Sunday, September 28, 2008

8 Months Already

Eight months already.... seems so old. Not too long you'll be one!
You've crawled in the base of your bouncy several times now. Not as fascinated with sitting in it these days since you'd rather be crawling all over, but you will tolerate it and sometimes enjoy it. Daddy tried bumping it up to the highest level the other day. You were not happy with your little legs swinging about aimlessly.New baby gate purchase - left it at Nanny's after the hurricane and have been missing it. You are all over everywhere. The new noise of the week is gla gla gla. For awhile there, you were moving on to new noises and forgetting about the old ones. Getting better at incorporating. Mama, dada, baba... lalala... still not really directed to anything. You mimick our rhythm and intonation sometimes. The other day I said "pu-ppy dog"... came out same rhythm and pauses. Watching our mouths when we talk. Definitely taking it all in. And getting more tolerant with singing songs and moving our hands. Very talkative all the time. Talk to yourself a lot.
And of course love being naked as much as possible.
You find your car seat fascinating. Like to sit and play with the buckles. Crawl all over it. Tip it over and fall out the other side. They said at daycare you are going to love rollercoasters. There's some toy that all the other children hate that you love.
Standing up at the table quite a bit. Has made eating supper difficult. Just this afternoon, someone pulled a cup of red koolaid down to pour it all over the floor. Carpet of course.
And the puppies and you continue to work on the friendship. Maggie has figured out that if she brings you the ball, you end up chewing on it, then Mommy and Daddy throw it away to get it away from you, she goes and gets it... and the cycle begins again. Several nights this week you woke back up a little after falling asleep. Content to sit up and play with the puppies, pull up on the puppies, and watch them run around for a long time. Fun when you grab onto them and they move... And you fall on your toosh.
For some reason, you love crawling on this beanbag. Your snot marks are all over the side to prove it. The day you manage to get up into it will be a big one for you.. sliding off it, rolling around on it. You've gotten into the habit of gnawing on your thumb in the side of your mouth. Not so much sucking but chewing. And like to bite clothes, your arm... not really selective. Still no instances at daycare, but I'm awaiting the day...
Who? Me?

Banging spoons on the table.. and toys... Like to make noise!
Eating pretty much everything. Lots of samples of big kid food. Pincher grip is getting better and like to feed ourselves. Very frustrating when can't pick it up! And love the sippy cup with water. Still doing bottles with all our milk - need to make the switch slowly I guess. Eating three meals a day. Still insist on making funny faces the first couple of bites regardless of how much you like it.
Funny story just now. Daddy tried feeding you carrots in your highchair. You pushed your body back against the back of the chair, sealed your mouth shut, and just look at us. Don't know what that was about. We laughed and eventually you grinned up at us. Then tried eating. Silly girl.
This is your ultimate favorite. Chewing on the coffee table or the laptop on the coffee table - and everything else in between. Cords. Really like cords. And you understand no and know your name. Sometimes you obey, but you definitely try us out first.
When allowed to entertain yourself in the kitchen, you like to pull out the plastic cartons of baby food out of the box all over the floor. Also, really good at playing with Tupperware and banging things. Recently found the doggies' water bowl. Oops!

Standing is becoming a regular occurrence. Just today you started letting go and standing up on your own (without holding on to anything) for a couple of seconds. You anticipate the fall and go down slowly. Able to walk along the length of the coffee table several times sideways. Your grip on us when you stand up is definitely loosening up. Crawling everywhere... quickly. If Mommy or Daddy leaves the room, you try to go find them. Unless we get distracted playing with something else beforehand that is. Like the shoes in the closet.
Stayed with us in church today. I think Mommy just needs to be reminded (it seems) every couple of Sundays why it's better for you to be in the nursery. You aren't fussy, but you make noises. I almost feel guilty for the people behind us. I know you're cute and know that they can't focus with you sitting there grinning and playing with them. Church was almost over today, and you just squealed for no reason. Loudly.
Sleeping through the night most of the time. If you do wake up, you can put yourself back to sleep most of the time. Wake up happy with good rest and just sit in there and play with your teddy. Daddy says he caught you hugging him in your sleep the other day.
Snotty nose - started on baby Zyrtec. Don't like taking medicine - like to spew it out at all of us through your lips. And nose drops - no chance.
There are toys all over this house! We have yet to find a organization something to put them in in the living room. Kinda looks like a nursery / vets office. Puppies still don't play with your toys... you, however...
Ticklish - getting more and more so. Daddy tickles your back and you just arch it and squeal! Your neck, your belly, your chin. Nice way to entertain you.
This is what happens when a poopy naked child gets left alone. For some reason, you really like to play with the wipes. Pull them out and eat them. Have yet to figure out how you actually ge

It is a rarity, but sometimes she calms down enough to enjoy a book without eating it. Today, she actually sat there and looked and touched... Granted she was sleepy but still something. I had given up. Hopefully, this is the new way of reading?

We love you so much baby! Happiest baby ever - and most wonderful thing to ever happen to us. Each day brings a new skill you've acquired. You constantly try to outsmart the situation and find your way around the obstacle to get what you want. That would be stubbornness perhaps as well. But we can't fault you for that can we.


Kara said...

i can't wait to see her! Well...and you, I guess. :)

craigandjodee said...

So precious. I love the pics of you two reading.