Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Great Gustav Getaway

Meghan and Mommy travelled home to WF for Labor Day weekend... alone.  Memma and Great Aunt Bobbie met us halfway to make the ride a little easier for everyone.  Of course, Memma was eager to sit in the back with baby.  We learned to love, even more, the mirror and the baby songs CD.  Fussy baby, turn on the mirror,  and peace or sleeping within seconds.  Left super early Sat AM, and she slept a long time there (and back).
Saturday night,  the WF family got together at Memma and Pop's house.  Uncle Lloyd loves baby girl.  Made her giggle for everyone with chin kisses.
Cousin Haley is always very excited... Paul and Lacey came around the block and stayed a little while after everyone else left.
Wish these girls lived closer together so they could be buddies!
Great Aunt Bobbie with Meggie
Uncle Paul gave in!!!  I knew she'd be more interesting being mobile and less floppy than our last visit.  Baby steps, Bubba!

Nin loves this girl, too!  Not on film but the cutest thing ever.  Meghan lunged for her during church and sat and cuddled... Then leaned forward and kissed Nin on her face.

Meghan loved Aunt Paula's puppy... Don't know if it was the size, the silly floppy tail, or the fact that the dog kept bringing the baby her toy... but Meghan giggled so much!  Missed the picture of them sharing the toy.
Bath time is always fun no matter where or who gives it.

Cuddles in the floor.
Memma insisted on feeding me watermelon.
Can scoot backward.  Until we get stuck.  Can't go forward yet.
Hand me down - hanging out in Mommy's old rocking chair from when she was a little girl.  And now using it as a climbing device... Makes Mommy nervous that it will dump over on her head!

Pop decided Big Girl wanted to go riding on the lawn mower - without blades of course.  A trip around the tiny yard...  she liked it it seems.  She the big happy grin?

If only I had the nerve to take my camera to church and get pictures.  Good thing this kid is happy... she got passed around to everyone and was happy the whole time.  Baby gas in church.. heard all the way down the aisle.  Good thing she's cute enough to make up for it, right?
 Left WF Monday morning due to family concerns that the hurricane was gonna strike.  Did we get rain? No.  Although Hurricane season is still pending...  Kuddos to single moms.  Help them out as much as you can in public - you ever had to pee in a restroom while holding a baby on your lap?  Next time, I think I'll ask before I thrust my baby into a strangers arm so I can crawl under the table :)
See you soon, Memma and Pop!

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