Sunday, September 28, 2008

Taggie Blankie
Made this. Had wanted to make something based on my child's endless fascination not with cloth books - but the tags on them. They have "taggies" brand stuff - all looks cheap junk to me. So did this in a couple of hours last night. Just knew she would love it. Got bright colors - really likes red - and lots of ribbons.
She had lots of fun playing in all the ribbons last night. Today? Didn't want nothing to do with that thing I kept offering her. Maybe with time? At least it gave me something to do... And, heck, I made something out of nothing... and there isn't another one like it in the world! :)
PS: That double negative was for you Mom. Hopefully, my child will not be like I - ha... me :)

8 Months Already

Eight months already.... seems so old. Not too long you'll be one!
You've crawled in the base of your bouncy several times now. Not as fascinated with sitting in it these days since you'd rather be crawling all over, but you will tolerate it and sometimes enjoy it. Daddy tried bumping it up to the highest level the other day. You were not happy with your little legs swinging about aimlessly.New baby gate purchase - left it at Nanny's after the hurricane and have been missing it. You are all over everywhere. The new noise of the week is gla gla gla. For awhile there, you were moving on to new noises and forgetting about the old ones. Getting better at incorporating. Mama, dada, baba... lalala... still not really directed to anything. You mimick our rhythm and intonation sometimes. The other day I said "pu-ppy dog"... came out same rhythm and pauses. Watching our mouths when we talk. Definitely taking it all in. And getting more tolerant with singing songs and moving our hands. Very talkative all the time. Talk to yourself a lot.
And of course love being naked as much as possible.
You find your car seat fascinating. Like to sit and play with the buckles. Crawl all over it. Tip it over and fall out the other side. They said at daycare you are going to love rollercoasters. There's some toy that all the other children hate that you love.
Standing up at the table quite a bit. Has made eating supper difficult. Just this afternoon, someone pulled a cup of red koolaid down to pour it all over the floor. Carpet of course.
And the puppies and you continue to work on the friendship. Maggie has figured out that if she brings you the ball, you end up chewing on it, then Mommy and Daddy throw it away to get it away from you, she goes and gets it... and the cycle begins again. Several nights this week you woke back up a little after falling asleep. Content to sit up and play with the puppies, pull up on the puppies, and watch them run around for a long time. Fun when you grab onto them and they move... And you fall on your toosh.
For some reason, you love crawling on this beanbag. Your snot marks are all over the side to prove it. The day you manage to get up into it will be a big one for you.. sliding off it, rolling around on it. You've gotten into the habit of gnawing on your thumb in the side of your mouth. Not so much sucking but chewing. And like to bite clothes, your arm... not really selective. Still no instances at daycare, but I'm awaiting the day...
Who? Me?

Banging spoons on the table.. and toys... Like to make noise!
Eating pretty much everything. Lots of samples of big kid food. Pincher grip is getting better and like to feed ourselves. Very frustrating when can't pick it up! And love the sippy cup with water. Still doing bottles with all our milk - need to make the switch slowly I guess. Eating three meals a day. Still insist on making funny faces the first couple of bites regardless of how much you like it.
Funny story just now. Daddy tried feeding you carrots in your highchair. You pushed your body back against the back of the chair, sealed your mouth shut, and just look at us. Don't know what that was about. We laughed and eventually you grinned up at us. Then tried eating. Silly girl.
This is your ultimate favorite. Chewing on the coffee table or the laptop on the coffee table - and everything else in between. Cords. Really like cords. And you understand no and know your name. Sometimes you obey, but you definitely try us out first.
When allowed to entertain yourself in the kitchen, you like to pull out the plastic cartons of baby food out of the box all over the floor. Also, really good at playing with Tupperware and banging things. Recently found the doggies' water bowl. Oops!

Standing is becoming a regular occurrence. Just today you started letting go and standing up on your own (without holding on to anything) for a couple of seconds. You anticipate the fall and go down slowly. Able to walk along the length of the coffee table several times sideways. Your grip on us when you stand up is definitely loosening up. Crawling everywhere... quickly. If Mommy or Daddy leaves the room, you try to go find them. Unless we get distracted playing with something else beforehand that is. Like the shoes in the closet.
Stayed with us in church today. I think Mommy just needs to be reminded (it seems) every couple of Sundays why it's better for you to be in the nursery. You aren't fussy, but you make noises. I almost feel guilty for the people behind us. I know you're cute and know that they can't focus with you sitting there grinning and playing with them. Church was almost over today, and you just squealed for no reason. Loudly.
Sleeping through the night most of the time. If you do wake up, you can put yourself back to sleep most of the time. Wake up happy with good rest and just sit in there and play with your teddy. Daddy says he caught you hugging him in your sleep the other day.
Snotty nose - started on baby Zyrtec. Don't like taking medicine - like to spew it out at all of us through your lips. And nose drops - no chance.
There are toys all over this house! We have yet to find a organization something to put them in in the living room. Kinda looks like a nursery / vets office. Puppies still don't play with your toys... you, however...
Ticklish - getting more and more so. Daddy tickles your back and you just arch it and squeal! Your neck, your belly, your chin. Nice way to entertain you.
This is what happens when a poopy naked child gets left alone. For some reason, you really like to play with the wipes. Pull them out and eat them. Have yet to figure out how you actually ge

It is a rarity, but sometimes she calms down enough to enjoy a book without eating it. Today, she actually sat there and looked and touched... Granted she was sleepy but still something. I had given up. Hopefully, this is the new way of reading?

We love you so much baby! Happiest baby ever - and most wonderful thing to ever happen to us. Each day brings a new skill you've acquired. You constantly try to outsmart the situation and find your way around the obstacle to get what you want. That would be stubbornness perhaps as well. But we can't fault you for that can we.

Swingin' Good Time

Good Helpers!

Nate and Meghan helped Nanny and Mommy cook during evacuation.
Nate really likes helping unless it means his hands get icky - aren't little kids supposed to like that? Note the sugar pouring method :)

Nate and that t-shirt
Crawling all over each other
Little Aubrey - those blue Baggett eyes

Ike Pics

Seemed wrong to be admiring the sky while others prepared for the worst, but you just gotta appreciate beauty regardless the circumstance, right? The wind was starting to pick up. The neighborhood boys were out wind surfing. And those crazy Baggetts were getting their first share of the winds.
Go away hurricane!
House standing perfect...
Looking outside

A long night of watching the news and listening to the wind
Cleaning up branches at the Branches
Pa and Aubrey
Pam and Aubrey

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My confession...

I found this on my former preacher's blog... something for you Church of Christ people to think about... The article is directly in line with what I've felt for so long.

Going to Tennessee my junior year for spring break campaign - we worshiped with and worked along side... gulp... other church groups. How dare the few churches (different denominations) unite together in the community to reach the others. Why didn't we spend our time converting those sinners (aka Methodists) instead of trying to reach those who didn't have any relationship with God or church connections. How dare we be prayed over (yes, hands were raised to us - gulp!) by crazy pentecostals. We were better just to do it on our own, right? How dare different churches missionaries unite together in Africa to teach the devil worshippers... They should be converting each other first, right?
The secret scandal has weighed on my heart for too long. And I know that it will not be received by some of you very well. But I feel like a liar every time I think about it so I'm coming clean. And Greg has given me permission. For too long I have worried about "letting people down" - but to not tell the truth seems worse.
We do not go to church of Christ any longer. I think we would both tell you that in our hearts the majority of our doctrine is still in line, but we no longer attend the same. We go to a community church. Do I worry about what I will teach my child if we are still attending a similar church when the questions come? Yes, I do. But pray that the words will come at the right time and that, together, we kind find the answers to the question through the Bible and not just what we are told to believe.
Our church has music - instruments. Women and men both pass the collection plates and serve communion. There is a women's minister - she even preaches sometimes. Outloud! Men actually get to hear our point of view. There are actually people there who aren't white! A rarity from my past I promise you. Greeted at the door the other week by a middle eastern man. And not everyone there has a college background, makes good money, or even has English as their first language. Amazing to have small group discussions and have a variety of backgrounds - makes conversation a lot more thought provoking I promise you. I like being challenged to come up with my own opinions...
Do I agree with everything there? No of course not. Am I perfectly comfortable with everything we do/don't do? No, but I'm seeking and questioning. Do I wish some thing were different? Yes. Is there a church out there that has all of this? I hope so somewhere and pray that we may be led there someday. Until then, this is where we stay.
Do I need your prayers? Absolutely. However, I pray that these aren't prayers for this household who are now lost, going to Hell, disappointments....
Instead, prayers for strength for all of us to continually question; seek answers; accept all with love; allow God (and only Him) to make salvation decisions and not us; that we may have that grace for each other; not assume to be the only ones who understand all the He plans, allowing ourselves to condemn others; and to be able to come together to reach more people in the world than we can bickering with each other about who is allowed to pass the communion plates on Sundays, or whether music is truly Christian even if there is a guitar in the background, or to not lose sight of the message being preached because the one speaking is female. A prayer for unity.

Tomorrow, happy baby pictures I promise! :)


To my fans... :)
I apologize. The camera is currently MIA. No idea. I KNOW I will find it tomorrow. With me working later (and today on Saturday), hasn't been on my mind and now that I'm looking for it, no clue... Look tomorrow. If I've lost it, I fear I might be slaughtered in my sleep! No... seriously...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meghan's Ike Update...

From my little viewpoint everything is great!
I love standing at the glass backdoor in Nanny's kitchen and looking out at the puppies who just sit and stare back at me. I pull up the rug and sometimes put it in my mouth - Mommy pulls it out cause she's mean. I sure like crawling all over the floor... There's no stopping me! And even with Nanny's obsessive floor cleaning routine, I still get covered in dirt. Then I put it in mouth mouth. I really like standing up at the dishwasher when it's open. And when I poop (which I like to do A LOT!), they make me lay on the floor. I get even by rolling all over the floor and crawling away while they try to change me. I prefer naked after all.
We all sit around and eat a lot. Nanny made homemade pretzels, and I like them - my first salty experience. And I helped make them yesterday! Sat in my chair and banged the measuring cups and teaspoons together to make lots of noise! I really like banging things together in front of my face to hear all the noise.
And speaking of mean Mommy, she told me she's going to find me a doctor today cause I keep puling on my ears.. and the yummy snot flowing into my mouth never seems to stop. Although I am coughing less... but she doesn't care.
I like to grind my top and bottom teeth together and make fun noise - Mommy puts her finger between my teeth. She must like it to, right?
I am getting so loud! I babbled this morning in my monitor and woke Mommy up. I talk loudly most of the time. When I'm really excited my hands start waving around. And when someone sings and dances in front of me, I start bobbing up and down.
I talked to Memma and Pop over Mommy's computer yesterday... I tried to climb all over it and get into everything. I like to eat everything and sometimes (don't tell anyone) I throw a fit when I don't get it! Like when they take keys away from me!
I like to take showers downstairs and look at the drain. And pull up on your legs. Like water in general. When you drink from a cup in front of me, I want some of it... most of it usually pours down my front.
Went for a walk with Mommy yesterday.... kicked my legs cause I liked it. Had my first infant swing experience at the park - think I might like it, but dang her. Mommy wouldn't push me high enough!
Pammy came over and played with me during the windy stuff. Likes me when I'm cute but not when fluids are coming out. Tried to read with me, and I promptly crawled away. After she told me I couldn't eat the book of course.
Two little strangers have been around two times... One is littler than me and just lays there. The other bigger one (Nate) crawls around and plays with me. We're still working on sharing toys, but we'll get better.
Daddy went to work yesterday and isn't coming back to Nanny and Pa's house after work today - they say we have electricity at home! Mommy is in denial and wants to be lazy - so she's staying here with me! The ladies at daycare don't want me this week so someone has to watch me. Mommy is still waiting for her clinic to get electricity so she can see her patients.
Until then... I'm gonna talk loudly, bang things, scamper about, pull up on her legs, and poop as much as I can until she leaves me!

Lazy Mommy (one of my other names for her) will post pics when she finds the camera charger in this mess.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Part 4

Haven't been able to get home yet so been reading online to see what the neighbors are saying... Greg just informed me that he plans on going back tomorrow - we'll see how that really works out. Online says that my specific housing addition got some fence and roof damage but that flooding only got up to the sidewalks. It usually drains really well. Granted, Greg decided to remind me when we got here that this would be a good test of that patch job in the roof he and my dad did several months ago.
I still haven't heard from work. As of this moment, Galveston is closed to incoming traffic even those here to help... so guess that means I'm not needed. Granted, it also said UTMB isn't taking emergencies anymore due to electricity shortage... and if my clinic isn't open, is there no health care on the island?
Go look at the pictures... Looks like a lake with houses plopped down. Looks like Texas City (my other clinic site) didn't get much flooding so maybe I still have somewhere to work.
In laws coming back tomorrow - who knows how long we'll be roomies :) Keep ya posted!


PS:  Did you hear that an estimated 40% of Galvestonians didn't leave the island? Ug.  This is my brilliant patient population - who by the way don't have the internet to check when their TV goes out and who some don't even have phones to call for help.  Keep waiting to see some of them on the news...

Part 3

We survived the night with electricity obviously... The whole time.  Flickered quite a few times but managed to keep coming back on.  Told us to boil our water just in case.  Looked like on the news our area got like 13" of rain or so.  Have yet to see any video near our house.  
Baby and mommy got some sleep.  Crazy Baggetts went outside at least one time (that I know of) and stayed up all night to watch the news which we were able to watch the whole time.
We did go out before the storm started to watch the beautiful red sunset.  Teenagers were harvesting the wind power and sailing down the street on their skateboards with sheets.  You know Greg was jealous - we do have in on tape for all time.
Still getting rain and wind.  Puppies stuck in their crates and behaving.
For you Baggetts watching, Barry and Gaye's house in Friendswood (about 15 minutes from us) has water up on their lawn as normal during heavy rains.  Nothing too crazy.
Keep ya posted...  Hopefully, we'll be able to see something near our house on TV and it will still be standing!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Revisited

So here we sit... In Katy. Greg woke me up this AM saying it was headed directly to our house with giant swells. If Greg says we need to go (aka the stubborn one), we need to go :) . We got here to my inlaws house in one hour - traffic looked like Thanksgiving during the football game or something. Grabbed our stuff quickly and headed up. With Cousin Pam... Just hanging out, watching Galveston go under, and pigging out like there is no tomorrow.
Lots of people are still trying to drive out. The wind is picking up but not expected for awhile to be at max.
Thanks for the concern. Thinking of my coworkers who live in Galveston and Texas City - some of who didn't leave. And my patients of course. Lots of them Katrina evacuees having to go through it again. Blaming me I'm sure for not supplying them with the Xanax they needed to get through it :) Hopefully, we have a clinic. Both of them are in areas that flood I'm sure.
Keep ya posted! Rest assured we are in a better place - that sounds like I died doesn't it... So either way, better place :) .

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike!

So here we sit... In our house. Near the Gulf. About 15 minutes north. Do we have the supplies Bobbie has wanted to stock up on to be prepared? Only as of last night (and G's out now looking for a working radio) because before that would be "ridiculous". Told him the water is for me and the baby not him. They've evacuated all the zip codes around us and most of our county. Even part of our little city which is right near the bayous and lakes. And I won't even tell you if we have window shutters because you can probably guess the answer... and of course, it's too late. Not to mention, no man tools to cut the boards. Drills? Questionable.
They are telling people to stay where they are unless there is a required evacuation so that others can get out - I guess you could say we are doing that. Stations are out of gas up north... And of course there is that traffic jam in Conroe up north - as always.
So the yard is cleaned up. Photos packed up in my favorite - tupperware (knock off). Yes, there are boards up in our area... about 1/2. And the neighbors around us are staying. The inlaws in north Houston are in the line more than we are. I've told Greg to show me how he plans to tread water while holding the baby. I did get out her floaty just in case :) But we are out of the flood zone. And have some food and charcoal to cook off that which thaws out in the broken freezer.
To make the matter more fun, I'm suffering from a cold I think - when Bobbie gets sick her eyes water off her face, make her very sleepy due to this, and can't see to drive very well. I'm drugged up on just about everything I have in my cabinet to no avail. Not to mention (not complaining just pointing out), the extra dogs make evacuation a little more difficult. And not wanting to get stuck in the traffic - although it hasn't really been too bad so far. If something changes for the worse, we still have time to head out overnight or in the morning. Did I mention the baby is coughing and still snotty, too? No flour foods isn't really having the desired effect.
As part of the Galveston county health district, I am part of the rescue effort for patients needing medical care/attention/meds. So if needed, don't want to be too far away. Hopefully won't be needed - doubting my skills :) .

So thanks for all the concerns. My parents said everyone's calling and asking about us. Keep us all in your prayers. If you call tomorrow, our electricity/phone may be out - so don't panic, Dad! If nothing else, we've (no Greg) has had a lesson about not procrastinating! Bet we have shutters after this, huh? :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pop Pop

This is our favorite new trick. Started about a week ago when she did it while eating... when we did it back, the giggling began. And then she laughed at herself when she did it. Now, not as entertaining to her, but she endures us.
PS: Still haven't figured out the video to Mac thing... had to go on the PC -- thus no videos for awhile.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stain Saver!

Every mommy with baby spit up (et al) needs this stuff!  I had to go buy a refill bottle after only like one month... no stains in this household!

Seven and Half Months

The other day someone asked me how old you are - when I calculated 7 1/2 months I did a double take.  Seems so old!  Everything is worth discovering to you.  Yes, this bear has been in your room forever, but this week seems to be brand new to you.  Miss Meghan, you are standing and climbing and trying to get into everything.  While Mommy and Daddy eat supper at the, gulp, coffee table you just stand on the other side and stare at us.  Haven't climbed on the shelf lately - guess you've moved on to all the other stuff available for your perusal.  Crawling with all the skill these days - legs and arms working as they're supposed to, and you are all over the place!
Sweet baby in your cute purple dress... cuddling with Daddy.  Such a good cuddler.  When you are done with your bottle, you roll over toward us to tell us it's now cuddle time.
You went to your class in church as usual.  Always a happy baby.  Other babies cry when they are dropped off, but not you.  Never seen your number on the song screen.  And Cousin Pam comes a says hi to you before we all leave.
Puppies make you laugh - giggle when they play with each other.  Not so happy when Tobey runs you over though!
My fat creases are pale - I have a little tan.  Until daycare on Friday when I came home with sunburned thighs - gonna talk to them on Monday!
Mommy turned on the video monitor this AM to see you standing in your crib with a face close-up on the video.
Memma got you a shape ball... you just really like to chew on the shapes.  All over the living room floor.  Like everything else.  Toys in every room.  And in the bathtub of course - everything in the mouth.  Rubber duckies... Do love water!  If only those stinking ears didn't get in the way - gonna have to figure that out for Nanny and Pa's pool.  You would love to just submerge yourself.  And quit pulling your ear - Mommy's in denial that there's another infection brewing.
Like eating!  Like your sippy cup.  Still problems orienting it the right direction, but you continue trying. Choke on water - just like all the other women in your mommy's family. Not eating too much at daycare, but you sure made up for it this weekend little oinker.  Yogurt, peaches, mangoes, carrots, pears, bananas, applesauce - definitely prefer fruits.  Can't blame you on that, kid.  Someone tried to feed me mashed green peas I wouldn't be too happy either!
Still snotty... hoping it's only a food allergy so trying no wheat for a while.  We'll see.  AM snotty, but your cough has seemed to go down.  
Notice the new highchair?  Mommy got tired of the cloth one - who makes (or registers for) cloth highchairs?  They don't come clean.  Now we have two!  But this one stays so clean it makes me happy.  Started throwing the cup on the floor waiting to have it be picked up.  Food still in the mouth for now.
Baby seats are for playing with obviously.  See my tooshie?  I have four teeth on the other side of my body - two top, two bottom.  Hurt when I bite Mommy's finger.
Standing at the table again... Yesterday, you tried to pull the lamp on yourself.  No more potty incidents... Bought a baby gate today to try to keep you sequestered.  Getting dangerous to leave you a lone even for a little bit.  Pulling up on the bean bag - won't be long until your pulling into it.
And that tongue!  Sticks out all the time - good for catching the snot running down my face...  Sick!  And notice my hair isn't so puffy anymore.  Long and lays down on it's own now.  And I still would rather be naked anytime!
Snotty...  Mommy gave up on reading due to your interest in eating books.  Plastic ones are good though.  Like crawling around in your room - although you try to pull everything down on you.  Need to stabilize some shelves around here.
We sure love that smile - and so blessed to see it all the time!  Such a big girl - your stubbornness means you're gonna do it... on your schedule.  Won't be much longer until you're a tiny little walker.