Saturday, September 13, 2008

Part 3

We survived the night with electricity obviously... The whole time.  Flickered quite a few times but managed to keep coming back on.  Told us to boil our water just in case.  Looked like on the news our area got like 13" of rain or so.  Have yet to see any video near our house.  
Baby and mommy got some sleep.  Crazy Baggetts went outside at least one time (that I know of) and stayed up all night to watch the news which we were able to watch the whole time.
We did go out before the storm started to watch the beautiful red sunset.  Teenagers were harvesting the wind power and sailing down the street on their skateboards with sheets.  You know Greg was jealous - we do have in on tape for all time.
Still getting rain and wind.  Puppies stuck in their crates and behaving.
For you Baggetts watching, Barry and Gaye's house in Friendswood (about 15 minutes from us) has water up on their lawn as normal during heavy rains.  Nothing too crazy.
Keep ya posted...  Hopefully, we'll be able to see something near our house on TV and it will still be standing!

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craigandjodee said...

So glad to hear ya'll are okay. We've been thinking about you. Looking on the news, saying, "that's where they are, it's right on top of them" Love ya'll. Stay safe.