Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two Year Old for Sale

 So not kidding.  Anyone want a two year ten month old adorable little boy?  We thought the terrible twos were going to be passed over, but alas, just late in showing up.  But, man are they here!
 The attitudes started getting worse during the trip to Wichita when Daddy was gone.  Every nap time was a fight, dragging a little boy into the room and throwing on the bed, threats (often not completed on my part - bad, I know), screaming while running down the hall.  "NO" seems to be a regular vocabulary word.  If not no, it's grunting and throwing hands in the air.  Refusing to clean up.  Standing on his sisters feet for no reason other than being annoying.
 But yet, yelling "hug! hug!" in the middle of crying, seeking some comfort (or trying to get out of punishment?) and able to be calmed down best when just held and comforted.  Getting to the point when spanking, yelling (I mean, loudly unilaterally discussing) no longer gets through stubborn ears... where Mommy can only laugh in frustration and walk away.  Sneaking into Meghan's room in the middle of naptime and laying on her bed.  Leaving his room to lay right in front of his door in the middle of the night.  Finding him laying on the couch.  Crying "I wanna sit with you!!!" instead of wanting to go to bed early (for punishment).  Do you see these as cries for a misunderstood little boy who really has other issues going on? Do you punish when this might be the case?  Try to get to the heart of the matter?
 To no longer want to go potty.  Start screaming and flailing when you try to take off his pants.  For Miss Lulu to almost stop changing his diaper because he throws such a fit.  Being called from school that we need to come pick Cooper up because it took 3 ladies to hold him down to change his diaper, being held up front to try to calm down while the teacher has to be out of class, his refusing to talk to Mommy on the phone, running out the front door to be hauled back in... Getting in trouble every day at school.  All while we were doing so good and going potty all day at school - now this.  "I like wearing a diaper!" he says.
And then perfectly happy the rest of the time.  Despite the daily spankings after school and marching upstairs (usually hauled actually) to meet his punishment.  Yesterday we tried going wearing underwear all day - and he kept it dry and was perfectly happy... until nighttime when a pull up was put on.  Completely capable - but so unwilling... and so two! Sending off to school tomorrow w underwear per Miss LuLu's request. Wish us luck!
And did we mention: the day of underwear started out with big sister changing his poopy diaper and wiping him clean while they were playing early that morning upstairs while Mommy and Daddy slept.  What a team we have here! :)

Expressing Her Creativity

 Memma says we need to help limit these outfits.  Mommy and Daddy say - let her be an individual (within limits) and be glad she is willing to dress herself.  The pink-er and shiny-er the better.  Bows, glitter, swishy skirts, sparkly shoes, pants under skirts... it's all up for grabs!  You're a cute kid, Missy!

The Heart Inside

 Because of the murmur we'd been hearing since birth, Katelynn finally got in to see the pediatric cardiologist at 6 weeks old - a long time for a worry wart medical mommy to do just that.  I tried not to be completely annoying and listening to the murmur too often as it only made things worse.  My research said it was worse if it was systolic (it was) or loud (it was) or not closing (it didn't).  It didn't help when the pediatrician said to call the ER if she started having some breathing problems - that is a very vague problem and easily seen if looking for it - especially in those noisy newborns!
The cardiologist thought otherwise.  Baby was entertained by a giraffe throughout her first EKG and by nursing through an echo done in the office.  Of course, the tech wasn't allowed to admit to what she was seeing - but Mommy saw the blood going where it wasn't... and thankfully, thought she saw some scar tissue healing up the hole that wasn't supposed to be there.  Only to be reiterated by the cardiologist who affirmed the same thing.  She has an atrial septal defect - aka hole in the wall between the two upper heart chambers.  Already healing up.  No long term life consequences.  Should heal up on it's own.  And even if it doesn't, no problem in the long run.  Prayers answered - or still in the act of being answered. Thank you, God!

Big Sis

At two months, Meg and Coop love to see their baby when they get home from school... even better to see the pride in their faces when they get to have their baby pick them up from school and show her off to all their friends!

Backup - Two Months Katie

 Two months old and a pretty easy baby... waking up about two times at night, sleeping with Momma after the late shift about 430... sleeping until 7 or so while Daddy and the kids go to school.  And Daddy so excited to see you when he gets home.

 Becoming more awake all the time.  Showing us those little smiles that are getting more and more frequent, cooing and talking to us.  Loving to be talked back to.
 You still are kinda hairy kid... especially your back!
 Your three month clothes are still really big on you but outgrowing the newborn size.  The waist of you little pants are huge on you as your waist is so small.

 Still a pretty skinny little thing but some little pudge rolls developing on your elbows.  Your eyes have gotten lighter lately and seem to be sticking with the blue they are currently.
 Mohawk just like big sister used to have.  As it's thinning out a bit, seems to be more auburn than dark brown as it was at the beginning.  No longer looking like a little Mexican baby.. still so much different than Meg and Coop's blonde hair though.
 Little wrinkly feet... and still in the little frog-legged stage I love so!

 Sweet little hands.  Sweet little funny faces that change in your sleep.  Mommy and Daddy could sit and watch you make those faces for a long time.  Your little milk smile when you finish nursing... loving the innocence and watching you grow!