Monday, April 18, 2011

Austin Girls' Weekend

The now biannual get-together for my college roomies (plus Melissa) was this weekend in Austin - sans children. Sort-of. This time as (mostly) thirty year olds.
We stayed in a suite-type hotel, shared beds and stories, went everywhere together, and had lots of time to catch up.
And ate. Lots of eating. Friday night we went to Pappasitos. Saturday morning we pigged out at the hotel and then drove downtown for some shopping. And more eating.
For lunch we ended up eating the best hamburger and french fries ever! Oh so Austin with our fresh ground free range beef and local drinks and cheeses.... Delish! Did I mention the french fries?!

And then drove elsewhere after brief shopping for Amy's Ice Cream and more shopping.
Amber above. JoDee and me below.
Kristin and Melissa
Then we did more shopping, all got new dresses, and drove to Lake Travis to eat supper at the Oasis - where you are supposed to watch the sunset. That is, if you don't spend too much time shopping and get there in time for the sunset. Still pretty cool though.

And then we went to bed, got up and pigged out again, and then had a photo shoot. We usually have Wade to take pictures... so the tripod had to make due! Silly girls for thirty years old. Well, that is, all but me - cause I'm still in my twenties! :) Did I mention we went to eat after this... again?

I love you ladies! We live apart, but you're always with me!!! :) Sap - ug!


Anonymous said...

I loved your new dress..sort of pinkish color!!! Looks like you guys had a blast! Shelly

Anonymous said...

Your hotel sign is shaped like a penis. Just sayin!

Kara said...

Just saw this post, Bob! Such cute pictures!! I had a blast and yes...probably gained 10 pounds. Love you too! (Oh..and that was NOT our hotel...just sayin!)