Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rockin' Rodeo

We had a mid-week date to the Rodeo in March to go see Miranda Lambert in concert. And, yes, I know what you are thinking "Why did you drag Greg to that?" The answer, dear reader, is that this darling man who hated country music for 30 years of his life has now decided he likes it. Granted, he has very eclectic interests in music so it's not like this is all he listens to... but still. A good excuse for an outing... and a corn dog.
We rushed through our dinner to get to the rodeo "on time"... which really meant you have to sit through an actual rodeo. If only we had someone with us to explain exactly what was going on. Let me just say that enough people were playing with their phones during this exciting event that I couldn't get a signal to play with my own!
Went with the inlaws... And Lance had a ticket but backed out at the last minute... So not like you, Lance! ;)
And for those of you keeping track, upon reading the blog, Greg just informed me that's he's into hip-hop music now. I WILL NOT be going to that concert :)
And if cousin Pam were in the habit of actually getting on line and looking at the blog, I would tell here thanks for watching the kids! But she doesn't... so pass on the word Melinda... although not sure you look at it either... :)
Post Note: The weekend plans of which I had been mentally preparing for several weeks to take the kids to the animal barn at the rodeo were bashed when the loving husband decided that basketball on TV much trumped a family outing... So is the Baggett way...


Meghan is always very excited when "Mommy's friends" are involved. As in asking the whole way to Houston about our friends' house, if they have milk, if they have kids with them, where are their kids. Granted, talking to these friends when actually in their presence is another situation. You usually warm up!
Ex-roomies JoDee and Kara were in town for a conference, and we got to have a quick hello! But so sad no kids in tow!

The Start of a Soccer Star

We have been loving these spring days in Houston. Since we don't have much to play with in the backyard, balls of all kinds tend to be a big hit. Daddy lately was working on teaching Meg how to kick a soccer ball. And he was so impressed with how quickly she was catching on and getting better. Granted, anything is more difficult when your barefoot little feet have to dodge the poop piles. Nasty!
Rewarded with spinning after each goal!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Three.Two Years of Miss Meggie

Oh, Miss Meghan. How you became three years old in the blink of an eye. You are quite the independent one. Sometimes. Mostly happy. Adorable and, very obviously, much aware of this fact.One of the ones you have wrapped around your finger is (Great) Uncle Barry. We went over to visit Melinda who was in town, and, I'm sorry to say, Melinda's Daddy forgot about her at the delight of entertaining you the whole time. Including playing dress up to play the "piando".

Mostly an obedient child. We do have our battles at times and no mild battles for you. If you are staging war, it's a full out battle. And you know when you've been good. Very proud to report that you didn't bite or didn't "knock the shelf off"... working on teaching obedience at every turn but, thankfully, those lessons don't seem to be that often.
You love to read. And we have a complete melt down at night time when we don't read. You are learning your letters and like to practice tracing them at school. You know about 10 letters and their sounds. Always easier when it's related back to white baby, sissy, Meggie, Bubba, Dora, Nanny... "What something else starts with?" - you like to practice. And you can pick out some letters in our books. Current favorite book would be"Go Dog, Go" which you like to quote and "read". You do have an amazing ability to recall stories and lines in books. And to learn it so fast.
This house is in full out dress up mode. And you have plenty of princess outfits, purses, clackies (dress up shoes), hats, necklaces... There was a one week interval not too long ago in which you wore the Snow White outfit pretty much on a daily basis.
Super content to entertain yourself especially for the opportunity of craft time. Our days are so structured that really the only time for such sit down busy time is on the weekend. We head out the door at 720-730 during the week after a quick get ready and, sometimes, small snack. Daddy usually takes and picks you kids up - and you are super excited when I do it. We usually get home between 6 and 630 for a way-too-often-rushed supper, clean up, playtime, bath, books, and bed. Seems like we never see you which makes us eat you up when we do!

You new songs to request in the car is on your VeggieTales CD where we have the luxury of two Jonah songs. And you want to only hear the first one. I love hearing you learning the lines to the different songs. Sometimes you actually request to hear the old-style church songs again - maybe there is a musician in there! And always a fan of playing with Daddy's "Bih-tar".
For some reason you are regressing. By this, I mean that all of a sudden it isn't "I can do it" but "I need you help me". As in, I can't pull down my pants, I can't put on my socks... and potty accidents at school after going months without. Don't know if it has to do with the younger kids in your class at school, or the adjustment to spending some time in the "big girl" class, or Bubba getting attention. We've been struggling with how to respond to this; you have been promised that you will get spankings and not get to watch Dora after potty accidents. We figure this is okay because it's not really about you not being able as we know you are completely able. You rarely have accidents at home. This is more about your stubbornness... I think.?
The above picture was during one of these stubborn phases. You stayed at the table after all of us all because you wouldn't try the one sweet potato fry. When given the final option of eating it or just going to bed, you opted for sleep.
Speaking of Dora, it's all about Dora and "Ti-e-go" these days. Big into quoting "I know that we can do it" and "Vamanos!".

Speaking of being wrapped-around-fingers... Memma and Pop came for a quick visit while Mommy and Daddy went to New Orleans.

You are our cuddler, singer, entertainment, reader, pig-tailed, shy, sweet little girl. And we love you so!
Note: Pics from February and March, not documented until April.

One.Six Years of Coop

One and a half fun years to brother and sister, changing our lives even more than before. And you do so love your sissy! And we do so love you. It's very hard to go to work with a smiling little boy waving "bah-bye" and rotating your wrist, opening and closing it. When you want to that is. Never on command, of course.
Your vocabulary is exploding rapidly, Mister! Must say that hearing you ask for "MehMeh" makes me so appreciate your relationship with Meg. You stayed home from school the other day supposedly sick with Daddy, and he said you asked and looked for her all days long! Momma, Memma (for Memma and Pop we discovered)... the always favorite "Buhsh"?
Lately you have learned your body parts - amazingly that I didn't figure out until you showed me your belly. The ladies at school have been working with you I believe. You are more that willing to pull up your shirt to show you "behbee"... and pointing to your nose usually involves finger in your nostril up to your first knuckle followed by showing your mouth by putting that same finger in your mouth. You seem to know your knees. And love patting your head to show us where hats go (in your book). And want to grab "gasses" (our glasses) off our faces.
You get excited about getting in your chair in your room to crawl up and read your "boo"... especially when when your "o-bo" is with you... As in Tobey has become obo... a question that you repeat all day long. You are getting more interested in books. Definitely prefer your big book but will sit semi-patiently to read others as long as their are pictures of animals. Some roars and moos come out at times.
Tobey is your buddy, and you will come up and hug him. Sometimes he's a "daw"... regardless of what you call him, you still insist on giving him all kinds of kisses, leaning in toward him open-mouthed when you are allowed.
You seem to understand a lot more words including "dance party" which can reveal a super fun running-dance which you do on command as well as "cleaning" which prompts you to scrub. You definitely get excited when we suggest at night that you go "upstairs" and are willing (sometimes) to "go put it up". Just tonight I asked you to go put your shoe in the shoe bucket and you did! Oh so proud to run up and hug me afterward.
The other day "Dora the Explorer" was on TV, and you started saying "Mah I mah"... and Mommy and Daddy thought surely you weren't singing... But you repeated it back to me later when I sang "Map I'm the Map". So cute. And we watch way too much Dora, obviously. Then again, you say that frequently when the TV is on so maybe you think Dora is the only thing that comes on that big box.
You've recently had a grumpy spell of about two weeks - possibly worsened due to the recent acquisition of your upper canines. Snotty nose, cough, picky appetite... they even made me come pick you up from school for "pink eye" which meant you had some snotty eye crusting... but you didn't feel too good anyway so that's okay.
You love to sit in laps, backing right up into anyone's lap. But yet not so big into cuddling. That's when we know you are tired, when you put your head on our shoulders. You give kisses. Sometimes willingly lunging forward to give kisses at bedtime. Recently bedtime isn't such a challenge as you may lean forward into your bed, ready to go lay down calmly. You know "baby?" and associate baby with baby blankets and cribs.
Coloring is a new interest. Kind of. Calling your high chair "ash", you ask to be put into it at meal time. And, in typical little boy way, insist on daringly standing up in it when you declare yourself done. You also love digging through my drawers in the kitchen when Mommy is cooking - especially in the Tupperware drawer. Not just anyone finds random lids in their bedroom, and dog balls in containers with the lids put on. It at least gives me an excuse to have an ever-messy plastic container storage method. It's truly a lost cause.
Bathtime is a favorite. You opened the door to the shower the other morning when Daddy was letting the water heat up - did we mention you were fully clothed? :) You do love your baths and using the opportunity to play with different toys. And pretty tolerant of Meghan dumping water on your head. A lot more than she would be were it the other way around.
Very picky eater all of a sudden. Still good with the mandarin oranges, cheese, blueberries, and carbs... but all of a sudden have decided to not like meat or sweet potatoes and definitely not anything mixed like casseroles. And very fussy when late on your milk. And then several days later you will gobble down anything we put in front of you. Overall, pretty good eater though.
You love to be outside. Love all your "ball"s and like to practice making baskets. Love the cars. Love to chase the puppies.
You are pretty shy, little guy. We went out to eat, and you averted your eyes from those strangers... and insisted on sitting in my lap, throwing a fit when attempting to let one of the other ladies hold you. Still a generally happy baby, pretty stoic. But easy and much loved. We love you, Bubba!