Monday, April 18, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

After church Sunday, we drove out into the country for some strawberry picking - our first picking adventure.
You have to pay for whatever you pick so you want to get the best - hard to explain to children who smoosh them to pull them off and aren't too selective about pulling. Cooper caught on very quickly and was very proud of his handfuls of berries... which stained the front of the shirt.
Amazingly, no one popped these right in their mouths.

These five pounds of strawberries sure didn't last very long. And you kids loved every bite! We do love our strawberries.
I love the picture of you marching while following Daddy. :)
Then we went inside the store to get the rest of the veggies - which Meg was very willing to help pick out. However, promises to eat them were short lived.

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