Sunday, September 30, 2012

Katie's Trip to WF

Aunt Harla and Hailey come over several times as well.  Meghan brought back with her accents for her toys when they speak - a skill picked up from big cousin Hailey.  Too cute.

 Missy had to go see Pop before Mommy went back to work... so off we went with Memma after she flew in to drive with us.  Katelynn took right to Aunt Bobbie - at least she loved to fall asleep on her the minute she held her! And seeing as how Cooper and Meghan love to see everyone too  - they picked right back up with puzzles - their favorite entertainment with Aunt Bobbie.  Cooper received a new Winnie the Pooh puzzle which meant that he got to learn Tigger's song while riding on Aunt Bobbie's knee: "The wonderful thing about tiggers... is tiggers are wonderful things" - "Again?" he would say over and over again... the two of them giggling the whole time.

 And why would Pop complain about his back hurting?

Uncle Paul and Aunt Lacey had to come meet the newest little one... I must admit, all these names is hard for my kids so someone should change I think.  Pa, Pop, Paul, Great Pa...
 For some reason, Meghan and Cooper's mommy thought it would be a good idea to buy them some Silly Putty.  Yes, they had fun transferring over the newspaper print. But ever creative Lacey should never have let Meghan know that she is such - Lacey made probably twenty different tiny little creatures for Meghan out of that putty. And Meghan took advantage of her willingness definitely!
 Pop's many projects of mowing - this time with his helpers.

 Going to the farm to feed the birds and chickens... see some doves... ride the golf cart...

Ready to go to church... and send Pop and Memma off to Colorado for several months.  They got their "fix" for a little bit.
 We all went to visit Nin at her new assisted living home, saw the bunnies... and at the cookies!  Then she came over to eat supper with us, held the baby, and got way too much cuddling from ever-so-shy Meghan who rolled all over Nin.

Three Months of Happy Baby!

Turning 30... Again

 Mom drove down to spend some time with us before traveling back with me home for time there as well. 

 One of mom's jobs during our time together was to get little missy going on a bottle. Time was running out.. and it usually involved screaming and refusing to take it.

 Just happened to coincide with my gigantic-loud-adventure filled birthday party.  Read: mom and the kids made me a cake! :)

 And this cutest little birthday present was all anyone would need! Working on the mohawk!

My Little Artist

These were too cute not to commemorate. A princess and mermaid of course :)