Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meghan's Ike Update...

From my little viewpoint everything is great!
I love standing at the glass backdoor in Nanny's kitchen and looking out at the puppies who just sit and stare back at me. I pull up the rug and sometimes put it in my mouth - Mommy pulls it out cause she's mean. I sure like crawling all over the floor... There's no stopping me! And even with Nanny's obsessive floor cleaning routine, I still get covered in dirt. Then I put it in mouth mouth. I really like standing up at the dishwasher when it's open. And when I poop (which I like to do A LOT!), they make me lay on the floor. I get even by rolling all over the floor and crawling away while they try to change me. I prefer naked after all.
We all sit around and eat a lot. Nanny made homemade pretzels, and I like them - my first salty experience. And I helped make them yesterday! Sat in my chair and banged the measuring cups and teaspoons together to make lots of noise! I really like banging things together in front of my face to hear all the noise.
And speaking of mean Mommy, she told me she's going to find me a doctor today cause I keep puling on my ears.. and the yummy snot flowing into my mouth never seems to stop. Although I am coughing less... but she doesn't care.
I like to grind my top and bottom teeth together and make fun noise - Mommy puts her finger between my teeth. She must like it to, right?
I am getting so loud! I babbled this morning in my monitor and woke Mommy up. I talk loudly most of the time. When I'm really excited my hands start waving around. And when someone sings and dances in front of me, I start bobbing up and down.
I talked to Memma and Pop over Mommy's computer yesterday... I tried to climb all over it and get into everything. I like to eat everything and sometimes (don't tell anyone) I throw a fit when I don't get it! Like when they take keys away from me!
I like to take showers downstairs and look at the drain. And pull up on your legs. Like water in general. When you drink from a cup in front of me, I want some of it... most of it usually pours down my front.
Went for a walk with Mommy yesterday.... kicked my legs cause I liked it. Had my first infant swing experience at the park - think I might like it, but dang her. Mommy wouldn't push me high enough!
Pammy came over and played with me during the windy stuff. Likes me when I'm cute but not when fluids are coming out. Tried to read with me, and I promptly crawled away. After she told me I couldn't eat the book of course.
Two little strangers have been around two times... One is littler than me and just lays there. The other bigger one (Nate) crawls around and plays with me. We're still working on sharing toys, but we'll get better.
Daddy went to work yesterday and isn't coming back to Nanny and Pa's house after work today - they say we have electricity at home! Mommy is in denial and wants to be lazy - so she's staying here with me! The ladies at daycare don't want me this week so someone has to watch me. Mommy is still waiting for her clinic to get electricity so she can see her patients.
Until then... I'm gonna talk loudly, bang things, scamper about, pull up on her legs, and poop as much as I can until she leaves me!

Lazy Mommy (one of my other names for her) will post pics when she finds the camera charger in this mess.

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Memma said...

I bet when Meghan gets older, she will be a better speller! :) Memma