Thursday, September 11, 2008

Take a Hike, Ike!

So here we sit... In our house. Near the Gulf. About 15 minutes north. Do we have the supplies Bobbie has wanted to stock up on to be prepared? Only as of last night (and G's out now looking for a working radio) because before that would be "ridiculous". Told him the water is for me and the baby not him. They've evacuated all the zip codes around us and most of our county. Even part of our little city which is right near the bayous and lakes. And I won't even tell you if we have window shutters because you can probably guess the answer... and of course, it's too late. Not to mention, no man tools to cut the boards. Drills? Questionable.
They are telling people to stay where they are unless there is a required evacuation so that others can get out - I guess you could say we are doing that. Stations are out of gas up north... And of course there is that traffic jam in Conroe up north - as always.
So the yard is cleaned up. Photos packed up in my favorite - tupperware (knock off). Yes, there are boards up in our area... about 1/2. And the neighbors around us are staying. The inlaws in north Houston are in the line more than we are. I've told Greg to show me how he plans to tread water while holding the baby. I did get out her floaty just in case :) But we are out of the flood zone. And have some food and charcoal to cook off that which thaws out in the broken freezer.
To make the matter more fun, I'm suffering from a cold I think - when Bobbie gets sick her eyes water off her face, make her very sleepy due to this, and can't see to drive very well. I'm drugged up on just about everything I have in my cabinet to no avail. Not to mention (not complaining just pointing out), the extra dogs make evacuation a little more difficult. And not wanting to get stuck in the traffic - although it hasn't really been too bad so far. If something changes for the worse, we still have time to head out overnight or in the morning. Did I mention the baby is coughing and still snotty, too? No flour foods isn't really having the desired effect.
As part of the Galveston county health district, I am part of the rescue effort for patients needing medical care/attention/meds. So if needed, don't want to be too far away. Hopefully won't be needed - doubting my skills :) .

So thanks for all the concerns. My parents said everyone's calling and asking about us. Keep us all in your prayers. If you call tomorrow, our electricity/phone may be out - so don't panic, Dad! If nothing else, we've (no Greg) has had a lesson about not procrastinating! Bet we have shutters after this, huh? :)


Christine and Matt said...

you are always welcome to come stay with us!! we'll be praying for you guys!

Alli said...

Be safe, Bobbie!!!