Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Revisited

So here we sit... In Katy. Greg woke me up this AM saying it was headed directly to our house with giant swells. If Greg says we need to go (aka the stubborn one), we need to go :) . We got here to my inlaws house in one hour - traffic looked like Thanksgiving during the football game or something. Grabbed our stuff quickly and headed up. With Cousin Pam... Just hanging out, watching Galveston go under, and pigging out like there is no tomorrow.
Lots of people are still trying to drive out. The wind is picking up but not expected for awhile to be at max.
Thanks for the concern. Thinking of my coworkers who live in Galveston and Texas City - some of who didn't leave. And my patients of course. Lots of them Katrina evacuees having to go through it again. Blaming me I'm sure for not supplying them with the Xanax they needed to get through it :) Hopefully, we have a clinic. Both of them are in areas that flood I'm sure.
Keep ya posted! Rest assured we are in a better place - that sounds like I died doesn't it... So either way, better place :) .


Christine and Matt said...

I'm sooo glad you left! I've been thinking about you all day! (Picturing you all huddled in your bathroom) :)

Kara said...

I too am glad you are safe and sound. Have a fun (if unexpected!) mini-vacation! :)

Dane & Holly Goode said...

Glad you guys are away and safe! I'm at LBJ riding out the storm and Dane should be at the San Luis hunkering down by 9pm tonight. Probably won't have a house when we return though.....poop.