Sunday, January 29, 2012

Santa, Scooters, and Smiles

Sleigh Ride and Lights

New to the Christmas festivities was a horse drawn carriage ride to look at the Christmas lights. A bit cold but we stayed warm with our new winter coats, blankets, and cuddling. The kids got to pet the horses and look at all the "ites!".
Aunt Harla, Hailey, Tanner, Drew, and Uncle Lloyd helped Meghan sing her way through the neighborhood with her Christmas songs.

After the ride and hot chocolate, we walked across the street to the annual festival of lights to look at the displays which had been a part of tradition since Memma's childhood. Cinderella, Santa, Peter Pan, ice skaters, and other characters with the background of all the music.

Sunday Morning with Santa

Santa is a family tradition - as in this is now the third generation in front of Santa. Some pictures with snow but most of the time just a little cold in Wichita.
Bribery with candy takes pretty good pictures!
Sweet kiddos

Christmas at Home