Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Video - 4 1/2 Wks

I've never tried this before... hopefully it will work. Not the most exciting video, but she does make a cute little noise (which is why it was selected) and some of those many faces. She was getting a little tired of us I think :) We're still trying to get her grinning but proving difficult. (Can you hear American Idol in the background? ;) Yea for John Lennon!) And the big white blob in the middle is Maggie trying to get in on the action...

Week 4ish

Baby girl Baggett officially turned a month old several days ago - seems like she's been a part of us forever and, at the same time, still such a new idea. She's holding up her head better and looking around, started making more faces, and sometimes we can get a smile! Some nights she is sleeping most of the time although Daddy still hasn't really mastered putting her down in the basinette at night; they sleep on the couch for a couple of hours at the beginning. Today we went to a movie actually (dollar movie just in case), and she just cuddled up on me the whole time and slept - probably won't be able to do that for much longer without fits huh? Greg's aunt Gaye seems to be a big fan of the little missy

Some belly time - on dirty carpet - ug!
Our first cute 2 piece outfit
My mom and I finally finished the quilt I was making - pretty cute I do say!
Last weekend we went to Greg's parents to see the siblings in town
Yea Tray - you really made the blog now! :)
Nanny, Nate, and cousin
The Baggett girlsHanging with Aunt Tracy

(First) Professional Photo Shoot

The (ex)roomie Kristin (and hubby and sidekick James) came and visited us... Here are some of Kristin's photos!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Pics with Memma and Pop!

The new grandparents are boring everyone they know with pics of the baby so here are some more! And note the cute little pink outfit - she outgrew it... sad cause she's so cute in it.
I hope I don't become one of those crazy people who keep everything for sentimental value - trying not to be! Thanks to Aunt Tracy for the cute little PJ-type outfit

My Third Week

I am getting better at sleeping and some nights Mommy gets to sleep in her bed, not the couch... and sometimes Daddy doesn't even have to get up. They are still trying to figure me out though. I like to hold up my head and look around, kick around when I'm on my back, and I LOVE to be held. Yesterday, I cried all afternoon and made Mommy sing and dance around to calm me down - I'm like my Daddy and love music -- I stop crying the minute they turn it on... if they know the words and sing to me... Daddy knows all the words to every song ever written, and Mommy doesn't know any! And I started making cute little noises the past couple of days - some might call it "coo-ing"... All I know is it's different than before! And I make little zerbert noises with my lips.
The big event of my weekend was my visitors - Kristin and Wade had to come to Houston for a grown-up thing and came to see me! My first of Mommy's roommates to get to come see me... And Aunt Kristin is photo obsessed and took hundreds of pictures. I really tried to be good, but I don't like to be left alone for too long! I'll have a whole CD of pics though for Mom to look through to see how cute I am. Kristin used me to convince Wade that babies were fun - or scary!
Aunt Kristin was a big help and never put me down if she could help it

Cute feet!
Taking a nap on Daddy
I sleep a lot! (at least until Mommy tries to lay down --
I woke up all three times she tried to take a nap yesterday afternoon hehehe)
My mommy refuses for me to avoid "boy colors" - so I look like a boy in this pic

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Going to the Doctor

So this little pudge bucket at less than 3 weeks old weighs 8 lb, 10 oz - way up from our start of 7 lb 2 oz... But all was on the 50% so we're practically perfect... of course!
Doesn't it look like she's posing? Goof!
Little ball
Memma thought today was the day to break in our little headband.. silly! My parents left this morning and we have no big plans other than hanging out at the house... Except Kristin and Wade are coming this weekend! Greg went to work on Monday and Tuesday and plans to go briefly tomorrow - our first day without helpers and work.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two Weeks Old

Our second week was a fussy week for some reason - hopefully the third week will be better. She still prefers to sleep at night on someone so we've taken to sleeping on the couch with her. Pretty much all the precautions I preach to people about preventing SIDS have gone out the window - when it's either sleep on the couch with her on her tummy (both no-nos) or don't sleep at all, it's obvious which wins.

Growing and getting pudgy!

These are actually from this afternoon with my mom
Only rarely do we capture her happy sans pacifier

Yea for sleeping in our crib - doesn't happen very often, especially without being swaddled

Sometimes we like our swing - thanks Aunt Bobbie - and we like watching the dangling stuff, impressive since she doesn't really watch anything else

Monday, February 4, 2008

First Week Home

Our first week went pretty smoothly. My parents were here (and coming back at the end of the week for a couple of days) and helped out - aka let me take a nap! We're definitely gradually getting better... not about her but about training us to figure out what we're doing... Some days and nights are better than others. She sleeps where she wants pretty much - bassinette sometimes, definitely likes sleeping ON someone best. Sometimes we like our paci, usually just bat it out of our mouth and wake ourselves up. Swing good sometimes, sometimes makes us cry!
Went to the pediatrician for our jaundice checkup and all was good- but we learned the joy of a carseat... She slept for like 2 hours straight even when carried around in the seat with screaming children nearby! Pop with his other little girl

The dogs really have behaved better than I expected - and no I don't let Maggie sit on my lap while I feed Meghan, but she jumped up there and Mom insisted I let her take our picture... They are very involved dogs however. Tobey at least... Maggie just cares about that stupid ball :)

Pretty girl!

Not the best picture but definitely shows how much we did not like our first bath at home - granted Mommy didn't have a clue.... Thus, we look like a tomato! Cute little tooshie!
Happier when Memma gave the bath :)

I am having to work on addressing the kid by her name so she might finally learn that she does have one... Usually its Floppy, Pretty girl, Bird (she makes these little faces and squeaks)...
This parenting thing is pretty cool if I do say so myself... :)

Daddy's Little Girl

Sorry it has taken so long! I've been fighting with the blog on uploading pics... Promise better!
These are from our first week home. Greg has been able to stay home with us and hopefully will be here for awhile - he brought home stuff from work and can log onto his system at work from home. So plenty of time to play daddy and cuddle and talk to and help mommy. He's been very good at getting up in the night when she's fussy and I'm exhausted. And more than willing to take work breaks when needed to let me nap or get things accomplished. Sunday morning before church I came in and found them cuddled on the bed with him serenading her to the radio songs - maybe she'll have the crazy family trait of knowing every lyric to every song ever written - Greg's definitely trying to get her started off early!

Greg really has been awesome, and it's been wonderful to watch them together... I truly feel blessed to have such a willing and involved husband... has made it so much easier...