Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Blossoming Star

"Red and green are Christmas colors, Christmas colors, Christmas colors,
Red and green are Christmas colors, Pretty Christmas colors" - sung to Mary Had a Little Lamb.
We heard this sung for about a month and to anyone and everyone who would listen. Meghan did have a big performance coming up at school.
What Christmas play would be complete without a bunny to help decorate the Christmas tree with a special star? They practiced at school for at least a month to have the final performance the week before Christmas break.
Nanny and Daddy were in charge of supporting the little one. "My Nanny is here!" was yelled by Meghan when she saw her special visitors. All the little kids were introduced including Cooper 0 which is good since his daddy didn't even see him up there until this. We were worried about some stage fright when performing in front of all the grown ups, but according to Greg, they all did wonderfully.

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