Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'll Be Home for Easter

Easter brought a three day weekend and, when you take off an extra day, you end up at home for a four day weekend - sadly, the first visit home since Christmas.
Pian-do - this time Bubba was big enough to play along. And, yes, we took our princess dress, of course.
Be-ies? Loving our fruits. God way to keep occupied while doing projects with Memma...
And this time was making an Easter cake.

Cuddles with Pop - although they are both called Memma still...
Big into all things girl including finger nail polish.

Busy, busy. We don't need toys. Just let me go!

The big project of the weekend (the one with all the hype at least) was egg dye-ing. Which it seems Meghan had already done once without much excitement. This time was going to be different. Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Lloyd were ready to help and ready to go. It was everyone's first time in a long time so there was a learning curve.
And my learning curve is not to wear real clothes, esp not white ones. I had blue dye running down my shirts and the same pant leg. Someone was very eager about the egg dyeing and grabbing out cups and dropping back in cups.

Meg pretty much took off on her own like an old pro.

Loving the purple little hands we came home with.

Off for the egg gathering...

And trampoline-ing...

And a LOT of gator riding. And when not in motion, Coop was up in it ready to go.
Uncle Paul!
The boys decided to go for a game of football - Drew is the starring qback on his school team after all. I can honestly say that in my years of this family, I have never seen an impromptu football game with these guys before. I figured Dad went into it begrudglingly, but he said later it was the most fun he had had in a long time. The picture below was of my father, yes the one and only, rolling on the ground.

Aunt Lacey took the kids for a walk around the farm.
Paul and Lacey - they do love to show up on the blog!
Cousins Tanner and Drew were over... and CAREFULLY took the kids for a ride. Tanner was a little fast... but Meg was in love with her cousins.
I love this picture! Great Aunt Bobbie and Miss Meghan
Oh, and the new little kitties that they got to play with.
Family picture after church. Coop in his garage-sale-find snazzy sweater from garage sale-ing with Mom and Dad Saturday morning. Seems to be their weekly routine.

Sunday Easter lunch with Nin.

We could pretend Coop was sad about having to leave, but in reality, he just really doesn't like to be held down! We do love to be at home, but, unfortunately, it doesn't happen often enough.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Family

My sweet babies. Meghan in her dress she insisted on wearing three Sundays in a row. How to get these kids cooperating at the same time is beyond me. Meghan declared "I don't want to take pictures" = bad timing, Mom.