Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dog Gone It!

Good dog: see above.
We are watching Greg's parents two dogs while they are on vacation.  My flower bed did have some not beautiful areas - waiting to start growing still... the perineal lull... Now, it is used as a dog bed and has dirt missing.  This was my favorite part and, so far, still looks pretty.  The annuals of course - the ones that were gonna die anyways.  The ones missing --- that which should have been there next year.

Bad (misguided) dog: see below.  The the large, George-shaped nest now?
Buddy wants to come in.  George hasn't charged through the window yet!
This little board didn't do anything to deserve the three dogs plowing through it Saturday morning...  Maggie the tattle tell barked and barked... until we came out to find Kramer (the fat one), George (the big one), and Tobey in the neighbors yard, who thankfully, had their sissy dog inside.  Now, George has decided to dig under since he can't go through.  This is why this poor hot puppy has to stay in his crate a lot now.
Have I mentioned the mud all over my house?  Since Greg has decided that Kramer is a good cuddle puppy.
At least I have an excuse now to pretend it was beautiful to start with - deny that my skills are lacking and blame Shelly's dogs! :)

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