Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Tropical Houston Christmas

The weekend before Christmas we were in Oklahoma City - it was 11 degrees! Several days later, these same people were in the new hot tub... Went up like 60 degrees or more in the matter of several days.
Here Nanny is demonstrating to Meghan that it is not necessary to cry whenever someone puts on the mask... why they need one anyway in the hot tub is beyond me... ask Lance.
The dogs get in on the action. Maggie, aka "the blind one", has managed to fall in several times and get herself out. Tobey has proven to be the less adept one it seems.

Meghan loves the water - regardless of its form. Happy girl!

The Messiest Eating Yet!

Getting you to eat from a spoon is becoming more and more difficult. You want to do it yourself. However, little girls can only eat so many Cheerios, bananas, peaches, and string cheeses. You liked Mommy's pasta at lunch so she bought you some baby food pasta. And, obviously, you were not a fan. Daddy had a very hard time getting you to cooperate. You ate some and when we applauded you clapped and acted happy... until you were encouraged to eat another bite. The most happy when you finally got to play with the empty plastic bowl... Or got to eat your string cheese. Actually got excited when you saw the package come out of the fridge. The vinyl high chair will never be the same - seems plastic stains with tomato sauce be it the Tupperware or the chair which was cleaned immediately after use!
And that first face is you latest new thing - obviously pooping. You make great faces :) .

Addendum: The day after this mess, Daddy (home from work) decided you two were going to master this. I believe it took 1 1/2 hours, "no"s, tears and quivering lips, and eventually clapping when eating without buzzing out the food - clapping from both of you. Seems to have made quite the progress.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poop, Puke, Tooth

By popular demand, Greg and Tracy requested that the puke pic make the blog. Really just looks like milk so lets pretend. This is what Meghan did last weekend before she spent the week with Nanny and Pa. Lifesavers! And Dad, Greg's dad can watch Meghan alone :)
Seems to be the cycle though. Call from daycare and have to pick her up cause of vomiting. A little fussy perhaps which hangs on for couple of days. Kinda picky with her food and clingy. Then some random diarrhea. By now we have usually shipped her off to play with the grandparents so we won't get a call from daycare. Then a tooth pops out. For those who are counting, yes this would make number 10.5 months.
If I could invent a way to test for tooth as a cause of daycare illness, I would be a millionaire! Ship those kids back! And give me half of the wages you end of making cause you don't miss work. I won't even charge up front... And I get to see my kid tomorrow!

Snow day!

We got three inches of snow! And this is the snowman down the street that was still standing this morning! Snow on the house... kinda funny to see snow on a palm.
So at 10:30 at night - aka bedtime - Greg decided it was time to build a snowman. I took pics at the beginning, but then, it was up to him. Note: pistachios for a mouth, fridge letter for eyes and nose. Clever I think. You do with what ya have. Granted, this was one of the few times I would actually have a carrot in the fridge....
Tobey was very interested in the preceedings... got some snow shoveled on his head but that didn't keep him from stopping. And don't worry, Maggie managed to find her ball buried in the snow in the backyard while we were doing all this. Did I mention, he went outside wearing my houseshoes?! Add that to my Christmas list, please.

And we had hot chocolate. Which we never have. And made use of the mugs we never use. And finished up the marshmallows!

And where was baby Meghan during all this? Hopefully enjoying the snow with Nanny since she's been up there all week... :( Missed her first snow experience. Finally gave in and bought her a coat.

Jammin to Jingle Jams

Greg decided it would be fun this year to go to Jingle Jam at the Toyota Center in downtown. It ended up being about 5 hours long with only about 2.5 hours of actual music. Lots of downtime waiting for the stage to change for the different acts and listening to the DJs waste time. Fun though. And aren't we hip? :) David Archuleta, Colbie Callait, Gavin DeGraw, Rihanna with special appearance by Chris Brown, and guest emcee (wait wait) Nick Lachey. And don't worry mom, I know these mean nothing to you... didn't mean too much to me before hand.
So we had fun... with Shelly and Tracy - while Pa babysat.... Thanks again!

My Favorite Aunt...

or at least the only one who demands attention on the blog! :)

Dim Sum Dim Sum...

We went to eat last Sunday lunch in Pearland with school buddies... the original Chinese way. Have to go with people who know what is going on with dim sum....
Big Meghan and little Meghan - little one's first dim sum experience, chopsticks, and exposure to the Chinese culture.

For those who don't know (as in most) that little cart behind baby's head is full of little food options in their own little containers. Cart goes by, and you pick out what you want. And share with the whole table. Dumpling things. Very daring of me really. Most of them are no more specific than "pork" or "shrimp"... "Different" is what I call it.
You're gonna poke your eye out!
Big Meghan and her beau, David
Isa and Tien
We know this one - Daddy!
Baby's favorite Mexican!
Yeah! Clap clap... always keeps her busy!
Last time Tien saw Miss Meghan she was tiny
Group pic - minus the guys

Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Months and then some...

Books have a whole new meaning now. Sometime used to keep occupied during diaper changes. Sometimes for reading with Mommy and Daddy, laughing and helping turn the page. Sometimes you just sit in the floor of you room pulling books off the shelves and looking at them. Flap books are your favorite, but we do this carefully to keep from messing them up.

10 months... the funnest yet! Daycare obviously thinks so too because yesterday they had played beauty salon with your hair. Really thought you would play with it - but didn't mess with it at all. And looked pretty darn cute I do say.
Daddy had to pick up from daycare yesterday and Mommy today due to upset tummy. You were loving playing and crawling all over the bear - until you blessed his head... He'll never be the same again. You seem to be sick a lot - Mommy's gonna have to be a lot more careful about what germs she brings home to baby obviously.
And Daddy is the one who matched these pants. Waving bye bye... even do it on cue. And seem to know when to do it. Or when you are ready to go to bye bye. Mommy picked you up early today, and you automatically started waving. Sometimes its a rotation at the wrist thing. Or backward waving at yourself. Or a combo of both at the same time with each hand.
Sweet girl. Tickatickaticka. Doggadoggadogga.
Sick and cuddly --- but still counts as cuddly.

We like talking to Daddy on the phone - or just like phones in general. Remotes are still the favorite, however.
This is how we drank out of the bottle at Memma and Pop's one night. Too tired to hold up the hand...
And usually we drink the bottle funny anyways preferring to hold at the end instead of around the bottle like normal babies. Very good at just sitting in the highchair and feeding yourself with your bottle. Makes it much easier for Mommy to eat breakfast. You eat breakfast with all the kids at daycare a little later. Which means only one meal a day with us.

Falling off the couch more. Sometimes manage to gracefully get yourself off - head or tails first. No preference. Don't like the falling though. Find it very fun to explore the end of the couch and play on the pillows.

Messy this day...