Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Going to the Doctor

So this little pudge bucket at less than 3 weeks old weighs 8 lb, 10 oz - way up from our start of 7 lb 2 oz... But all was on the 50% so we're practically perfect... of course!
Doesn't it look like she's posing? Goof!
Little ball
Memma thought today was the day to break in our little headband.. silly! My parents left this morning and we have no big plans other than hanging out at the house... Except Kristin and Wade are coming this weekend! Greg went to work on Monday and Tuesday and plans to go briefly tomorrow - our first day without helpers and work.


Leah said...

She is SOOOOO beautiful!

The Cha-anator said...

Calling her "pudge bucket" cracked me up because it fits her so well!
Go with your creative self :)

This mommy thing seems to be working out for you! How cool is that?

hugs and stuff!

ML said...

She is beautiful! It looks like you are taking good care of Branson's girlfriend...maybe they'll get to meet one of these days! Happy parenting to you both! Merri Lynn