 
Both of them supervised by Maggie who is not hesitant to give attention to anyone.  Kisses for kids of all ages and any hand on the ground is fair game for rolling around to scratch her head.
 Sweet big brother likes to give pats and hugs and kisses...

 More hugs...

Miss Katelynn's Fourth

Four months and getting stronger.  Less floppy but still so far from sitting up.  Rolling over some.
Still so alert and happy most of the time.  Adjusting very well to school schedules with only three other kids in your class; a lot of time with fewer though.  You have your own crib at school, taking bottles well from Miss Mari and Miss Monica (MOH-nee-ca in Meghan's little Spanish).
The victim of all your daddy's entertainment urges...
Mostly sleeping at night with only two awakenings.  Some bad weeks when it seems like it's all night... still sleeping in our room in the playpen. Taking two naps during the day at school.

Some fussing but mostly at night... And when not having direct one on one attention.
No, you can't make me read Cat in the Hat!

Snotty eye, usually the right one. They looked at me crazy at school when I told them you weren't contagious, had to get a coworker to sign a note saying you just had snotty eye.  It's getting better but still a pirate some mornings when we wake you up.

Loving the cuddles.  More special now that I'm away from you all day.
My babies heads have always been so special to me... soft, cuddly, sweet smelling...