Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow day!

We got three inches of snow! And this is the snowman down the street that was still standing this morning! Snow on the house... kinda funny to see snow on a palm.
So at 10:30 at night - aka bedtime - Greg decided it was time to build a snowman. I took pics at the beginning, but then, it was up to him. Note: pistachios for a mouth, fridge letter for eyes and nose. Clever I think. You do with what ya have. Granted, this was one of the few times I would actually have a carrot in the fridge....
Tobey was very interested in the preceedings... got some snow shoveled on his head but that didn't keep him from stopping. And don't worry, Maggie managed to find her ball buried in the snow in the backyard while we were doing all this. Did I mention, he went outside wearing my houseshoes?! Add that to my Christmas list, please.

And we had hot chocolate. Which we never have. And made use of the mugs we never use. And finished up the marshmallows!

And where was baby Meghan during all this? Hopefully enjoying the snow with Nanny since she's been up there all week... :( Missed her first snow experience. Finally gave in and bought her a coat.

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Alli said...

WOW! You did get a lot down there. Too bad we missed all that. We didn't get much in Magnolia, but my drive home sure was interesting that day! ug.

Great pics!