Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Four Years Old at School

(from 3 months ago...) As birthdays are a big deal at school, Miss Meghan was lucky enough to have her mommy and daddy both take off work to take cupcakes up to school... and we didn't realize how many kids were in your class! Almost ran out of snacks. On your birthday, you get to lead the class in for snack time... with your birthday crown, of course.
Cooper saw us and had to participate - didn't want anything to do with anyone else once we had been targeted. And then only for you to now want to eat your special pink birthday cake you had made with Daddy the night before.
Your friends including Callie and Vicenza and Miss Ivonne
Family picture
Miss Martha
Miss Iris
You've been their little girl since 6 weeks old - at this point it seems you are the veteran around that place. They do love you so!

Two Little Monkeys

Our little monkeys... two little best friends.
Dancing, bathing, singing...
Rocking, hiding, climbing, crawling...
Playing, giggling, swinging...

If Only...

If only she had a name... Not the twenty that hasn't been narrowed down yet. And if only her Mommy didn't refer to her as "poor nameless blob". And if only her Mommy would actually look officially pregnant instead of just having 6 months or so of an awkward "is she pregnant or just getting fat" phase. Still not noticed by many patients when I wear scrubs although they did start commenting on the size of my derrier about 3 months ago if it should happen to have come up - these patient's hold nothing back. And if only her mommy enjoyed taking pregnant pictures or the extra attention that comes from announcing to people of the upcoming maternity leave and then to answer questions... Mommy doesn't like attention :)
This is us at about 28 weeks...
And then now at about 32 weeks. Officially due May 23rd which would make it less than two months away. Mommy and Daddy are loving your acrobatics as you make your presence more known, and you kind of have a room set up. Big sister is very excited and loves to give you hugs. Big brother is just now kind of understanding what is going on - but his world is about to be turned upside down as he's a little attached to all things Mommy at this point. Hang in there little one... don't get any ideas too soon!

Coops at Two and a Half

"See my pitchure?" you say every time I take your picture. And "cheese"! Very willing to ham it up for Mommy. Some would say of their little boy "he's all boy" - sometimes you are. You've always been into balls, jumping off everything possible, puppies, blocks, legos... but then there's the consequences of being your sister's little brother. When sister loves princesses and dress up, little brother loves them too. You want to do everything that Meghan does. These days, that means wearing her clackies and tutus, being her prince so she can dance with you, requesting "pwincess" boo-boo ice packs (which you want with any injury) and bandaids...
Playing outside has become more popular since the time change and having daylight to play after school. Going up and down the slides, playing with your balls, loving your puppies, pushing yourself on your tricycle, playing basketball with Daddy...
Your talking is getting better and better, now to the point of small sentences which are understood by most. We love listening to you sing along with songs - in the car you prefer Raffi (aka gi-raffi) to Meghan's Veggietales. The first song you latched on to was "Daisy, Daisy" which you belted out with Meghan, wanting "more" over and over again. Now you're all about "I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas".
Your night-time ritual consists of "the Itsy Bitsy Spider" which you call "ipsy spi" - which usually ends with several rounds of hands in the air with tickles. We "talk to Jesus" at night, and while I say thank you, you supply your list of people and things. Always starts with Memma and Pop, Mommy and Daddy, Lance and Tracy and the cousins and Nanny and Pa. Usually very thankful for your food - as you so do love to eat.
One and half months ago you got moved into a big boy bed. The first week had us questioning the wisdom of this, several nights of you roaming downstairs several times until the gate was put up at your door to keep you locked in. You still wander downstairs sometimes but the gate is no longer needed. You have even mastered taking a nap in your bed. With the pillows surrounding you, your preferred place to lay is in the very middle of the bed covered with your blanket. For several months there, it was all about your crocheted blanket and "Mi-ey Mouse" who you would lay your head on like a pillow and cuddle with all your might. These days, anything else in your bed gets thrown on the floor and Mickey gets delegated to your rocking chair.
You love school and have managed to adjust to class at church - no more crying when we drop you off if given a pep-talk before hand. Many mornings before heading to school you request to go to church instead - and want to know if Miss Lulu is going to be there. You love Miss Lulu, and she is actually managing to get you to go potty at school. How we have yet to know but some days you go three times and let her know when you need to go - have yet to go for us. Every evening when we pick you up from school, you want your "happy face" drawn on your hands, say bye-bye and give hugs to teachers including Miss Beth (Meg's teacher) and Miss Mari (your teacher). On the way out the door, you kids run and give big hugs to Miss Iris and Miss Martha; Miss Iris told me the other day she was going to take you home with her cause you are awesome! Most days at school you do get a happy face; some rough days but they are rare. Always so happy. Your little friend Colton moved away several months ago but yet you continued to blame him for your injuries for a long time after this. They must be telling you this at school recently though because the last several days, you are telling Mommy and Daddy several times a week "To-ton left". So sad.
Back to eating. You are a good eater... and like to help with the food. My little chef of the moment helping cut up fruit for me, set the table... always giving Pop a fork at his spot at the table - until you starting sitting at the big boy table all the time in his spot that was. Every morning lately starts with a request for "tup-per" (supper) and "ting cheese" (string cheese). When we were out of cheese the other morning, you were shopping yourself in the pantry and brought me a cereal bar... such big boy. Good thing you have your favorite stool accessible in the kitchen at all times to help reach - except when you go to the pantry and say "my tool?". And the search begins... Speaking of food... Too much detail I know but your "stools" are very noteworthy among that know you best - of course, any child who drinks as much milk as you would be prone to constipation... enough said :). Speaking of body fluids, it's time to move past the car sickness okay? Both cars have bags of extra clothes, we know about rolling down your window and cranking the air conditioner, and you have just recently started talking about your "mouth hurts" right before you throw up - thanks for the heads up!
So happy most of the time. Pop always says you have the best attitude. There are some breakdowns that best demonstrate your stubbornness... you are very wiling to refuse to do certain thing over and over and over again preferring to cry and scream instead. Nanny, upon witnessing your show the other day, declared the terrible twos to have arrived. Your first pants-down spanking was administered by Daddy the other day. So naive and cooperative until the punishment began - hopefully not to have to be done for a while.
Loving Elmo. Favorite books at the moment is Heads and Clifford.. still with Mouse who you like to help me with the words. We've discovered the library again lately. Our first library trip in a while was closed; so when we drive by the library you like to talk about it being closed and your being sad. We like going to the library more than the actual books we bring home - these tend to get lost in all the rest of the book. Books are good opportunities to practice our numbers - which you can count to ten easily but usually when counting to yourself just cycle through "one two three ten one two...". Colors are also entertaining as they show your bilingual school - azul is "athul" (like my little Spaniard) and "am-a-i-yo" (amarillo); some verde and rojo. Usually get your colors right... still working on some but you do love to practice.
Loving your cars and knowing how to pull them back and launch them forward. Happy to play by yourself but love playing with your cousins and Meghan just as well. Want to be big enough to put together puzzles and can help some. Very proud when you put together the wooden puzzles at school.
Mommy and Daddy have two little cuddlers. Your favorite time seems to be in the morning when you come down to our bedroom in the dark and pull your way up into the bed declaring "my spot" between Mommy and Daddy. To get "tozy" (cozy) and go "night night". You do like to "rock" in your rocking chair at night - for this reason, Daddy is in charge of taking you back to your room in the middle of the night. With Mommy, you have to cuddle and cry when I leave; with Daddy, he can get in and out much much quicker. And Mommy is a sucker!
Did I mention "onge" (orange)? You want to wear orange at all times and always pick out your orange shirts. And the orange light you wanted from Ikea. Love to wear your crocs... but don't get to wear them to school. Bring us your shoes and diapers, want to wear your jacket.
Watching TV with Meghan is a special weekend treat. Getting excited about "boots" aka Dora. Daddy laughed at you and Meghan the other day when you wanted to watch your dragon movie (How to Train Your Dragon) while sis insisted on a princess movie - you two had to work it out and came to a compromise. So big. You two are such best friends. Easy for us to sleep in on Saturday mornings just by convincing you to go upstairs and play in Meghan's room. Or to find the two of you giggling on the couch or playing hide and seek (which you don't really understand but like to run around and giggle and count). I pray that friendship will only continue to grow.
You are such a treasure sweet boy and so loved. Hard to not love that sweet little smile and hugs... and pretending to bite complete with bite noises for kisses. Love to give kisses. And we love you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Little Miss Turns Two!

Happy Bday cousin Lexi!

GC Style

For those of you not versed on "GC" that would be a reference to Genoa City from Young and the Restless - the Baggett family obsession... AKA "let's dress up and be silly". The kids were very excited so the big kids went along with it. The ladies - and Greg - anyway.
Silly Daddy dressed up for his princess

Ready for New Year's!
Nice to use pregnancy as an excuse not to participate when you can't fit in anything :)
Some sparking cider for the little ones - like the fancy shot glasses.

The Last Christmas

Christmas #3 happened on New Year's Eve at Nanny and Pa's house in the morning - ala Christmas.
Princess movies are always a hit
And books!
And cousins
And mo-keys
Nate was a big fan of the robe we got him
Amazingly, two sets of grandparents listened to the request for non-toy gifts! Pack packs!
Big girls get house stuff - typical
And big boys - they get fun stuff!

More princess stuff
And then still the fun of the boxes...