Saturday, January 31, 2009

My First Birthday Party

Mommy and Daddy threw me a birthday party and invited some of my favorite people! Memma and Pop even came all the way to spend the week with me - although Mommy didn't hardly taken any pictures of all our fun time together. Daddy was in charge of putting on my birthday outfit - that's why I'm looking so sophisticated in my dress.
Nanny and Pa and Tracy and Sam and Jared and Nate and Aubrey all came over too!
And everyone ignored what Mommy said about having too many toys - because now I have even more. And they are always all over the house. Mommy and Daddy bought the biggest one - and then Pa helped me put it together (check it out later on when Mommy posts those pictures).
Cousin Aubrey had on her party headband just for my party! And Nate helped me open some. They both had lots of fun with my toys - the ones I already had. This house was a lot funner this time than the last time Nate was over - I was brand new kid then and didn't have any toys.
Cute PJs just for me - if only I didn't scream during wardrobe changes. Don't hold me down, people!
More electronic toys - I sure like pushing buttons when music comes out. I just sit and dance - except for this toy. I don't have it figured out yet...
Daddy is so silly!

Nanny got me this fun wooden train with blocks to stack - I'm already really good at putting them on the sticky up sticks.
We had cupcakes - I sure do love chocolate. It was kinda weird though - just between us - cause one minute we were eating a leisurely supper of sandwiches, I rubbed my eyes and got the slightest big sleepy, and then all of a sudden, they were throwing gifts at me.... Like they were worried I was fixing to get grumpy.
Then they put me in a highchair and all start singing at me - which I thought was pretty cool. I just looked around confused. All of this with fire in front of me - I didn't try to play with it though. Then Mommy blew her spit at me, and the fire was gone. But then I got to eat chocolate - and all else was forgotten. Not such a fan of the cake part - but sure did like to lick off the icing.

And then most embarrassing of all, they stripped me down naked... in front of everyone! Heck of a way to end your first big shindig - topless! But that's okay I guess since I stayed happier for even longer. Then I had a fun bath with all my new bath toys - if I could only keep them away from Maggie. Ug!
Thanks for coming to my big day and for all my toys! I need pictures of us, Memma!

Friday, January 23, 2009

First Park Fun

During our (seemingly) short-lived house hunt, we drove up a bit north to look at another model home. We stopped and had a picnic at a nearby park. Let's just say that she humored us. This wild child really didn't find that slide the most exciting thing ever. Of course, like every other child, she wanted to try to climb up the slide.
Note the trees! I want trees!

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Look at how you've grown! Thank you for giving us both the best year of our life!
We love you more than you can imagine!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year's Eve 2008

Sadly, I didn't get the memo that we were supposed to dress up for the big night until in the car on the way to the house.... dang! You know I wanted to try to squeeze into a dress from high school. And yes that is my sister in law status post two children in her dress from prom. It would have been a good opp for Meghan to wear one of her dressy dresses.
What a nice apron fancy Tray!
Finger foods are the tradition. Really the whole reason we go over - but don't tell Shelly.
Pa watched the fireworks with Meghan while Mommy finally got in the hot tub with the others. Fun to spa away with the new fancy tropical setting while watching all those illegal fireworks.