Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Monday, September 21, 2009

Sweet Girl

Cuddling with baby. When we put you in your bed at night, you lay on your belly and throw one arm over baby.

Swimming Fun

You know what it means to go swimming - I actually had to hide your swimsuit this morning because you wanted to put it on.
Pop showed you how to blow water out of the end of a foam noodle - you couldn't do it, but you loved when he did it to you!

Cracked me up lining up your crocs with Memma and Pop's sandals :)
Trying to relax with Daddy - those chairs made you nervous though as you could have fallen through.
Didn't last very long but had fun while it lasted!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My First Week and a Half

Mr. Cooper you are an easy baby- so far. You don't cry a lot unless there is a reason - pooping and eating pretty much. We are able to put you down in a chair for awhile and go off to accomplish things... when you are awake (which is still infrequent but getting to be more) you are okay just laying around looking at things.
We had to steal big sister's rocking chair for the living room to have for you. But like with sis, we tend to have most of our time on the couch. You make a funny noise which had everyone concerned - mostly when eating but also when just hanging out, sucking on your pacifier. It sounds like you can't breathe or you are suffocating. Mommy showed a video to the doctor last week, and she said you are normal. Said you are just a "squeaker" - I'd say you are also a groaner and an all together noisy kid. Not in a fussy way but just noisy. Daddy sleeps with you on the couch for the first part of the night cuddling you next to him on his arm; he knows that I have a hard time sleeping with you in the room because you are so noisy. Daddies, you will learn, have the ability to sleep through more noises than mommies. When your mommy gets up in the middle of the night with you, she has a hard time sleeping with you on the couch because you DO make so many noises.
Eating is a continuous process with you. The breastfeeding itself isn't the problem. The problem is your lack of focus. About half the time, maybe closer to a third, you keep with it. Rest of the time it's a continuous putting you back on process. Or you do it for like 10 minutes and fall asleep. And it is very hard to get you to wake up. So you just chill and continue sleeping for the next 20, 30, hour... and then want to eat again - for five minutes or so... At the same time, you can go like 4 hours or so without eating until I finally try to get you to eat, and you are so starving you won't wake up to eat. Mommy has yet to decide how long we can nurse - I eventually have to go back to work and not to excited about pumping...

You are quite a good cuddler! Of course that's really about all you do. Definitely easier to cuddle with anyone other than your momma - with her you just want to eat!

You are getting so much stronger and already seem much bigger. Your neck control is getting better!
Your big sister loves you and wants to cuddle with you all the time. Loves to kiss your head, fingers, toes - would lay on you and love on you all the time if she would be allowed. She can't really be trusted to leave you alone on the couch. Meghan likes to show you things a bit too earnestly, likes to take off her shoes in the car and give them to you as you sit next to her, to hand her books over you... not to mention the episode when Memma and Pop were here when you stepped on his head on the couch.
You did not like your first bath and, for the most part, don't like being naked including diaper changes with mean cold wipes. You quiet down the minute you have your clothes back on.

Your Daddy loves you! It's getting confusing around this house between Meg and Mags... our first inclination it to call you buddy - but that's Tobey's name... I'm trying to focus on Bubba instead. Granted it would be easiest to call you Cooper - but that just doesn't seem to be something we do with new babies very well. Meghan calls you baby - something came out tonight that sounded a little like brother - big step! Cooper will not happen for awhile with her I'm sure.
We swaddle you at night - too much arm flailing for your own good. During the day, for the most part, you just hang loose.
Wearing your OSU hat for gametime.

Bought a sling to carry you around, and you seem to tolerate it at least... manage to sleep through it for the most part. It works pretty well for taking you to eat - except when Mommy finds food on you later on :) Seems pretty cozy though!
You are such a perfect little man - not a blemish on you! And such a sweet little head of hair - always greasy cause too many hands like to play with it. Long little fingers and toes. Still not sure who you look like although Nanny says you look like your Daddy. These two weeks have flown by! We love you little man, sit around just looking at you and loving on you as much as we can. Beautiful little blessing...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

20 Months

Looking so innocent - this would also have been called your Probation. The morning Mommy and Daddy went home from the hospital you were kicked out of daycare for 3 days - within a span of 4 hours, you bit 3 kids. They had enough so you came home with us for the week. Several episodes at home with getting in trouble and getting bitten by Daddy - you seem to have gotten over this. And you got bitten pretty hard at daycare so that helped I'm sure. Now you talk about "bite" and go around kissing your booboos - even if there isn't one. And you like to have your booboos kissed as well. Always seems to work.
Playing with playdo - except you require help and want "balls" made... kept you occupied for quite awhile!
Eating a cupcake - thanks Melinda, Pam, and Gaye! Why won't you eat anything else? You turn up your nose as first response to almost anything - even if you've always loved it. Except for cheese, milk, and some fruit. And you prefer an adult fork - you took mine this evening and gave me back your plastic one. You've started actually asking for "hep" (sounds a lot like up - we can't differentiate them actually) with some of your food.
Your words are taking off like crazy! The latest is "where go" or "I don't know" with your little arm shrug... or "see it?". Pickups these days are Pop - you point at them and ask about Pop - which really means Memma and Pop... "Aipane"s are everywhere, and you get very excited when you see them flying until you can't see them - then it's "where go?". Car trips can get a little frustrating cause you always want to find them.
New fascination is "pocka" - you like to fill your pockets, point out other people's pockets, and put things in Daddy's pockets. You do get kinda distressed when you don't have pockets such as on your dresses.
Crakors are still your fascination...
Playing with Pop - it was a little hard on your grandparents as you are testing us so often these days - they want to help discipline and know our frustration! You don't come when you are told, runasi away when we want you to come, don't give us things when we tell you... not to mention throwing fits. I think you cried 4 or 5 times today. Able to turn those tears on very easily. Swats on your butt are getting more frequent - they are about to get harder so watch out! The terrible twos have set earlier than expected!

Love to be tickled, to be chased, to laugh - your latest is showing me your "armpit" for the sole purpose of getting it pocked and tickled.
Your latest fun game is crawling up into the office chair. Anytime you are missing you can be found there. You are always so busy - aka getting into anything and everything you can find! Daddy said this weekend he went in to get you after your nap in the big bed at Nanny's - you had managed to get off and on the bed witnessed by the fact that you had pulled a pair of Mommy's underwear on over your pants. Silly girl!
You want to see the baby, help with the baby, touch the baby, find his body parts, bring me the paci and the blankie, watch diaper changes...
You love dressing yourself - you picked out this outfit. Granted, you still prefer to be naked in the true Baggett fashion. The other day Memma let you put your dress shoes on with your shorts, and you wore them all day. Still love your shoes and would put on fancy shoes every night before going to bed if allowed. Memma also taught you about baby powder, and you now want it rubbed on your belly at diaper time. Your hair is long and drives you crazy - you brush it out of your face a lot. Don't really know what to do about it, but sometimes you are still enough to put it into pigtails and look super cute!
Working on our colors - Mommy got tired of the fun little game of putting the "crakors" back in the broken box so now we have a bag to practice zipping. Gotten better at coloring and focus in on the different items to color in a picture. Amazes me how you can interpret the little drawings to what they actually are even when looking pretty abstract - how did that swirl mean flower? The broken crayons - of which there are several since you dump them on the floor and step on them - really stress you out; you point them out everytime you see them saying something similar to "broke".
We love you baby and are trying ot be tolerant as you make all these adjustments. You seem to be taking it pretty well - really hard to explain to you why Mommy can't hold you cause she's feeding the baby, rock you cause she's rocking the baby... all which breaks your Mommy's heart! But it makes it a lot better knowing how much you love your baby brother! A very devoted big sister...